Got Mold?’s Video Log (Vlog) Announcement

Got Mold?’s Video Log (Vlog) Announcement
Got Mold? is committed to creating awareness of mold. This is accomplished through the daily updates we make to our website. The “Mold in the News” series has been received well simply because we present the current headlines related to mold.
Over the next 30 days, we will be developing a series of Video Logs (Vlogs) presented by our founder, James C. Watson. The first Vlogs are scheduled to be posted sometime in May. Our objective is to post a Vlog once a week. We look forward to your ideas and input on this new initiative.
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I have held various positions with the company, starting primarily with business development and marketing. Today, I still manage the marketing responsibilities, but have also assumed the position as CFO overseeing the financial management as well. Though the company is based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada, I work out of my home in Kingston, ON, Canada and commute often to Saskatoon to meet with other members of the Management Team.

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