Why Do We Need Sump Pumps?

Why Do We Need Sump Pumps?
Earlier this year we explained the causes and actions that can be taken to prevent a sewer back up.
To prevent your basement from flooding, we recommend that you install a sump pump, particularly if your property is in a low lying location or near a river or lake.
Sump pumps protect basements from flooding because heavy rains can lead to sewage backups in basements.
Sump pumps also perform important functions during normal weather conditions because they drain groundwater from under and around your basement floor. Removing groundwater reduces the risk of basement floors cracking and shifting from the water pressure.
It is important to keep your basement area dry to prevent molds, mildew and other problems associated with damp area.
If basement flooding worries are on your mind, give Got Mold? a call, we are mold remediation and mold prevention specialists. Teams are standing by to help you with your sump pump needs.