Quebec Pumps $58 Million into Certain Death

Quebec Pumps $58 Million into Certain Death
A senior official of the World Health Organization says it stands by its estimate that asbestos-related diseases, including certain forms of lung cancer, kill more than 107,000 people around the world each year.
I can’t really understand the decision in terms of health. Chrysotile, which is the asbestos the Jeffrey Mine produces, is a killer. “The number of people whose deaths are attributable to this – and they are all in Third World countries ’cause nobody here will use the stuff – is the same as a jumbo jet of people crashing every day the year around. That’s a huge number. So from a health prospective, I can’t understand it.” (Dr. John Haggie, President, Canadian Medical Association)
On Friday, June 29th, it was announced that Quebec’s Jeffrey asbestos mine will get a $58-million loan guarantee from the Quebec government. This mine was shut down last year because of financial problems. The loan guarantee will enable the mine to operate and export asbestos for the next 25 years.
The Quebec and Canadian government’s support of exporting asbestos is highly immoral because asbestos is a known carcinogen. The federal government acknowledged years ago that the dangers of chrysotile asbestos warranted limits on its export, but still do not support a worldwide ban.
The asbestos industry in Canada states that there is no danger from using the product if used safely and the guidelines for use are followed. The sad truth is that most of this asbestos will be exported to India and other developing countries where the guidelines for safe use are not followed.
The financial benefits derived for some Canadians by this decision does not justify the health misery that the use of this product will cause in the countries that import asbestos.

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2 thoughts on “Quebec Pumps $58 Million into Certain Death


    Our LinkedIn account has received comments from fellow LinkedIn contacts, here are two of the comments we have received so far:

    “Many things we routinely use are toxic – mercury, benzine, arsenic, and on and on. Proper handling is the key to avoiding problems. Still, if they plan to make building materials, I wonder what owner would want something which will result in future excess expenses in their building?” (S. Masek)

    “Unfortunately the majority of this toxic material is exported to third world countries, due to the fact that all first world countries have banned its use, life is cheap and the chances of any ramifications are even less. I have seen many videos showing the abuse and lack of any RPE means that there will be a continuation of generations who will be exposed to this deadly material and suffer unnecessarily until death….shame on you Canada many reasons to love this beautiful country but this is not one of them…” (S. Leech)

    Got Mold? appreciates your comments and feedback.

  2. Tokaryk

    That $58 million came from transfer payments from the Federal govt via Alberta Oil and Gas revenues. So it really isn’t Ques money in the first place. Not only that where is the money actually going……there has been such a revelation into Que govt misuse and corruption of monies going to organized crime, gangs and corp greed that it has to make you wounder whos hand this money will end up in. The bottom line is this toxic crap will end up in countries (which I have spent months in observing the lack of human protection and child exploitation) that have lower standards and afffect humen health in a big way. Sham shame on the Canadian Govt….the Conservatives just lost me as a supporter. We need new leadership at the highest level.

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