Canada’s Asbestos Industry Could End!

Canada’s Asbestos Industry Could End!
Got Mold? has been following the Quebec government’s announcement to revive the Jeffrey asbestos mine closely.
In July, the Liberal government, led by Premier Jean Charest, announced that they would provide a $58 million loan to revive the Jeffrey Mine, an asbestos mine that was not currently operating.
It appears that Charest’s announcement and support of this industry may have been a political mistake because asbestos has become an issue in the Quebec election. Parti Quebecois (PQ) leader Pauline Marois, the front runner in the race to become Premier of Quebec, has stated that her government would cancel the $58 million loan.
According to Marois, asbestos is a dying industry and will eventually be banned completely because it causes cancer and other health problems.
Let’s hope the $58 million loan is cancelled so Canada’s legacy of exporting this deadly product will finally end. Keeping our fingers crossed!
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