Celebrities Affected By Asbestos and Mold (12 Articles)

Celebrities Affected By Asbestos and Mold (12 Articles)
The goal of Got Mold? is to increase awareness of both asbestos and mold. In our quest to increase awareness, we have also discovered that many celebrities’ lives have been impacted dramatically by asbestos and mold. Here is a listing of some articles we have written. Enjoy!
Actress Brittany Murphy & Husband May Have Died Because Of Mold
Rocker Ted Nugent’s Home Completely Destroyed By Mold!
Erin Brockovich Fights Toxic Mold
Hulk Smashes Evil Mold
Michael Jordan’s Slam Dunk of Mold
Death Mold Killed Ed McMahon’s Dog
Is Your Condo Safe?: Star Jones Sues Condo Corp.
I Ran Like A Butterfly, Mold Stung Me Like A Bee!
Brittany Murphy’s Mom — The HOUSE Killed My Daughter
Mold Made The Voice Star, Katrina Parker, Sick!
Queen of Disco, Donna Summer Died Because of Asbestos!!
Survey Says…Asbestos!
If you are aware of other celebrities that have been impacted by asbestos and/or mold please leave your comments below so that we can research and share this information with our audience.

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  1. Renee chicoine

    We need regulations in place for home owners. Asbestos is everywhere and Improper removal is more hazardous than leaving it alone. And what about a ban on it in this country? It is linked with more than just esophageal cancer and mesothelioma. It’s an underlying cause for sinus problems, bronchitis, pneumonia, croup, asthma, etc. This stuff is so bad and nobody is doing anything about it. Is there an activist group a person can join? Because I’d really like to.

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