Moldy Vacation

Moldy Vacation
Last week at this time, I was relaxing in Nassau, Bahamas. Beautiful place with palm trees, amazing beaches, friendly locals, and great food.
I travelled with nine of my buddies, our offical guys trip for 2013. Amazingly, 50% of our group got sick. Was mold the cause?
I strongly suspect that mold may have been a factor simply because our rooms provided a great environment for mold growth. The moisture in the rooms was so high that there was dampness in the carpet, the bathroom floor was slick, and even the bed sheets were moist. I am certain that if the spore count of the room was measured, it would probably be very high.
All of us were experiencing some respiratory issues–coughing, stuffy noses, etc. Both sinus congestion and asthma can be triggered by mold as well.
Have you been on vacation before and felt sick in your hotel room? Do you think mold was the cause? We would love to hear from you.