Top 20 Mold and Asbestos Articles in February!

Top 20 Mold and Asbestos Articles in February!
Since the summer of 2011, Got Mold? has focused much attention on providing informational articles for our visitors. The whole purpose is to offer our readers content that they can use and help them in their research efforts. Awareness is our goal!
As a consequence, Got Mold? is helping many different groups affected by mold and asbestos. Below is a list of our most viewed articles this month, with my comments. The posting dates of the articles varies as some of the articles were published in 2011, others in 2012, and some this year. We are very happy that the information we provide is appreciated and pleased to report that February has been our busiest month ever with respect to views on our website. Mold and asbestos are growing concerns…Enjoy!
1. Why Do Ice Dams Cause Mold Problems?. Many homeowners are facing this issue…interestingly, this problem is preventable and this article explains why!
2. Dry Ice Blasting Project: Before and After Pictures. This is an effective way to remove mold, these pictures highlight before and after.
3. Rashes Caused By Mold. Originally published in December, 2011, I wanted to know if mold causes skin conditions. To my surprise, mold causes rashes. I think this article has been so popular because of the growing concerns of mold caused by Sandy.
4. Who Knew this Vitamin Could Prevent Mold Allergies?. One of the first articles researched and written on mold and health in 2011, I was surprised to learn that Vitamin D plays a strong role in preventing mold illness because it strengthens the bodies immunity.
5. Celebrities Affected By Asbestos and Mold (12 Articles). Mold and asbestos have dramatically impacted the lives of many celebrities, including Ed McMahon, Ted Nugent, Star Jones, and others.
6. Asbestos in the News: Issue 51. This issue of Asbestos in the News has been so popular because of the 2 minute video we shared from Work Safe BC, that shows what asbestos does to the lungs. It is an excellent video and received many comments on the groups we shared this with on LinkedIn.
7. Even Our President Has Ice Damning Issues!. Near the end of January, I wrote an article on ice damning and to our surprise our President has these same problems, brought to his attention by his spouse.
8. Why is a Shower Essential to Asbestos Abatement?. This article explains the major differences between mold remediation and asbestos abatement.
9. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?. Written in October, 2012, this article was written because there are many symptoms for CIRS and lists the most prevalent ones, many of which are mis-diagnosed by the mainstream medical establishment.
10. Seven Tips To Detecting Mold. Written in the fall of 2011, this is a useful article for anyone who is concerened that they may have mold. Great tips!
11. What Should I Do If I Have Mold In My Apartment?. Mold in apartments is a large problem. This article explains what you can do and the steps you need to take to try to get your landlord to address your mold issues.
12. Got Mold? Business Update: Large Scale Dry Ice Blasting Project. Earlier this month, Got Mold? started a new project to clean mold from a health care facility.
13. Got Mold?’s New Executive Team Plus a New Video From Our Recent Project. Written when I was in Saskatoon to assume new responsibilities as CFO, this article highlighted the new changes to the management team and showed our first dry ice blasting video from the recent project announced earlier.
14. If Mold Can Eat Wood, What Will It Do To Your Lungs?. The title of this article offended some in our industry. However, the title was derived from the first video in the article and are actually the words of the Doctor who is investigating mold concerns in areas hit by Sandy.
15. Don’t Spray Mold!. Published in September, 2012, to address mis-information that spraying chemicals on mold will work. This article explains why this actually can make the situation worse.
16. Killing Mold Is Not The Answer. I wrote this article in March, 2012 to address the misconception that getting rid of mold by applying bleach or chemicals is the answer to the problem. This article explains why this is not the case.
17. Brittany Murphy’s Mom — The HOUSE Killed My Daughter. Published, December, 2011, this article explains why some believe that Brittany Murphy died because of mold exposure.
18. 10 Interesting Facts About Asbestos in the USA [Infographic]. Most people really don’t understand the hazards of asbestos. This article was written in September, 2012 to highlight some interesting facts on the hazards of asbestos.
19. Mold and Miscarriage, Is There a Link?. Published February, 2012, I researched this article in response to a concern brought to my attention by a Got Mold employee who had a pregnant friend living in a residence that had lots of mold.
20. Almost All Sinus Infections are Misdiagnosed and Mistreated. Published in the fall of 2011, this article wanted to bring the landmark study by the Mayo clinic to the attention of our readers suffering from this condition. Conclusion, mold is the major cause!