What’s Hiding Behind My Wallpaper?

What’s Hiding Behind My Wallpaper?
Ice Damning continues to cause problems for residents of Saskatchewan. Got Mold? has written extensively about this subject. For more information, please review the links below:
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Recently, Got Mold? was called because a homeowner suspected there was mold in her home. She contacted her insurance because it was believed that the moisture was caused by ice damning. The problem, however, was there were no visible signs of mold.
Got Mold? was called in for an inspection. What we found is that there were was a significant mold concern on a wall, but it was difficult to identify because the wall was covered with wallpaper.
If you discover mold on a wall covered with wallpaper, it is a good idea to call in a professional for the following reasons:
First, it is important to understand that if you remove the wallpaper without setting up a proper containment, then the mold problem will worsen because a massive amount of spores will be released into the air. In short, trying to clean up a mold problem without a proper containment will exacerbate the situation.
Second, the massive release of spores will increase the airborne spore count worsening the air quality in the home, which could lead to health problems, not to mention, it will enable the mold to seek out other sources of food and spread.
Finally, it is very important to realize that just spraying bleach or other chemicals on the mold will not have a long term positive impact. In fact, it can make the situation worse. To learn more about why you should not spray mold, check out this article: Don’t Spray Mold!
The key to ensuring long term mold issues are not a concern is to deal with the core problem causing the moisture issues. In this client’s case, we first recommended that the problems causing the ice damning were fixed. Once the source of the moisture is fixed, then the next step is to proceed with a professional mold remediation.

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