Asbestos in the News: Issue 73

Asbestos in the News: Issue 73
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 21 stories we thought may interest you!
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Telstra faces giant asbestos liability: One of Australia’s leading asbestos lawyers believes Telstra faces a massive unquantifiable liability from the removal of ageing asbestos lining from hundreds of thousands of telecommunications pits and pipes.
Jail increased for asbestos billionaire: AN Italian appeals court has increased a sentence in absentia against Swiss billionaire Stephan Schmidheiny to 18 years in prison for causing the death of 3000 people in a landmark asbestos case that is the biggest of its kind. The tycoon was also ordered to pay tens of millions of euros in compensation to the town worst affected by the asbestos, Casale Monferrato, to the regional administration and to survivors and families of victims.
Asbestos Bill Invades the Privacy of Victims and Veterans: Since at least the early 1900s, the lethal risks of asbestos exposure have been known — and intentionally hidden from — American workers and their families by companies of all sorts whose bottom lines were more important than the well-being and very lives of their workers. For many years, asbestos companies have lobbied at the state and federal levels to erode the constitutional and legal rights of those workers diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis and cancers caused by asbestos. Now they are lobbying Congress once again to delay and deny medical bill payments to those who are sick and dying. The FACT Act is not about transparency at all. It requires the unbelievable disclosure on a public website of asbestos victims’ personal information, including the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, information about their finances, their children and other sensitive material that could subject them to identity theft and possible criminal mischief. The bill is completely one-sided — asbestos companies have no such “transparency” requirements.
NBN asbestos clean-up may cost Telstra $50 million: TELSTRA faces a clean-up bill in excess of $50 million over the NBN asbestos rollout crisis with revelations up to 1.5 million pits nationally may contain the deadly material.
New free school in Wembley hit with asbestos claims: Teaching union alleges building which will house Michaela Community School contains deadly material. Worries have been raised about possible asbestos in a new free school in Wembley Park which opponents say isn’t needed anyway.
Walker widow battles mesothelioma months after husband dies of cancer: “It’s really disconcerting that I’m now suffering from this incurable cancer simply from going to work every day or because the council used asbestos to build our home. It’s difficult for me to accept that I have this terrible illness when I don’t know how or where I was exposed to asbestos.
Doctors Try Different Procedure for More Accurate Pleural Biopsy: It isn’t always easy to obtain a biopsy of a pleural tumor. Sometimes, very soft and fragile masses are difficult to nab using standard flexible biopsy forceps. That means doctors are only able to obtain a small fragment for biopsy, delaying diagnosis or resulting in the wrong diagnosis.
Asbestos blamed for woman’s death: A former textile worker in Bradford died after contracting a disease caused by her exposure to asbestos during her working life, an inquest heard.
Wind and Weather Impacts Mesothelioma Rate: People who live downwind from an industrial asbestos source are at much higher risk of developing pleural mesothelioma, according to a new study.
Asbestos takes a tragic toll: ‘people will continue to die’: The son of a former telephone linesworker who died over the weekend from mesothelioma has lashed out at Telstra for failing to alert former employees who were exposed to asbestos that they may have inhaled the deadly substance.
Asbestos scare at state hospital – Potentially hazardous material found in a section of the roof at St Joseph’s: Five years after the Government committed millions of taxpayer dollars to the purchase of the St Joseph’s Hospital in St Andrew, it is emerging that a building on the 12-acre property is laced with the hazardous asbestos material.
Telstra must act on Ballarat asbestos, says Gillard: PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has laid responsibility for the widening Ballarat National Broadband Network asbestos scandal straight at the feet of telco giant Telstra.
Telstra faces wave of NBN legal claims over asbestos: Telstra could face a wave of lawsuits after exposing residents and workers to asbestos during construction of the national broadband network amid new claims that truckloads of toxic material have been dumped in other parts of Australia.
Third Circuit Upholds Dismissal of Asbestos Suits: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has upheld a multidistrict litigation judge’s dismissal of a dozen asbestos cases handled by one law firm for failure to provide the complete history of the plaintiffs’ exposure.
Syracuse Grand Jury Investigating Asbestos Projects at Hilton Center: Federal and state agents, clad in hazmat gear, raided Hilton Center in Rensselaer, New York while a Grand Jury in Syracuse is investigating asbestos projects connected to the property. According to a subpoena acquired by the Albany Times Union, the Grand Jury is investigating “asbestos related projects” conducted at Hilton Center.
Wisconsin Asbestos Victims Network Takes Stand Against Senate Bill 13: The Wisconsin Asbestos Victims Network is an organization with an important mission, strongly aligned with ours at the ACVRC– defeat legislation that will create new hardships for asbestos cancer victims. Specifically, the group aims to raise awareness and encourage opposition to the Assembly Bill 19 and Senate Bill 13, two bills that will ultimately “delay justice and allow corporations to deny accountability until asbestos victims die, leaving grieving families and taxpayers with the bill.”
Pittsburgh Corning Asbestos Woes Continue as Company Tries to Emerge from Bankruptcy: Last week, a federal bankruptcy judge approved a plan that would allow asbestos-litigation embattled Pittsburgh Corning Inc. to emerge from bankruptcy, but experts say it’s likely that re-emergence will be further delayed, even after 13 years.
Montgomery County man with malignant mesothelioma files mass tort asbestos claim in Phila.: A Montgomery County man who says he was diagnosed with a specific form of lung cancer earlier this year that is connected to asbestos exposure has filed a civil suit against various companies engaged in the manufacture and distribution of products containing the fiber.
MISC. (3)
Power Plant Demolition Slowed by Asbestos: The people of East Austin, Texas are more than ready for the now-defunct Holly Street Power Plant to be removed from their neighborhood, but now officials have told them that the demolition is going to take at least eight months longer than expected, primarily due to the presence of large amounts of asbestos in the remaining structures.
Horsham family’s anger at asbestos discovery: A family from Horsham were shocked to discover asbestos in their home, two years after a house survey which should have identified it.
Mesothelioma Patients Face Risk of Bankruptcy: Early last month we reported that doctors across the country have joined forces in calling for pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of some cancer drugs. Also cited in that article were statistics from a study that found 30% of cancer patients reported that their medical expenses were a “significant burden,” and 11% called them a “catastrophic problem.” Mesothelioma and cancer patients are being strapped with higher and higher medical expenses, and sadly, they are susceptible to going bankrupt from those costs.

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