Attention Saskatchewan Residents: Top 20 Questions About Eligible PDAP Expenses

Attention Saskatchewan Residents: Top 20 Questions About Eligible PDAP Expenses
The Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) is set up to help residents dealing with flooding problems.
According to the PDAP brochure, PDAP Eligibility 20 Questions, PDAP provides:
Financial assistance for uninsurable essential property damage resulting from natural disasters such as tornados, floods and other kinds of severe weather. For homeowners, this may include items like essential furnishings and clothing, furnaces, water heaters and appliances. For business owners, this may include stock and supplies and essential work clothing….PDAP may also help cover the cost of clean-up, repairs and temporary relocation. PDAP is not a substitute for private insurance nor does it provide full compensation for losses. PDAP provides assistance to return property to its pre-disaster value; this includes applying depreciation for age of and condition of property. Expenses beyond that value are not covered.
To view the top 20 questions, click here to review the full text of the brochure on topics related to eligibility of the following: Fans/dehumidifiers; Camera/photo prints; Sump pumps; Landscaping; Geotextile fabric; Ruts caused by machinery; Agricultural tools; Unharvested/unseeded crops; Insurance deductibles/top-ups; Upgrades to property; Weeping tile; Stockpiling gravel; Berm; Fuel; Tools & heavy equipment; Non-essential furniture; Eaves/downspouts; Filtration systems; Mould remediation; and Engineer services.
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