Knowledge is Power: An Amazing Story on Mold Illness!

Knowledge is Power: An Amazing Story on Mold Illness!
Every once in a while you get an e-mail that validates all the efforts taken to create awareness on mold issues. Earlier today I received an e-mail from one of my FaceBook friends that had me in tears. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy because I realized that the research and efforts into the illnesses caused by mold are making a difference in the lives of our followers.
Thanks to a series of posts you did months back on invasive mold/aspergillosis you helped guide me in the right direction and armed me with the support I needed to INSIST that my son and I’s rapidly declining health were due to invasive mold/fungul systemic infections.
We were running out of time as the pathogen had consumed us both and we were losing the battle and our lives along with it.
But synchronicity intervened and you shared articles about our exact syndromes. After finding the right doctor and running many tests they finally did a cat scan and found my entire right maxillary sinus was one big fungul mass of aspergillosis that had started pressing on my ocular nerve and had pressed on my sceptum so badly that it had collapsed in on itself. The poison draining down my throat was destroying my immune system as well as atrophieing my G.I. tract and begun to move towards my brain.
I’m now going in for rush surgery to remove the fungul ball, clear out all of the damage it did and break and reset my sceptum. Its scary to think of but my Doctor says I’ll have nothing short of a new life afterwards. And after years of this progressive and debilitating systemic illness I’m in shock its finally over. He said level all my yeast and candida issues will just clear up when the invasive fungus has been removed. YAY!!!!
I just wanted to say thank you so much once again. From the bottom of my heart and my family as well for shining that light that guided me in the right direction when doctors had no clue (heck, even I didnt know I had a sinus problem at all!) and things were looking scary and bleak.
I was so ill for so long and despair had replaced hope. I’d lost my fire and darkness was consuming me.
Sanjay, thank you so much for being ever so vigilant in your efforts to share important information on health and health threats around us everyday.
You may have just saved two lives, as my fungul sinusitis bad become invasive and theres an 81% mortality rate to this when not caught in time.
Well……. I had minutes to spare and you led me there and I in turned guided my physicians.
Thank you from the bottom of my soul Sanjay. The future looks bright for the first time in years and my family is starting to rebuild after this prolonged, debilitating illness destroyed our lives.
Keep up the good work friend. You do more good than you think. I’ll keep you posted as my surgery next week is done and recovery begins.
Once again. Thank you so much friend. From myself, as well as my family who’s getting their dad and brother back. Peace, Love and Good Health to you. (John T., Virginnia)