Over 11,000 Views PLUS Our Top 25 May Articles on Asbestos and Mold

Over 11,000 Views PLUS Our Top 25 May Articles on Asbestos and Mold
May was a tremendous month with more than 11,000 views making it the best month ever. This May we had nearly 300% more views than last year in May. As of the end of May, 2013 our site has already had 36,744 views which is very exciting considering that total views in 2012 was about 42,000.
Our traffic and views consistently increase because of our diligent efforts to create awareness of issues surrounding both mold and asbestos. Awareness is our goal and we feel very lucky to have so many friends and followers sharing our content through social medial channels like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
One of the most exciting aspects of our content creation efforts is the fact that other professionals in our industry are using us as source of information to help them create awareness in their service areas. We are flattered and very satisified with the many shares and retweets of our content and are working on a plan to enable our fellow professionals to benefit even more from the traffic we receive and provide them with client referrals. Details of our marketing group plan will be released once we finalize this business concept.
The list below represents the top 25 viewed articles in the month of May. Thanks so much for your support. Enjoy!
1. Thinking of Buying A Home, Look For These Moldy Clues: The busiest time in real estate sales tends to be during the spring and summer. If you are in the market for a new home, you should be aware of mold. Since mold remediation is costly, it is much better to thoroughly investigate a home before buying and inheriting a moldy mess. Here are three clues that you should look for when you are investigating a home purchase.
2. Does Mold Make Animals Sick?: In 2007, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, published a study that documented the case of toxic black mold poisoning in pets. The study was prompted after two cats died of pulmonary hemorrage and subsequent blood tests showed the presence of a toxin produced by Stachybotrys chartarum, which can cause respiratory-related health problems, pulmonary hemorrhage and death.
3. Three Key Reasons You Should Consider Thermal Imaging: Before you commit to working with any mold remediation firm, be sure to ask these questions. You should receive a YES answer to all of these questions
4. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), also known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), is a combination of illnesses or aliments that are in direct relation with an individual’s place of work or home environment.
5. What’s Hiding Behind My Wallpaper?: Recently, Got Mold? was called because a homeowner suspected there was mold in her home. She contacted her insurance because it was believed that the moisture was caused by ice damning. The problem, however, was there were no visible signs of mold. Got Mold? was called in for an inspection. What we found is that there were was a significant mold concern on a wall, but it was difficult to identify because the wall was covered with wallpaper. If you discover mold on a wall covered with wallpaper, it is a good idea to call in a professional for the following reasons:
6. Four Tips to Protect Yourself During a Mold Inspection: ABC’s The Lookout: Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous professionals in our industry that attempt to betray the trust of people that have mold concerns.
7. Thugs and Criminals Continue to Profit from the Toxic Trade of Asbestos: One of the important items on the agenda of the Rotterdam Convention was the inclusion of chrysotile asbestos on the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) list of hazardous substances. The purpose of this inclusion is to force exporters to establish protocol to inform purchasers about the hazards related to the substances.
8. Erin Brockovich Fights Toxic Mold: Erin Brockovich, known for the movie that bears her name lives in a million dollar home filled with slimy black mold called Stachybotrys.
9. Rashes Caused By Mold: Mold is an allergen. One of the prevalent symptoms of mold exposure is skin rashes.
10. Nearly 50 Saskatchewan Communities Request Provincial Disaster Assistance: On Wednesday, May 8th, it was reported that 48 Saskatchewan communities are now dealing with spring flooding issues. Luckily, the province’s Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) is available to assist those affected.
11. Structural Issues Caused By Mold (Video Footage): In addition to the many health concerns caused by mold, it is important to realize that mold can literally eat the structure it is feeding on. In an earlier article, we mentioned that a home is an all you can eat buffet for mold because today’s building materials are the perfect food for mold: organic, dead material including wood, drywall, fabric, and paper.
12. 20 Interesting Facts About Mold!
13. Mold Advocate Put In Jail: Sharon Kramer wrote an article about conflict of interest influencing the outcome of mold litigation trials that denied legitimate claims. She is going to jail because she has been accused of libel and refused to comply with a Judicial Court Order demanding her to commit perjury and retract her statement.
14. How To Prevent Mold in Your Basement!: According to Mike Holmes, recognized as Canada’s most trusted contractor, the key to preventing basement mold is to ensure that your basement is properly insulated because it provides a thermal barrier. If the basement is not properly insulated, mold is inevitable. Holmes explains why.
15. 10 Interesting Facts About Asbestos in the USA [Infographic]
16. Don’t Spray Mold!: There seems to be lots of mis-information on the Internet recommending that you spray chemicals on mold. This article explains why spraying mold will in fact make the situation worse.
17. Actress Brittany Murphy & Husband May Have Died Because Of Mold: An interesting article was brought to our attention today in regards to Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy possibly dying from exposure to toxic mold in her home.
18. Three Key Reasons You Should Consider Thermal Imaging: One method to identify potential causes of water leaks and moisture intrusion is to have a professional conduct a thermal imaging inspection. Thermal Imaging, also known as Infrared Thermagrophy, are visual displays of the amount of infrared energy emitted, transmitted, and reflected by an object. Thermal imaging involves the use of high tech cameras that create pictures of heat rather than light. When used in a situation where there is suspected water intrusion, these cameras help find areas that are not clearly visible to the naked eye.
19. The Three Types of Molds: Mold is a type of fungus, as are mushrooms and yeast. There are over 1.5 million species of mold in the world, however only about 100,000 have been identified. Scientists have identified and classified 1,000 types of mold into three groups according to human responses.
20. Who Knew this Vitamin Could Prevent Mold Allergies?: If you are suffering from allergies caused by mold exposure, you may want to consider taking vitamin D supplements. Apparently, vitamin D is effective because it boosts your immune system.
21. Five Most Common Indoor Mold Varieties: The five most common indoor mold varieties are.
22. New Doesn’t Mean Safe! Buyer Beware!: Buying a new house should give you peace of mind and confidence to think that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about…right? Well unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.
23. Did Mold Kill Stacy Bowman?: Environmental molds in the home or workplace can trigger the inflammation response in people who are susceptible to the toxins produced by various molds. Mold in buildings causes chronic worsening of respiratory symptoms and illness. This was documented by a scientific study comparing exposed and non exposed individuals.
24. Rocker Ted Nugent’s Home Completely Destroyed By Mold!: Rocker Ted Nugent talks to Howard Stern and explains how toxic mold completely destroyed his home and made his wife terribly sick. Converstation starts at the 2:10 mark and ends at 4:20. Very interesting listen!
25. What Should I Do If I Have Mold In My Apartment?: This is a commonly asked question by tenants who face mold issues in their apartments or rental homes. The good news is that there are actions you can take to try to resolve the issues. The bad news is that there are no Federal laws governing Landlord-Tenant relationships in either Canada or the United States. Landlord-Tenant relationships are under the jurisdiction of the State or Province that you may live in. With this in mind, here are some links that may help you.