Website Traffic Update PLUS Top 30 Page Views in the Past 90 Days

Website Traffic Update PLUS Top 30 Page Views in the Past 90 Days
In June we posted more than 9,000 views and this marked our second best month ever. Our website had 200% more views in June compared to last June. Already this year, the Got Mold? website has had over 50,000 views, which is 20% more than total views we had in all of 2012, so it will be interesting how the year ends!
It is very exciting and gratifying knowing that the information we share is helping create awareness and knowledge surrounding the issues of mold, air quality, and asbestos. We will continue to strive to produce relevant content for our avid readers and fans. Ultimately, awareness is our goal!
The list below represents the top 30 viewed articles in the past 90 days. Thanks so much for your support. Enjoy!
1. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?
2. Thinking of Buying A Home, Look For These Moldy Clues
3. Structural Issues Caused By Mold (Video Footage)
4. Rashes Caused By Mold
5. Three Key Reasons You Should Consider Thermal Imaging
6. How To Prevent Mold in Your Basement!
7. Regulations & Guidelines: Indoor Air Quality & Mould
8. Does Mold Make Animals Sick?
9. Compare Apples to Apples: 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Mold Remediation Professional!
10. Knowledge is Power: An Amazing Story on Mold Illness!
11. Erin Brockovich Fights Toxic Mold
12. What Should I Do If I Suspect Mold Is In My Basement?
13. Calgary, Alberta Flood Alert!
14. Why Should I Be Concerned About Newly Formed Water Stains?
15. Don’t Spray Mold!
16. Four Tips to Protect Yourself During Mold Inspection: ABC’s The Lookout
17. What Should I Do If My Home is Flooded?
18. Calgary, Alberta Flood Update PLUS 10 Pics
19. What’s Hiding Behind My Wallpaper?
20. Mold Inspection: A Small Investment Could Save You $1000s In Mold Remediation Costs!
21. What Should I Do If I Have Mold In My Apartment?
22. 10 Interesting Facts About Asbestos in the USA [Infographic]
23. 20 Interesting Facts About Mold!
24. Do You Know Where Your Water Main Valve Is Located?
25. Thugs and Criminals Continue to Profit from the Toxic Trade of Asbestos
26. Got Mold? in High River, Alberta
27. After Flood Clean Up, Post-Remediation Verification is Essential!
28. Nearly 50 Saskatchewan Communities Request Provincial Disaster Assistance
29. Asbestos Testing, Sampling, Removal & Abatement
30. Five Most Common Indoor Mold Varieties