Why Sewage Contamination Testing is Vitally Important for Flood Victims

Why Sewage Contamination Testing is Vitally Important for Flood Victims
The past couple of week’s Got Mold? has been very busy helping residents of High River, Alberta deal with flooding concerns.
One of the complaints we are encountering from home owners is the fact that their insurance claims are being denied because flooding is not covered under their policies.
One of the major causes of flooding, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall, are Sewer Backups
Heavy periods of rainfall inundate public sewer systems with large amounts of groundwater and stormwater flow coming into the sewer lines. This means the sewer lines get too full and are incapable of handling the overflow, resulting in a sewer backup.
If your insurance claim was denied, there is a way to validate your claim.
Call Got Mold? and we will take a swab sample of the affected building materials and send it to an accredited lab for ecoli and coliform testing.
The tests will verify if the cause of the flooding was a sewer backup. If the test verifies that there is sewage contamination, then be sure to follow these action steps!
Just recently, we took a sample for detection of sewage for one of the projects we are working on and the lab report that came back proved positive for the presence of E. coli and Enterococci, which are commonly used as indicator bacteria for fecal/sewage contamination. These results can now be used by our client to have the clean up covered by their insurance policy.
Bottom line, the minor cost to test for sewage contamination could potentially save thousands of dollars and is worth the investment to ensure that you maximize the premiums you paid for insurance. Most importantly, if sewage is detected, you then have the proper information to ensure that the clean up is done properly to prevent future health issues caused by the fecal contamination.