Asbestos in the News: Issue 85

Asbestos in the News: Issue 85
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 29 stories we thought may interest you!
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Asbestos fears in nearly 850 campus bedrooms: Over 800 student bedrooms in the University are known or suspected to contain asbestos. An article in The Guardian on Tuesday revealed that at least 17,000 students across the country slept in university accommodation that contained asbestos, with 38 of the 88 universities that responded confirming that they do offer student rooms that contain asbestos.
Mesothelioma Rates Expected to Rise for Another Decade: Most developed countries can expect another decade or more of rising mesothelioma rates before the incidence of the disease starts to wane. That is one of the major findings in a recent report from The Baird Institute for Applied Heart and Lung Surgical Research in Australia. The report, which looked at the causes, distribution and projected future incidence of malignant mesothelioma, contains both good and bad news for the U.S.
Cases of ‘Sandy Lung’ On the Rise 10 Months After Storm Kicked Up Toxins: Though Superstorm Sandy blew across the Eastern Seaboard nearly ten months ago, the effects from that monumental storm are still reverberating throughout those ravaged communities. As people slowly rebuild their lives and homes, some are struggling with on-going medical struggles resulting from Superstorm Sandy. Coined “Sandy Lung,” a colloquial term loosely used in reference to the growing number of lung conditions being diagnosed among Superstorm Sandy survivors from being repeatedly exposed to asbestos, mold and other toxic materials.
Tragic toll of Mesothelioma: DEADLY mesothelioma claimed 2,347 lives in the UK in 2010 – up from 153 in 1968. Four in five cases are among men mainly due to asbestos exposure at work which is believed to have been at its height in the 1960s. Nine in 10 of those affected are aged over 60.
Students at a city university being housed in rooms containing asbestos, MP warns: Cardiff Central MP Jenny Willott has criticised the city’s leading university for housing students in rooms containing asbestos. Figures obtained by the Guardian newspaper found Cardiff University has around 1,500 student rooms containing the potentially lethal substance, which is the greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK.
Asbestos discovered at Hinsdale Central High School: Asbestos has been found in the gymnasium lobby and a concession stand at Hinsdale Central High School, according to a notice on the school’s web site.
Asbestos found in roof of Northampton primary school: A primary school in Northampton will not open next week after traces of asbestos were found in a roof of the building.
Asbestos found at Lincoln University: A Lincoln University building has been shut down after a concerned staff member took a swab of some dust which returned a positive test for asbestos.
Asbestos anxieties at Warwick: Warwick is the university with the most bedrooms on campus which contain asbestos, the Guardian has revealed. Warwick provides 2,313 bedrooms which contain asbestos to students, most of whom are first-years.
Dozens of Chicago Schools Underwent Summer Asbestos Removal: In preparation for the opening of the school year, the city of Chicago removed asbestos from 88 schools in the city’s vast school district, confirming that the schools would be safe for students to attend.
New Study Reports CRS/HIPEC Treatment Beneficial To Mesothelioma Victims: Mesothelioma victims often don’t have many viable options when it comes to treating their illness. However, a new study reports that a surgical mesothelioma treatment approach known as CRS/HIPEC is beneficial to patients – many of whom have lived at least five years after receiving it.
Mesothelioma Study Finds New Treatment Target: Immunotherapy, which involves reprogramming T-cells to find and attack cancer cells, is one of the fastest-growing areas of cancer research. One of the biggest challenges of immunotherapy is how to harness the power of T-cells against cancer without also turning them against healthy cells. A new study conducted in Switzerland and published in the Journal of Translational Medicine addressed the problem by reprogramming T-cells to recognize and attack mesothelioma cells that express a specific protein.
Study says Acupuncture Reduces Symptoms in Lung Cancer Patients: A recent study performed at the Segal Cancer Center of Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada has determined that acupuncture can be quite effective in relieving a number of disease symptoms that lung cancer patients regularly experience.
Glimmer of hope in asbestos cancer battle: Australian scientists have made a breakthrough that brings a glimmer of hope to people with a deadly cancer caused by asbestos. The cancer affects a small percentage of people exposed to asbestos but it is relatively common in Australia with about 650 new cases a year.
New Study Shows Asbestos Bans Slow to Impact Mesothelioma Rates: Denmark banned the use of asbestos in insulation in 1972 and extended the ban to other asbestos-containing products in the late 1980s. It is now one of 55 countries to have banned the product completely. But according to the new study of mesothelioma in Denmark, a steady rise in cases of this asbestos-linked cancer that began in the 1950s is still going on.
Common Statin Drugs Could Play Role in Future Mesothelioma Treatment: Common statin drugs used by millions of Americans to lower cholesterol could become a tool in battling malignant mesothelioma, stemming from recent research in Japan that studied their potential synergistic effect on one cancer-fighting compound. A combination of statin drugs and gamma-tocotrienol (y-T3), an engineered form of vitamin E, showed for the first time in a laboratory that it can slow the growth of mesothelioma and induce cancer-cell death.
Sheffield trial could stop deaths from asbestos cancer: Cancer experts in Sheffield have launched a pioneering trial to target a deadly disease caused by asbestos exposure. The medical specialists at Weston Park Hospital are among only a handful of investigators around the globe examining treatments which could offer hope to patients diagnosed with incurable mesothelioma.
With asbestos removed, DOE starts move back into Federal Building: The asbestos-containing insulation has been removed, and U.S. Department of Energy employees and contractors started a month-long move back into the Joe L. Evins Federal Building this week, a spokesman said Wednesday.
Officials seek partial replacement of Guelph daycare closed due to asbestos concern: A nursery school program is being considered as a way to partially offset the loss of a daycare centre in the neighbourhood of Willow and Dawson roads. The Willowdale Child Care and Learning Centre on Willow Road was closed in May after asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation was found inside the building. It had also closed a year earlier amid similar concerns, moving that time to a location on nearby Dawson Road.
Winston Wallboards Christchurch Plant Closed: Fletcher Building-owned Winstone Wallboards has temporarily closed its Christchurch plasterboard manufacturing plant after the discovery of asbestos traces.
Asbestos victims welcome government consultation on Employers Liability Insurance Bureau: The Government has begun a consultation on whether an Employers’ Liability Insurance Bureau (ELIB) should be opened.
City family wins asbestos death case: THE FAMILY of a Coventry man who died after he was exposed to asbestos decades ago has received £90,000 in compensation.
Man awarded damages over asbestos link: An 85-year-old man has been awarded more than $320,000 in damages after a judge ruled he was suffering from mesothelioma caused by his exposure to asbestos.
Employer Fined $25,000 For Failure to Train, Equip Worker in Asbestos Removal: An employer who allowed a worker to remove asbestos materials without ensuring the worker was trained and had appropriate equipment has pleaded guilty in court and fined a total of $25,000.
Willow Grove businessman charged with illegal asbestos removal: David Mermelstein, 53, of Elkins Park, was indicted Aug. 27 following a grand jury investigation on five counts of illegal removal of asbestos, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia.
Action against council after asbestos left exposed in Gosforth home: Health and safety investigators found a blunder by council workers left a pregnant mum living with exposed asbestos. The three-month probe by Health and Safety Executive officials has seen Newcastle City Council slapped with a notice ordering it to put in place “an effective system for working on premises that contain… asbestos.
The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) bows to Asbestos-related lawsuit: A lawsuit had been filed in the State Court in Louisiana, against The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) relating to asbestos-use at its plants. A Plaquemine, Louisiana jury has now found that the company is liable on all the courts. The allegation was that asbestos use was causing cancer in workers at the unit. The Dow Plaquemine Plant is the biggest chemical-plant in the petrochemical industry-rich state.
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Taking asbestos message on road: Did you know asbestos can be found outside and in every room of a house? Asbestos is not just in walls it can be in vinyl floor tiles, insulation, gutters, down pipes, fences and even brake and clutch linings in your car. It can be in any home built or renovated before 1987 and ‘Betty’ – the Asbestos Disease Research Institute (ADRI) House was in town yesterday to spread the message.
Temple City disposes of more than 700 public documents due to asbestos contamination: The City Council passed a resolution Tuesday declaring seven filing cabinets’ worth of public records “toxic” and had a contractor dispose of the infected files on Wednesday. The documents were contaminated with asbestos dust or friable asbestos, so safety was a concern, said City Attorney Eric Vail.

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