Asbestos in the News: Issue 86

Asbestos in the News: Issue 86
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 26 stories we thought may interest you!
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Students weren’t warned about asbestos in bedrooms: More than 17,000 students living in the UK had asbestos in their bedrooms and many were never warned about the potentially lethal danger. Of the 88 universities that spoke about the risk, 38 confirmed that asbestos existed in housing that they provided.
EPA Says More Commercial Property Owners “Taking Easy Way Out” When Removing Asbestos: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is discovering that more and more business owners are breaking the law when it comes to hiring individuals to remove toxic asbestos materials from buildings they own.
Latest Research Shows Staggering Number of Life Years Lost to Asbestos: Despite growing awareness, steady advances in medical treatment and increased regulation, the life years lost to asbestos-related diseases around the world continue to reach staggering proportions.
Homeowner worried about asbestos ceilings: Our home was built in 1979 and has “popcorn” ceilings in most rooms. We started to scrape it off but stopped when someone suggested it might have asbestos. Our neighbor is a general contractor. He said we’re OK because asbestos ceilings were outlawed in 1973. But before resuming the removal, we want to be sure. Do you think our ceilings could have asbestos? How can we be sure? And if so, what should we do about it?
Plumstead Foxfield Primary rebuild costs spiral after asbestos found: COSTS of rebuilding a Plumstead primary school have spiralled after asbestos, Japanese Knotweed and arsenic were found at the old site.
Welsh pupils still at risk from asbestos: It is almost a school year since Cwmcarn High School was closed as the result of the presence of asbestos in the school. There remains considerable controversy as to the risk posed by that asbestos, with the conclusions of the two asbestos consultancies wholly at odds with those of the Health and Safety Executive.
Asbestos abatement on tap for older Clayton schools: School officials are planning asbestos abatement as part of its renovation plans at some area schools in Clayton County.
Asbestos discovery at Ware’s Koziol Elementary School adds $56K to remodeling cost: The discovery of asbestos during remodeling at Koziol Elementary School last month added $56,000 to the
Lake Zurich D-95 considers ‘second set of eyes’ for asbestos: The Community Unit School District 95 School Board is considering a “second set of eyes” to work with the district’s longtime asbestos inspector, Deborah Ewanio.
Widespread Construction, Asbestos Abatement At St. Lawrence Central Continues: Though construction will continue at St. Lawrence Central Schools for its on-going capital project, Superintendent Stephan J. Vigliotti, Sr., assures parents that the new school year will start, as planned, on Thursday. Remnants of the construction and renovation will be present at the middle and high school as students return to class.
Department of Aboriginal Affairs reassuring parents there is no risk from asbestos removal: The Department of Aboriginal Affairs is moving to allay concerns asbestos removal in the Kimberley is risking children’s health.
Lewisboro Elementary School to Open After Asbestos Testing: Lewisboro Elementary School is safe for occupancy, the Katonah-Lewisboro school district announced, following a lightning strike on Sept. 2 that damaged a chimney.
Town removing asbestos from school: Officials say about two-thirds of asbestos and other hazardous materials have been removed from an old school complex in Vermont.
New Studies Cast Light on Mesothelioma Surgery Debate: While debate continues among the world’s mesothelioma experts on which type of surgery is best, two new studies have added their findings to the pool of research on the topic.
Study Says New Test Could Pinpoint Mesothelioma Earlier: In a report detailed on Surviving Mesothelioma, researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm say they have found a way to help clinicians accurately diagnose mesothelioma using one of the earliest available diagnostic materials: pleural fluid.
Employees Return to Federal Building after Year-Long Asbestos-Caused Absence: Federal workers in Oak Ridge, Tennessee will spend the next month moving back into their offices at the Joe L. Evins Federal Building after being forced out more than a year ago due to the discovery of asbestos dust in the buildings heating and air conditioning system.
Heanor Memorial Hospital, Derbyshire, closed for two weeks while asbestos is cleared out: A HOSPITAL will be closed to patients for up to a fortnight while workers remove asbestos from the building. The dust was discovered in the boiler room in the basement of Heanor Memorial Hospital, during a routine inspection by staff.
Opening of Bridgwater Post Office postponed after asbestos discovered: LONG-suffering post office customers in Bridgwater have been dealt a further blow after asbestos was found in the new Eastover store.
Asbestos turns library into white elephant: The facility turned into a white elephant in 2003 after the Department of Buildings and Engineering Services (DBES) found that the roofing had asbestos, which posed a health hazard to employees and users.”The building has been non-operational because it is worn out, and the asbestos roof poses a health hazard. The building is awaiting renovation so that it can be used as the Gaborone Public Library,” BNLS deputy director Gaorere Kgotla said.
Mesothelioma News: Michigan Men Mishandled Asbestos at Charter School: Three Bay City, Michigan men have been indicted by a federal grand jury for the mishandling of asbestos at a converted former church that is set to house a branch of the Bay City Academy for the upcoming school year.
Former power station worker wins asbestos disease payout: A court has ordered a former power station worker dying of mesothelioma be paid $327,000 in compensation for asbestos exposure.
N.J. Man Gets Prison Time in Asbestos Dumping Case: The fifth man prosecuted in a scheme that saw tons of asbestos debris illegally dumped on a property along the Mohawk River in Central New York has been sent to prison for his role in the plot to skirt environmental laws involving the disposal of the toxic material.
Dow Chemical Electrician Receives $6 Million Award in Asbestos Suit: Dow Chemical Company has announced that they plan to appeal a verdict that awarded $6 million last month to a Louisiana electrician who worked as a sub-contractor at the mega chemical company’s Plaquemine, Louisiana plant and became sick with mesothelioma cancer.
Judge may rule on Reserve asbestos suit this month: A lawsuit that Reserve filed against a Hopewell contractor over the demolition of property on Mount Troy Road is expected to go before a judge this month, solicitor Harlan Stone told township commissioners.
Court Upholds $1.3 Million Asbestos Verdict, Says Defendants ‘Mischaracterized’ Expert Opinion as ‘Any Exposure’ Testimony: A Pennsylvania appellate court has upheld a $1.3 million verdict, saying that the plaintiff expert’s testimony did not constitute “any exposure” causation testimony since the expert’s conclusion took the decedent’s factual background into consideration.
Eden-Lowell asbestos mine owner settles with state, EPA: A civil case five years in the making may be a month away from resolution, but cleanup from 60 or more years of asbestos mining likely remains a long way off.

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