Mold in the News: Issue 124

Mold in the News: Issue 124
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 36 stories we thought may interest you!
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CMS confirms mold found in about 40 buses: Channel 9 first reported on the story about mold found in dozens of Charlotte Mecklenburg school buses on the first day of school.

Mould keeps schools closed: Three of the five CSDM schools that have been closed for decontamination — Baril, Saint-Nom-de-Jésus and Hochelaga — are on Adam St. in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The mould problems were most serious at École Baril, with airborne spores causing respiratory ailments, runny noses and coughing among teachers and students.
Weather Causing Uptick in Mold-Related Concerns: The Midlands has seen its fair share of rain this summer, and experts say that has created the perfect recipe for mold growth.

Millions to repair mouldy schools – a drop in the bucket?: The Finance Ministry’s supplementary state budget plan published on Friday include some 35 million euros to help municipalities to combat mildew in public buildings. Experts say that this level of funding is not enough to make a serious dent in the problem nationally. More than 1,000 Finnish schools suffer from mould problems, estimates the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. The Environment Ministry official in charge of mildew correction, Juhani Pirinen, agrees with that figure.
Mike Holmes calls for mold-ridden homes to be torn down after devastating High River flood: His home had been sitting in several feet of water for four weeks before John Badduke was able to return. He had 15 minutes to pack a pick-up truck with his family’s belongings — most of which were so mold-ridden they had to be trashed. When he looked in his backyard, he found TV personality Mike Holmes. If it’s not diamonds, leave it and walk away “He just happened to be walking in my backyard and I thought I’d ask him some questions and get some knowledge,” Mr. Badduke said. Mr. Holmes was filming his home renovation and repair show nearby and had come around to the flood-ravaged community of Hampton Hills to assess the damage caused by June’s floods.
Common Cold vs. Allergies and Mold?: Those fall allergies are upon us. Ragweed season made an early appearance this year, and soon enough, mold will be everywhere. So how do you know if you’re developing allergies or just have the common cold?
How can I test for mold?: My wife has a headache that never seems to go away. She thinks it could be due to mold.
Mold found at Somers Point school, but classes expected to start on time: Mold was found at the Jordan Road School on Aug. 14, which caused an emergency remediation just three weeks before the school’s scheduled Sept. 5 start date.
Farmersville Elementary School mold cleanup still underway: There is no visible mold left in 16 Farmersville Elementary School classrooms, but the rooms have yet to pass air quality tests. The school has been closed all week after mold was found last Wednesday as classrooms were being set up for school, Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent Joseph Roy wrote in a memo.
District corrects mold problem: The South Brunswick School District took immediate action in correcting a mold situation at Crossroads South Middle School according to Superintendent Dr. Gary McCartney.
Cedarbook MS Won’t Open On Time Because Of Mold: Kids at one Montgomery County school have a longer summer vacation, but it wasn’t part of the original plan. Doors are staying closed because of a mold problem. Cedarbrook Middle School won’t open on September 3rd with others in the district. It will be opening on September 16th instead because more mold remediation needs to be done.

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CR schools ready for students after summer mold problems: It was a moldy summer in some Council Rock schools, but problems have been addressed and safety will not be compromised when students and staff return from summer vacation Tuesday, Superintendent Mark Klein said at Thursday night’s school board meeting.
Brandywine Elementary remains closed due to mold concerns: The latest test results have closed Brandywine Heights Elementary School for the rest of week due to mold concerns.
As Inmate Crews Clean Starke Elementary’s Mold, Students Begin Classes Elsewhere: Recycled cardboard boxes have replaced fidgety schoolchildren for now in kindergarten classroom 203 at the vacant Starke Elementary School. With toddlers at their ankles, teachers dictated which classroom materials would accompany them during their temporary stay at another school. Inmate cleaning crews hauled the items off to be sanitized.
Rainy summer led to mold buildup at Tilton school: It’s the first day at a lot of New Hampshire schools, but a mold problem has delayed the opening of at least one, a middle school in Tilton.
Mold On Campus: While some students were greeted by orientation leaders this weekend, others were greeted by an unwelcome guest in their homes. Mold was found in some areas on campus from the Danieley Center to Mill Point.
Mold Gone at Goodnoe, School to Open on Schedule, Officials Say: Mold found in classrooms at Goodnoe Elementary School has been thoroughly remediated and the building will open on time for students, Council Rock officials said.
Parents concerned over mold in Orange school: Some Orange parents say mold in the school is making their kids sick but school officials say the problem has been handled.
Bell tolls for leaky Gwynneville Public School: Teachers and students have had to put up with mould on walls and carpets, leaking classrooms, cracked buildings and doors, and windows that do not lock properly despite asking for assistance from the Department of Education a number of times over several years.
Environmental crews working to remove mold from Darlington High School: Environmental crews have been removing and cleaning up mold from Darlington High School since last Friday and district officials have shut down the school’s main building as a precaution.
Parents claim mold at Henderson Co. school made their kids sick: Mold has been found at a Henderson County elementary school, and some parents are saying it made their kids sick.
Southampton Village & Surrounding Areas News – Southampton School District Pays $100,000 To Eliminate Mold In Two Classrooms: With about three weeks left before classes resume, the Southampton School Board on Tuesday authorized approximately $100,000 in emergency repairs to Southampton High School after a mold problem was detected in two music classrooms.
Mold Causes 4 Pontiac Elementary Classes to Move: Four kindergarten classes at Pontiac Elementary will have to be moved to a different part of the building until Monday because of mold.
School system addresses Spottsville mold issues: Parents are concerned that the mold issues that plagued Spottsville Elementary over the summer continue to be a problem.
Mold forces VA to move patients in Martinsburg: About 175 patients at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg have been temporarily relocated after mold was found in their individual air conditioning units.
Mold removed from child development center: The Child Development Center on Mills Road, buildings 5600 and 5601, opened as usual Aug. 19 after cleanup crews worked over the weekend to clean up mold found in both buildings. Employees noticed mold in the kitchen and other areas during the week of Aug. 11 and the Directorate of Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation, working in conjunction with the Directorate of Public Works, contracted with EMSL Inc. of Smyrna, Ga., to test samples of the mold and immediately begin remediation efforts.
Mold complaints in Burlington on the rise: It’s a moldy mess in Joanne Johnson’s Burlington apartment. “I don’t like it being like that. I’ve never lived in an apartment like that before — never in my life,” Johnson said.
Mother furious over damp council house: A MOTHER-of-two is furious over the state of her council-owned house she recently moved into. Sandra Ovington, 55 of John Street, Shoreham, and her two boys Kyle, eight, and Rico, ten, are currently living in the property which has damp, mould and cracks.
Where are protections against mold, irked tenant asks: Then the temperature spiked, and she closed the windows to turn on the air. The real trouble began last month with congestion in her chest, as if she had a bad cold, she said. Then came the sinus problems, the constant drainage in the back of her throat and the migraines in the middle of the night.
Mold forces evacuation of Orlando Ballet School: Mold has caused the Orlando Ballet to vacate its home at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts north of downtown, along with two smaller arts groups that share the building.
Mold discovered in Richmond Fire Station 12: Add Fire Station 12 in Richmond’s Fan District to the list of stations in the city with a mold problem.
NY1 For You: Brooklyn Mom Battles Landlord Over Toxic Mold: A severe case of black mold has one Brooklyn mom worrying about the health of her family and pleading for her landlord to clean it up. NY1’s Susan Jhun filed the following “NY1 for You” report. A moldy mess is what Linda Gavin says is making her family sick.
Housing Minister under attack over claims toxic mould threatens tenants’ health: A Government backbencher has raised concerns that Housing Tasmania homes are riddled with toxic mould, saying the problem is heading towards epidemic proportions.
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Consumer alert: Washing machines linked to mold: At least half a dozen top manufacturers are facing lawsuits from customers outraged over what’s growing inside their washing machines. In some cases, it’s ruining their clothes. To make matters worse, lawyers accuse some of these companies of knowing about the mold and trying to cover it up.
Heavy rain and mold means record year for clean up companies: Heavy rains have wreaked havoc this summer all across our area, and especially in Roanoke. It’s leaving behind a nasty mess to clean up, even a month after the storms hit. That’s where Kevin Lancaster comes in. With 24 years of experience under his belt, he is vice president of operations at serve pro.
Area can be a breeding ground for mold: When the owners entered the condo, expecting to prep it for renting out, they instead found a mess that will cost about $38,000 to clean up, said Jonathan Dreyer, president of Dreyer’s DKI, a Gainesville-based company that specializes in the cleaning and restoration of damaged homes.