Mold in the News: Issue 127

Mold in the News: Issue 127
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 23 stories we thought may interest you!
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Mold companies, victims advise homeowners to get checked out: After the recent rains, many mold removal companies in the metro area are booked and staying busy. One Albuquerque family was hit hard by a storm in July. The home is now a mess of ripped out carpet, pulled out cabinets and removed drywall after mold attacked it.

A cautionary tale (EXCEPTIONAL STORY EMPHASIZING THE NEED TO GET SECOND OPINIONS WHEN BUYING A HOME. HOW RELIABLE IS YOUR HOME INSPECTOR? YOUR REALTOR? AS THIS STORY DEMONSTRATES, THE HOME INSPECTOR WAS INCOMPETENT AS WAS THE REALTOR!!!): Whether it’s helping unskilled handymen or families having trouble prioritizing their renovation needs, HGTV personality Bryan Baeumler isn’t beyond employing a little tough love to bring families back on track. But in the case of the Jamiesons of Windsor, he says the tough talk is better reserved for the professionals who helped them buy a home.
Tips for minimizing mold after flooding: As families across the state deal with flooding inside their homes, restoration companies are working overtime to address the damage before it turns into something worse. Once mold starts growing it’s a much different animal to remove.

Mold in Food: What You Need To Know: You may be wondering what to do if you find mold, or microscopic fungi, lurking in foods in your refrigerator or pantry. Some molds are beneficial, while others are harmful. If healthy people eat mold, they are most likely to just excrete it. Avoid sniffing foods with mold, which can cause respiratory trouble, the Department of Agriculture says.
Ragweed, Mold Biggest Fall Allergens In ENC: Sunday is the first official day of fall, but already, many are starting to feel the effects of fall allergies. Greenville allergy specialist Dr. Sherif Taha says fall allergies actually started in August. He says the most common allergen people suffer from in eastern carolina is ragweed and the second most common is mold, which occurs once the leaves fall.

Mold, API contaminants prompt more J&J recalls: Johnson & Johnson is battling another onset of quality concerns as its subsidiary Janssen is pulling one lot of its Risperdal Consta injection in the US due to a mold contamination.
Mold worries parents at South Charleston Middle: Parents of South Charleston Middle School students are outraged over mold and other ongoing faulty building conditions they say they reported to the Board of Education a year ago.
Mold closes UMBC child care center, UMD library floor: Mold has closed a child care center at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a floor of the McKeldin Library at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Mold remediation in Milltown school nearing completion: In a letter directed at parents and guardians of the borough’s schoolchildren, Superintendent Stephanie Brown said Wednesday that the remediation at Parkview Elementary School on Violet Terrace is nearing completion, but a date for reopening Parkview has not been set.
Atlanta elementary school admits mold problem: A local elementary school has mold in eight rooms and one parent said her child got sick.

Mold closes two Arcadia classrooms: Two Arcadia High School classrooms remain closed temporarily because elevated levels of mold were found there.
Mold found at Stanley Middle for second time in six weeks: Some Stanley Middle School parents have contacted Gaston County leaders to ask if their student’s health is at risk after mold has covered athletic equipment inside the school. After the complaints, a representative for the district said maintenance went looking for that mold and found it in the basement. This is the second time mold has been found at the school in the past six weeks.
Mold found for the second time at Stanley Middle School: Eyewitness News received pictures of mold covering athletic equipment inside a local middle school.

Mold at Bellamy Elementary School forces students out: Originally officials moved 21 students into the library after mold was found in a mobile unit at Bellamy Elementary School, but now, some 5th graders are being moved to another school.

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Cedarbrook Middle School Opens After Mold Delay: Kids headed back to class at Cedarbrook Middle School after getting an extra two weeks of summer vacation. The Cheltenham Township school district was forced to delay the first day because of an extensive mold problem.
Cessnock Hospital’s mould problem poses risk to patients and staff: Cessnock Hospital’s roof is plagued with mould that could put patients and staff at risk because of a lack of money, according to Cessnock MP Clayton Barr. Mr. Barr said the mould had been growing in the roof above the staff and ancillary wing for at least 18 months and hospital management had not been able to rectify the situation because of a lack of money.
W.Va. VA hospital says mold removal is finished: Some of the 175 veterans displaced by mold in air-conditioning units should begin returning to their rooms at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Martinsburg in October.
Asbestos, mold threat keeps ag building closed: Guadalupe County’s Agriculture Building will remain vacant for at least a week or two and possibly longer. County Judge Larry Jones ordered the building at 210 E. Live Oak St. vacated Friday afternoon after receiving a letter from County Attorney David Willborn warning of the county’s potential exposure to liability because of asbestos and mold problems in the building.
Sandy Hill Arena closed due to mould: Renovations aimed at scrubbing mould out of Sandy Hill Arena will take at least till late October, shutting the rink down in the meantime, the city says. Routine testing turned up mould in the Mann Avenue arena’s air last summer.
Private landlord fined £10,000 over poor state of his Bradford houses: A landlord who “wilfully ignored” the needs of tenants has been fined more than £10,000 after leaving two young families in rotting and mould-infested properties.
Black Mold: Will it hurt you?: A lot of people question the validity of “black mold,” and whether it can really make a person ill. I have been litigating mold cases for years and let me tell you that black mold exists and it can make a person ill. But that is not the end of the story. Here in New Jersey and New York we see a lot of mold cases. New Jersey and New York were hit hard by recent storms, and they have caused mold conditions. Mold is created by prolonged moisture and darkness. Storms allow both conditions to exist.
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Boulder County advises quick strike against possible post-flood mold: While living in London three years ago, Boulder resident Betsy Anderson experienced firsthand the dangerous effects of mold on her health. After coming home from vacation, Anderson and her husband noticed water damage to their house. They pulled up the floorboards and unleashed a “toxic mess” of mold all over the house, she said. “Mold is like a substance from hell,” Anderson said.
Take precautions against mold, electrical hazards when reentering your home: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment provides the following information on how to reenter flooded homes and protect yourself from mold and other hazards.