Mold in the News: Issue 128

Mold in the News: Issue 128
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 23 stories we thought may interest you!
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Santa Fe woman shows how deadly toxic black mold can be: The monsoon storms that moved through New Mexico brought rain and flooding. Something deadly could be growing inside your walls. One Santa Fe woman said she almost died after she was sickened by toxic black mold.

Surprising ways your hotel room could make you sick: Healthy Hotels Program Toxicologist Dr Peter Dingle refers to mould as the asbestos of the new generation. Moulds vary in how they affect human health and implications typically result from exposure to higher volumes of mould spores and particles. However some species produce mycotoxins which are highly potent.

Wood-Rotting Fungus Eats Falkville Couple Out of Dream Home: A couple in Morgan County is sleeping outside of their dream home because the floor of their master bedroom collapsed. They say it’s due to a wood-rotting fungus that attacked the underside of the home. Mold experts told WHNT News 19 that such fungus is prevalent in Alabama. Any home is susceptible to it and there’s no way to get rid of it entirely.

U.S. Midwest facing high levels of mold spores: Transitioning from summer to fall is a shock to the system. People living in the Midwest are going to have an even harder time than usual because of dangerously high levels of mold in the air. Gottlieb Allergy Count, the official allergy count for the Midwest, reported a 125,000 mold count in the air. This is the highest count all year and surpasses the 50,000 mark for air quality warning.
Officials address mold in schools: The beginning of the 2013-14 school year has underscored facilities needs, according to school officials. During his report at the Sept. 18 board of education meeting, Dr. James Parla, superintendent of schools, lamented the need for mold remediation at several schools in the district.
Mold found 2 New Hanover County schools: Mold issues have cropped up in two elementary schools in New Hanover County. A week ago, about 100 fifth grade students were moved to another school after mold was found at Bellamy Elementary.
Mold Found In NC Public Schools: Mold issues have cropped up in two elementary schools in New Hanover County.
Mold test positive at school classroom unit: Mold has been found in one mobile classroom at Parsley Elementary School, where some Bellamy Elementary School students were sent this week after mold was found in mobile classrooms at that school.
Area schools prevent and respond to mold, but don’t do routine air tests: Area public schools take measures to prevent mold and react to known cases, but they don’t conduct routine air testing, according to information the districts provided Friday.
District corrects mold problem: The South Brunswick School District took immediate action in correcting a mold situation at Crossroads South Middle School according to Superintendent Dr. Gary McCartney.
Morristown High School classrooms, cafeteria reopen after mold cleanup: Several rooms at Morristown High School have been disinfected and reopened after mold was discovered earlier this month, a spokesperson for the Morris School District said on Friday.
Mold Outbreak Plagues Dormitories: There have been 21 cases of mold in dormitories and apartments this semester reported to the Office of Facilities, which in some instances resulted in student illness.
Mold Reportedly At Drum Point Elementary: Drum Point Elementary School has become the latest in the school district that will need mold remediation, school officials said at their regular meeting held Thursday.
Mold attack: Wesley closes Cannon Hall three weeks after classes start: Junior Emily Overlander started her biology lab just like she would have any other day: by sitting at the lab table and preparing for class in Cannon Hall. However, lab class on Sept. 5 started a little differently. After sitting on her chair, she noticed a green goo oozing from underneath the table and spreading all over her pants.
Reports Show Widespread Mold In Trailers At Three Queens High Schools: New reports show widespread mold in classroom trailers at three high schools in Queens. Education reporter Lindsey Christ has the details in an exclusive follow-up to her special series from a few weeks ago.
Rolling Terrace parents seek answers to mold outbreak: When students and staff returned to Rolling Terrace Elementary School in Takoma Park after the Labor Day weekend, they were met with classrooms sporting growth more suited to a science experiment petri dish.
Officials approve mold eradication at Philippi Elementary: Glen Sweet, facilities coordinator for Barbour County schools, updated members of the Barbour County Board of Education Monday regarding mold in Philippi Elementary School.
Mold will keep Parkview School closed for the time being: The Parkview School’s 385 students will be attending half-day sessions at Our Lady of Lourdes School for now due to the discovery of mold at the borough elementary school on Sept. 6.
Toxic Mold Found in Whispering Palms in 2008: It’s not the first time tenants in the Whispering Palms Apartments have concerns about mold; the allegations started several years ago.

Marietta combats mold in firehouse kitchen: The heavy rains from this past summer are gone and just a memory, but the city is still trying to repair the damage they left behind. For more than a month, the fire department kitchen, restroom and shower facilities have been out of commission after a leak in the roof flooded the second floor of the firehouse at 301 Putnam St., causing a buildup of mold.
Alpha approves remediation plan after extremely high levels of mold found in municipal building: Alpha Borough Council awarded a bid and passed a remediation plan last night to remove mold in the municipal building after extreme levels were found in air quality tests in the council meeting room.
Lawsuits blaming mold for health woes can proceed: A group of lawsuits alleging that mold in military housing caused a constellation of health problems can proceed in federal court, a judge has decided.
Medic claims black mold in ambulance homebase made her sick: An attorney for paramedic Rhonda Riley filed suit against the city of Metropolis and now is asking a Massac County judge to rule on an injunction. The injunction would require the city or Massac Memorial Hospital to stop any cleanup of mold that may be in the ambulance service building. Riley’s attorney wants experts to come in and perform tests on any contaminants.
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This season, more homes and businesses may be susceptible to mold: First-time home buyer Kelly Sullivan knew to expect the unexpected when she and her husband, Sean, started looking for an east Cobb, Ga., home last year. With Sean just having left the Army for a civilian job and a toddler in tow, the couple had one surprise remaining after their offer was accepted on their dream home. Mold.
After flood, watch for mold: With the recent rains and flooding in many areas of the state, excess moisture and standing water can contribute to the growth of mold in homes, apartments and other buildings.