Mold in the News: Issue 130

Mold in the News: Issue 130
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 22 stories we thought may interest you!
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Quebec government investing more than $400M to repair schools: The Parti Québécois government is launching an offensive against mould in Quebec schools, making $401.2 million available to repair buildings across the province. Education Minister Marie Malavoy said $46 million of that money will go to 19 schools in which mould problems have been clearly identified and $30 million towards detection and prevention of mould.
Mold: All too common after flooding: When moisture creeps into porous surfaces, it can start a biological process that frequently ends with colorful blooms of mold.
Study Examines Prevalence Of Asthma In Low-Income Communities: They’re looking to discover where mold fits into the asthma picture, whether it triggers asthma, causes more symptoms to appear or works in conjunction with other environmental factors, increasing the persistence of asthma.
Warm, wet summers can mean more mold in homes: Sullivan was led to believe a previous mold problem had been fixed, but she decided to call in a mold inspector before closing to give her peace of mind. The mold was still there.
Five-year-old Kailua girl finds mold in Capri Sun: However, the family drink turned into a family nightmare after he grabbed the pouch from Riley Anne, picked up a pair of scissors and headed to the sink. “I ended up cutting up the bag, and it had mold in the bag” he said. The discovery left him shaken.

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Mold sickness, what is it and why does it happen?: Mold / fungus just like bee’s, snakes, spiders and other living organisms produce “bio-toxins”. One example is that a snake is a living organism, its venom is not. The venom is the bio-toxin which the snake produces, just as mold spores produce their bio-toxins known as “mycotoxins” and bacteria produce their bio-toxins known as “endotoxins”.
Mold Ruled Out as Cause of Illness at Malibu High, More Tests Expected: Preliminary environmental tests at Malibu High School, where three teachers were recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, reveal that mold does not appear to pose a health hazard on campus, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District said Friday evening. The tests were conducted with regard to mold only and represents the first step taken by the district in reponse to concerns that there may be carcinogens on campus, which houses a high school and middle school.
Crews Clean Mold in Sicklerville School After Teachers Report: District officials confirmed “slightly elevated levels of mold” in two classrooms, a guidance counselor’s office and part of the library. They confirmed reports of general illness as well but dismissed the mold as a possible cause.

Mold found at Md. school still worries parents, who request survey of health problems: Parents at Rolling Terrace Elementary School have requested that the Montgomery County Public Schools coordinate with health officials to survey families about illnesses that have arisen among students since a major mold outbreak was discovered last month.

Mold Forces Some U of M Students Out of Dorm Rooms: The August heat wave is now being blamed for helping create mold in parts of a University of Minnesota dorm.

Mold a growing problem at New Hanover schools: Davidson’s classroom and three others at Bellamy Elementary were shut down Sept. 24 after airborne and surface mold was found in them. The next day, Davidson, three other fifth-grade teachers and about 100 fifth-graders moved into mobile classrooms at Parsley Elementary, where they’ll stay for about 60 days.
Mould closes another city pool: The pool at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex is the latest city-run athletic facility to close for extensive repairs after routine maintenance turned up mould growing behind the scenes.
Mold still present in fire station: Despite recent work to remedy the issue, the City of Greenwood is continuing to wrestle with mold issues at fire station No. 3.
Mold temporarily closes county fire station at Forest Park: The county fire station at Forest Park has temporarily closed because of mold found in the ceiling area.
Mold and Sewage Problems Plague Apartment in Putnam County: Mold, sewage and ceiling leaks have been plaguing Deana Hudnall at her apartment for a year and a half. Now, with problems building up, she’s also facing eviction from Sable Point Apartments.
Courthouse closing due to black mold: A south-central Kentucky courthouse is closing for two days so that black mold can be removed from the historic structure.
Public housing tenants face mould outbreak: A recent report undertaken by the Auditor-General’s office has uncovered a backlog in maintenance throughout the public housing sector. Many tenants are left to face health issues and are forced to live in damp and mouldy conditions.
Asbestos, mold being removed at site of old Sacred Heart Hospital: In addition to asbestos abatement, project managers must now add mold removal to its list of issues to be addressed at the old Sacred Heart Hospital as they prepare to demolish the former medical complex to clear the way for a new Allegany High School.
Alpha municipal building partially reopened after mold cleanup: The north end of the 1001 East Blvd. building opened to employees and the public again Thursday, Councilman Craig Dunwell said. That section of the building houses some of the borough offices and the library. Mold forced officials to shut down the municipal building for several weeks while environmental experts took measurements and professional cleaners removed the mold.
Woman says she’s being evicted after refusing to pay rent forfor mold-infested apartment: A DeKalb County woman is being evicted after she refused to pay rent because of a mold infestation at her apartment.
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Extreme makeover begins in mould home: The hammers and crowbars were flying, and the cameras were rolling, Wednesday at the formerly mould-infested South Windsor residence of a young family chased out of their first house and into a leaky backyard camper last spring.
Mold ruined DPW documents: About a year and a half ago, Carl Dominguez, director of the Department of Public Works, opened up a 20-foot shipping container located on DPW grounds that was being used to store various agency drawings and records. “I got a whiff of a really intense mold,” he said. Men in white hazardous materials suits and masks found five shipping containers of badly damaged documents — mostly drawings — he said. They no longer were legible and were discarded.