Mold in the News: Issue 131

Mold in the News: Issue 131
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Bleach only makes mold problem worse: According to the Clorox Co., “Regular Clorox bleach contains water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and sodium polyacrylate, in descending order of concentration.” Therefore, do not use bleach to clean away mold.
Health Department Investigates Mold That Sickened Man: A North Columbus couple says their home is making them sick. The Public Health Department confirms the source: mold.

Mold Problems Causing Schools To Close Across The Country: As the new school year reigns upon us, a hazard has been found growing in our schools. Mold discovered in classrooms is causing big problems for administrators and parents. Many school openings are being delayed because of toxic mold spores thriving behind walls and under carpets.
Child Still Struggling After Mold Found In School: A central Ohio parent says her child is still struggling to breathe after investigators found evidence of fungal growth in his school.

Sparring with spores: Wet summer has led to mold-filled fall: According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, mold allergies are year-round. “If you have an allergy that never ends when seasons change, you may be allergic to the spores of molds or other fungi,” according to the organization’s website. “Mold lives everywhere, and disturbing a mold source can disperse the spores into the air. Inhaling the spores causes allergic reactions in some people.”
Mold symposium brings out homeowners affected by flood of 2013: Mold has become the hot topic in the Mohawk Valley, especially after the Flood of 2013. It’s not just the clean up from the flooding that’s causing headaches, it’s also dangerous mold spores. Thursday night, The Oneida County Health Department, in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health held a mold symposium at the Whitesboro firehouse inviting local homeowners to get expert advice from Richard Jones, The Public Health Specialist with the bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation with the New York State Department of Health. He had tips for cleaning up and mold prevention.

$6M Vt. school bond vote to address mold problem: The Vermont town of Concord has scheduled a vote next month on a $6.3 million school construction bond to deal with a mold problem.
Malibu High Update: Task Force Outlines Goals: A Malibu Schools Environmental Task Force met for the first time Thursday to put together a game-plan as the school district evaluates health concerns at Malibu High School. The group decided to immediately remove mold from a room at Juan Cabrillo Elementary and release the latest mold testing results from Malibu High.
Mold in Miller Hall forces U of L to relocate students: Nearly two dozen University of Louisville students living in Miller Hall have temporarily been relocated, after mold is once again found in the dormitory.
More mold found at Cheltenham School District’s Cedarbrook Middle School, students may move to new location: Ten classrooms are closed at Cedarbrook Middle School, according to a press release issued by the Cheltenham School District Oct. 14.
Mold Remediation Efforts Ongoing At Drum Point: Remediation efforts are ongoing at Drum Point Elementary School and the total price tag for remediation efforts is expected to fall in the range of $356,000, according to a presentation at the Board of Education meeting.
Mold remediation costs Greenwich School District $19,000: Following the closure of six classrooms at Stewartsville Middle School on Tuesday, Sept. 25, Greenwich School District paid ServPro $19,090 for mold remediation.
Starke Elementary to reopen March 18 after mold is cleared: A building health report ordered over the summer by Bradford County Schools Superintendent Chad Farnsworth showed that the school had unacceptable air quality due to mold and mildew, and the report recommended that the students and faculty move elsewhere.
Mold found in Randolph school modulars: The students of William Randolph School, the city’s alternative middle and high school, will be displaced again this week following the discovery of mold in the modular units where the students have been since August.

Shuman Elementary Mold Concerns Being Addressed: Results are back on air quality tests conducted at Shuman Elementary School ten days ago. Savannah-Chatham District Spokesperson Kurt Hetager confirms of three rooms tested because of teacher or staff concerns – one did test positive for elevated levels of mold. “Elevated” means higher than would be found in the outdoor environment.

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Mold and mushrooms in Medlin Hall: At the beginning of the fall semester, mushrooms were found growing out of the baseboards and mold growth was visible on the ceiling tile in the closet of Medlin resident Michael Allen.
Mold remains problem at Cedarbrook Middle School: After spending the summer cleaning the building, delaying the start of class a week to finish the job, and then shutting down two classrooms and the cafeteria just a couple of weeks into the semester, mold is still a problem at Cedarbrook Middle School.
Queens HS tried to ‘cover up’ trailer mold problem: Outraged parents of kids attending classes in a trailer at a Queens high school charged yesterday that officials are trying to cover up a mold problem by cleaning out the dangerous stuff just days before a promised inspection.
Bloomfield may demolish mold-infested police station: When mold was discovered in the Bloomfield Police Department in late-June, all involved hoped it wouldn’t be a repeat of what the county dealt with in the Justice Center.
Mold found on Ben Franklin Transit buses: Ben Franklin Transit has replaced the floors on six buses because of mold.
Project to eradicate mold problem in McDowell courthouse: Mold generating a foul smell and forcing six employees to use inhalers at work continues to be a problem at the McDowell County Courthouse, but an upcoming project to renovate the county’s administrative buildings could provide a long-term solution.
Breaking the mold: complaints spotlight Asheville’s rental housing issues: “The mold was coming up every time we turned on the heat or the air conditioner,” she recalls. “It was a mess, and [the management] just didn’t care.”
APD chief addresses mold, water damage issues at precincts: Atlanta police officers worry that conditions at two local precincts are so bad they could pose a health risk.

Volusia firefighters say rats, snakes, mold are problems: They say they’re working in deplorable conditions with rats, snakes and mold in their fire stations.

Redbourn pensioner forced from bedroom due to damp and mould problems: A Redbourn pensioner says he has been forced to sleep in his living room for the past ten months because of damp and mould problems blighting his bedroom.
Mold-cleaning proceeds at substation in Moreau: Saratoga County Sheriff’s deputies may be able to report back to the Moreau substation within the next couple of weeks as the town responds to a mold complaint.
Mold forces West Bank Arts Guild out of Westwego Arts Center: Saying it can no longer operate in the mold-infested Westwego Arts Center, the West Bank Arts Guild has pulled out of the city-owned building in the heart of the Sala Avenue historic district, an officer in the group told the Westwego City Council on Monday. “It’s now full of mold,” said Josie Murphy, the guild’s treasurer and former president.
Mould infestation at Toronto’s Don Jail: A mould infestation that plagued the aging Don Jail earlier this year resulted in at least 75 complaints from guards and inmates, according to a document obtained by the Toronto Sun.
Barre, Vt., ice arena closed due to mold: The indoor ice arena in Barre has been shut down because of mold problems and won’t re-open until November.
Manatee County condo developer sues residents over website that details mold, other problems: The developer of a mold- and water-plagued condominium complex in Manatee County alleges in a lawsuit that a handful of former and current residents conspired to hack emails and to create a website slamming the company in an effort to get it to buy back their homes.
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Grambling complaints include mold: Grambling players said there is mold and mildew on equipment in a letter sent to school officials, ESPN reported Saturday.
Donors send hundreds of books to Shamattawa’s school: People have sent around a thousand books to a remote First Nation’s school library after all its books were ruined by mould.