Mold in the News: Issue 132

Mold in the News: Issue 132
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The dark spots that Superstorm Sandy left behind: A few weeks after Sandy, storm-damaged areas up and down the coast were inundated with a second flood — one composed of contractors offering to help people get back on their feet with clean-up services, including mold remediation. Many of them were accredited. Too many of them were not. Some residents reported paying thousands of dollars for ineffective treatment. Others reported paying for unnecessary treatment. An ABC investigation found remediation contractors who were willing to tell homeowners they had a mold problem even when none existed.
7 reasons to consider indoor air-quality testing: If you’re concerned about the air inside your home or office — two places where many people do the bulk of their breathing — you might want to pick it apart with indoor air-quality testing. To help you clear the air once and for all, here’s a look at some of the most common indoor air pollutants, how to detect them and how to deal with them.
Mushrooms infest walls in Nunavut public housing project: Residents of a public housing project in Baker Lake Nunavut say they’re living in a unit so unhygienic, that mushrooms grow out of the walls and black mould is everywhere.
3 species of mold found in Redstone Aresenal daycare center: Team Redstone gave an update on the mold issue that was found in the walls of the Mills Road CDC building. “We found the presence of 3 species of mold within some of the walls of the Mills Road CDC buildings, Chaetomium, Cladosporium and Stachybotrys,” Garrison Commander Col. William Marks.
Parents express renewed concern about mold problem at Rolling TeTerrace Elementary School: Some students at Rolling Terrace Elementary School in Takoma Park continue to be sick and parents say persistent mold problems are to blame.

Parents speak out about mold at Washington High School: In August, Atlanta Public School officials said the mold was confined to a few classrooms in the fine arts building, and closed those areas to students. After treatments and tests, the building was declared safe for students.

Mold at Field Street School remedied, students returned to home classrooms: Field Street students were moved back to their home classrooms after a mold situation was repaired, district officials said
Student life – all sex, drugs, rock and… mould?: It’s only when you go back to your parents’ that you notice how much your clothes and belongings have started to smell… even grow mould. You are not alone. An Facebook survey carried out this month on 306 university students across the UK has found that the extent of problems caused by mould and damp in student flats and houses
School troubles at Malick again: Students of Malick Secondary in Morvant have been forced to stay away from school because of mould for the past month.
Cheltenham residents want moldy middle school razed: Cheltenham residents suggested Tuesday that the school district raze the township’s moldy middle school and move Cedarbrook students to a new building. “My option would be to take down that building,” Elizabeth “Betty” Cataldi said to applause at a packed public meeting at the district’s administration building.
Mold detected in Fire Station 5 in Chico: The city of Chico is pursuing mold remediation at Fire Station 5 that could force the station’s closure, but the firefighters union is adamant it can maintain staffing before or during repairs. August tests revealed the presence of mold in several locations around the fire station and the city is working with its insurance company to determine who will pay for repairs, Administrative Services Director Chris Constantin said Wednesday. Insurance may also cover loss of use and alternate housing expenses if firefighters are relocated.
New Haven fights pesky mold problem: Town officials have cancelled events that were to be held at the New Haven Town Hall because of an air quality problem caused by mold.
Apt. owner responds to claims of mold problem: The owner of a Greenville apartment complex whose residents say has an ongoing mold problem says tenants are to blame for the issue.
Mold in Collin County building is an expensive problem: “Closed for mold.” That’s the message at a Plano office building that houses several Collin County agencies.

Mum wins €25k in house mould pneumonia claim: A WOMAN who claimed dampness in her council house caused her to develop pneumonia has been awarded €25,000 in damages.
Woman sues Orleans Parish School Board over toxic mold exposure: A woman who worked in a building owned by the school board has filed suit after she was diagnosed with respiratory ailments due to toxic mold.
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Mold: What every homeowner fears but probably shouldn’t: J.T. Burton, a real estate agent with Long & Foster, was looking for a home for his growing family. The father of 6-month-old identical twin sons, Burton found what looked to be an ideal house: a four-bedroom, three-bathroom Colonial in Potomac. In this hot market, the property should have been snapped up quickly. But there was a problem: The house had mold, and under Maryland law, the sellers were forced to disclose it. That was enough to deter potential buyers. Although the house had been under contract for $650,000, it languished on the market for nearly two months.
Investment Property Red Flags: The Dreaded Black Mold: According to recent media and web information, the threat of mold seems to be one of the biggest worries to tenants and property owners.