Mold in the News: Issue 139

Mold in the News: Issue 139
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 19 stories we thought may interest you!
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Mould sensitivity divides expert opinion: Yle recently reported that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has proposed official recognition of self diagnosis by those who suffer from chemical, mould or electrical sensitivities.
Responding to ‘horror stories,’ province moves to regulate home inspectors: Cynthia Jamieson wears a mask while looking over her home after mould was discovered in the basement of the family home in South Windsor. Concerned about the bad name the industry is getting by some bad operators, Tremblay is a big advocate of licensing and regulatory improvements. One of his horror stories involves the Jamieson family of Windsor, first-time home buyers who lived a months-long nightmare after the property glowingly recommended by their realtor and home inspector turned out to be a mould-infested and sickness-causing structure filled with building code violations.
Survey reveals high level of mould and damp in council housing: A Conservative survey of council flats in Eltham North ward has revealed that over half of Council tower block flats are suffering from mould as a result of poor maintenance.
Rising damp–Landlords report a surge in mould complaints as squeezed tenants underheat homes: Rising energy bills and increasing fuel poverty are being blamed for a surge in the number of calls to landlords across the UK to deal with mould, damp and condensation compared with previous winters.
Ways you can tackle winter allergy triggers: “Mold spores can cause additional problems compared to pollen allergy because mold grows anywhere and needs little more than moisture and oxygen to thrive,” Dr. Rachel Miller, director of allergy and immunology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, said in the news release.
Floodwater can pose health risks: And mold can be an issue as well. Lewis said waterlogged carpet, padding and drywall needs to be dried out within 48 hours to prevent mold growth; otherwise, the damaged carpet and padding must be removed.
How Cheltenham mold problem grew: CHELTENHAM In one of the region’s wealthier and high-ranking school districts, administrators and parents seemed to be caught off guard this year by a demon hiding right under their noses – mold.
Rutland school replacing roof over mold concerns: “Mold is found everywhere,” said Lori Cragin, a state epidemiologist. “It’s found inside, it’s found outside; it’s what breaks down leaves and things, so it’s important.” One other place it was found– a kindergarten classroom at Northwest Primary School in Rutland. Administrators say yearly testing revealed the presence of mold spores in October in the corridor next to the classroom. They say they immediately took action.
‘We’re living in a squalor’ – family’s nightmare in mouldy flat: Mould growing on the ceiling of a six-year-old boy’s bedroom caused the ceiling to crumble to the floor.
Paul Walton and Nicola Dennis battle on against mould in nightmare Canterbury flat: A family with a baby say their council flat has become a living hell because of the black mould which covers almost every wall.
Carroll County Looking Into Complaint Of Mold At Ambulance Building: Water leaking into the Carroll County Ambulance building has brought attention to another possible issue. County Supervisor Chairman Mark Beardmore says there was a complaint issued in late summer or early fall.
New mum desperate over ‘disgusting’ mould in flat: A YOUNG woman with a newborn baby has said the mould in her bedsit is so bad she is having to sleep on the floor of her lounge with her baby beside her in a Moses basket on the sofa.
Firefighters fear goal of mold remediation is to close station in Chico: A growing concern, however accurate or outlandish, is that the underlying goal of mold remediation at Fire Station 5 is to find a reason to close the station and use it as a tool to downsize the Fire Department.
NY1 For You: NYCHA Fixes Mold And Paint Problems For Harlem Senior: A Harlem housing tenant contacted NY1 For You after a serious mold and paint problem got to be too much for her health.
Ann Arbor fire station closed after air quality tests reveal mold problems: A fire station in southeast Ann Arbor remains closed while the city attempts to remedy mold problems identified in late November.
Family’s battle against damp in Havebury flat: Chris said their home, which is owned by Havebury Housing Partnership, is full of mould and damp and no matter how hard they try to clean it away, it just keeps coming back.
NYC Housing Authority brought to federal court over mold issues: The New York City Housing Authority is addressing issues of mold in its buildings after a lawsuit and settlement agreement was filed against them in federal court this week.
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Moldy hay may cause ill herd: The 2013 hay making season was tough one. There was plenty of grass but much of the curing season was difficult, resulting in a lot of hay which was less than perfect. In cases where hay was baled a little wet to beat the rain, mold is a problem. The problems presented by moldy hay depend on factors such as the livestock specie being fed and the level of mold present. For example horses should not be fed moldy hay as it can lead to a condition called Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) or the heaves as dad would call it.
What to do if you find it growing in your home: Molds are microscopic organisms that live virtually everywhere — inside, outside, in plain sight, and in hidden crevices. They exist on plants, in soil, and on any type of decaying organic matter, from wooden building materials to food. In fact, you’ve probably touched or inhaled some mold today without knowing it.