Mold in the News: Issue 140

Mold In the News
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 17 stories we thought may interest you!
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Mold Toxicity and Mycotoxin Exposure with Dr. Amy Myers: Did you know approximately 1 out of 4 people walk around genetically predisposed to struggle with mold toxicity and most don’t even know it? Everyone in your family could be just fine but you might actually be reacting violently to toxins in your household. If you have tried changing your diet, adding supplements, and are still feeling lousy this podcast is for you.
Using Bleach to Kill Mold Can Backfire: Household mold is dangerous and can cause many problems, including illness and the destruction of property. Mold should never be allowed to grow. Action should be taken immediately to prevent further damage and expenses.
Home inspection may require a team approach: Since writing about changes coming to the home inspection industry, I have received countless emails from home inspectors, real estate agents and buyers. Buyers complained after closing about problems with their home that were not caught during the home inspection. This included serious mold behind one of the walls in the basement, a defective fireplace and a furnace that was working but would soon require to be replaced. Some buyers blamed their real estate agents, stating that they only recommended an inspector who would approve the home quickly.
Mold, mice and zip codes: Inside the childhood asthma epidemic: A Dateline analysis of a 2011 U.S. Census Bureau report found that public housing apartments like Sepulveda’s had almost four times as many roach infestations and three times as many leaks as private rental apartments. Leaks, it turns out, can create mold, another allergen that can spark and exacerbate asthma.

Mouldy records blamed for staff illness: THERE is “urgent” need to further investigate mould contamination at a John Hunter Hospital facility as staff continue to report health problems six years since issues began, the Health Services Union says.
Studies link poverty with increased risk for asthma: The water runs non-stop in Joy Dawson’s tiny one bedroom apartment. The result? Mold.

Mold Found in Loughman Oaks Elementary School in Davenport: Eight kindergarten classrooms at Loughman Oaks Elementary are being evacuated this week because of multiplying mold spores that teachers say have been making them sick for years.
Harrisburg back in school Monday; mold work continues: Superintendent Brian Wolf said he is “cautiously optimistic” Harrisburg schools will be open Monday but the district is still working on the elementary school following a mold discovery there.
McDowell County offices using funds for mold abatement, renovations: An effort to address mold problems at the McDowell County Courthouse is one step in an overall project to renovate county offices in the city of Welch, the assistant county administrator said Monday.
Pepperell officials estimate $150,000 needed to remove mold from safety complex: The town is facing the possibility of spending about $150,000 to rid the public-safety complex of mold.
Landlords ”Must be Vigilant of Damp and Mould: Letting agents and landlords must beware of damp and mould in rental properties, experts have warned. Letrisks noted that if they fail to take heed of this advice, they could find themselves with personal injury claims and fines of up to GBP 5,000 on their hands. Condensation and mould in residential property is a substantial problem in Britain, especially over the winter months, the company has warned. This issue tends to start in kitchens and bathrooms, where moist warm air is generated, before moving to colder parts of the house.
Calls for action over Burnley’s mouldy homes: FAMILIES whose homes are riddled with damp and mould have launched a Facebook campaign demanding action. And tenants living in Calico properties in Burnley say the cold conditions are putting their health at risk.
Ridgeway Rescue Squad Hits More Road Blocks With Mold Problem: The Ridgeway Volunteer Rescue Squad can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to their mold problems. Their facility has mold in the basement and now they’re having trouble coming up with the money to get rid of it.
GA public health office to reopen after mold issue: A south Georgia public health building is expected to reopen soon after concerns over mold and mildew prompted its closure in August.
Mold problem forces relocation, repairs at Martinsburg VAMC: One hundred seventy-four patients at the Martinsburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center were temporarily relocated from their domiciliary rooms last summer after mold was discovered, and major building repairs were determined to be necessary as a result.
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3 Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Mold FreeKelly’s Thoughts On Things: I have a question, and I think I know the answer. Do you hate cleaning the bathroom? The washroom? The Porcelain Palace? I shudder at the thought of running the sponge over the wall tiles, avoiding the moment where I will get wet as I splash away the soap suds and ice skate around the slippery floor, cursing my clumsy forgetfulness as the steel wool skitters away and it all feels hopeless. I’ve tackled one patch of mould, wondering how I let it get this far, with five other porous places remaining; New Year is the period of promises and resolutions, so here’s mine, keep my bathroom mould free. Sounds easy, I know, so let’s take a look at HOW to do so together.
How an aggressive fungal pathogen causes mold in fruits and vegetables: A research team led by a molecular plant pathologist at the University of California, Riverside has discovered the mechanism by which an aggressive fungal pathogen infects almost all fruits and vegetables.