Mold in the News: Issue 142

Mold in the News: Issue 142
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 16 stories we thought may interest you!
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Hidden mold in dream home points to larger industry concern: The beautiful two-story stone-faced Sheboygan County home with the impressive Lake Michigan view was supposed to be a retreat for Mequon resident John Liebl and his wife, Beth, once they retire. Instead, the couple are now seeing well over $250,000 of their retirement savings vanish to remedy and replace rotten exterior walls. The Liebls’ contractors say it’s a warning tale to every home buyer about the damage that can result when cheap building materials are combined with questionable workmanship.
Métis school closed due to health concerns caused by mould: A K-to-9 school in northern Alberta has been closed temporarily due to health concerns. Students and teachers at the Gift Lake School, which was shut down for months during the 2012-13 school year after mould was discovered, are still suffering from respiratory illnesses.
Teenage cancer patient Chloe Hocking from Liskeard ‘forced out of her home’ by mould: A TEENAGE cancer patient says she was forced to move out of her family home because of a growing mould problem.
Mold Bad For Your Home — And Your Health: Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims homeowners make. It can be caused by a variety of things, such as a leaky roof, toilet overflowing, or a pipe freezing and bursting. According to Allstate Insurance, the average water damage claim costs $6,500.
Hinsdale Middle School closed for more days over mold: 800 middle school students in west suburban Hinsdale will be out of class until next week after parents and the school board were told they found mold there.
Classroom shut down: Parents, students, teachers complain of mold: Mold in a temporary classroom at Agana Heights Elementary School have prompted teachers, students and parents to speak out.
Teachers stay home over health issues: Teachers at the Princes Town East Secondary School have not been working since Monday because of a mould outbreak which is making them and their pupils fall ill. Their refusal to work came after nine teachers and scores of students needed medical treatment last week for a range of issues, including itchy skin, rashes, breathing problems, upset stomach and burning eyes.
Cleanup At Westport’s Greens Farms School Uncovers Mold, Lead: Traces of mold and lead were found at Westport’s Greens Farms School during cleanup of the damage caused by a frozen sprinkler pipe that ruptured last week.
Atkinson commission investigates mold issue: The Atkinson County Board of Commissioners announced during their Thursday evening meeting that construction codes and concerns were ignored, which produced the mold problems at the Atkinson County Health Department back in August.
Mold-removal estimates up to nearly $200,000: Cost estimates to remediate a mold infestation in the public-safety complex have risen to nearly $200,000.
County employees moved from mold-infested offices: Seventeen employees of the Fulton County Purchasing Department can finally take off their masks. They are moving out of their mold-infested office.
Family of ten living in house ‘riddled with mould’: A FAMILY of ten are living in a council-owned house in Portlaoise that they describe as “riddled with black and green mould and running with dampness.”
Police Union Raises Concerns About Mold Following Headquarters Flood: The Fraternal Order of Police union president met with top police brass on Tuesday to make sure the city is doing everything possible to make sure flooding inside headquarters isn’t creating a health threat.
Mold in Rented Home Prompts Tenant to Sue: Lori Lomelino took pictures of mold throughout the Morgan County home she rented for a little over a year. “It’s not something somebody should be living in,” she told us. “It’s not healthy.” Her landlord, Harold Hayes, admits there was mold in the house, which he says has since been removed by bleach and a scouring pad. He says the mold formed because Lomelino never cleaned.
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Homebuyer tips for avoiding mold: If you’re thinking about buying a home, here are some tips to avoid mold
Pre-assessments, proper gear, sealing spaces among key safety tips for home renos: “Mould needs heat, it needs food and it needs moisture. If there has been a flood in the house, there’s a pretty high probability that there’s going to be mould there,” said Gary Sharp, director of technical services, Canadian Home Builders’ Association.