Asbestos in the News: Issue 104

Asbestos in the News: Issue 104
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 33 stories we thought may interest you!
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Banned across the world, asbestos continues to plague Pakistan: Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral used extensively in construction, may cause cancer when inhaled. It has been banned in 52 countries of the world, but Pakistan remains an exception.
Ohio mesothelioma victim awarded $27.5 million in secondhand asbestos exposure lawsuit: Even those who did not work directly with asbestos can be affected by asbestos-caused diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Such diseases can result from “second-hand” or secondary exposure to asbestos fibers such as, for example, when fibers were brought home on the clothing of someone who did have direct contact with asbestos.
Narong backs outlawing all asbestos use: Permanent secretary for Public Health Narong Sahametapat has backed a push to outlaw the use of all asbestos in Thailand.
US insulation product used in Australia at the centre of world’s costliest asbestos scandal: Thousands of Australians are believed to have been exposed to an American insulation product at the centre of the world’s costliest asbestos scandal. Zonolite, an American-mined vermiculite tainted with a deadly form of asbestos known as tremolite and linked to hundreds of deaths in the United States, was sold in Australia for more than 50 years.
New Report Explores Melanoma/Mesothelioma Link: Surviving Mesothelioma is reporting on a newly published report from pathologists with Melanoma Institute Australia. The report details the case of an Australian woman diagnosed with both melanoma skin cancer and peritoneal mesothelioma.
Asbestos related illnesses continue to take a toll on the Aboriginal community of Baryulgil: New cases of asbestos-related illnesses continue to be diagnosed in a remote north coast Aboriginal community decades after a James Hardie mine closed.
Study Identifies Prognostic Factors in Mesothelioma Effusion Patients: Mesothelioma patients suffering with a buildup of fluid around their lungs known as pleural effusion typically face a poor prognosis. But a new study published in Respiration and reported by Surviving Mesothelioma suggests that some patients are likely to respond better to treatment than others.
Test May Distinguish Mesothelioma from Benign Conditions: One of the biggest challenges for patients and clinicians dealing with malignant pleural mesothelioma is just getting a definitive diagnosis. Although mesothelioma is closely associated with asbestos, symptoms may not show up until decades after exposure, making it difficult to link the cause and effect. When symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath do occur, they are often attributed to other, less serious causes.
Surgery for Mesothelioma After Radiation Therapy Increases Survival Rate: Treating pleural mesothelioma with high-dose radiation just before aggressive surgery, a reversal of the traditional procedure, can double the three-year survival rate, according to recently published clinical research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.
Demolition debris a health danger?: Working or living close to demolition sites increases risk of dust-related health problems, says a toxicology professor.
Devastated family blame school in fears that asbestos led to the death of a Somerton man: THE family of a Somerton man who were left “devastated” after exposure to asbestos potentially led to his death are planning legal action. Mr Salter, who was an accountant with magazine and internet firm Future, believed he could have been exposed to the substance during his school days in the late 1960s.
Hinsdale Middle School near finished cleaning up mold, asbestos: The final cleaning at Hinsdale Middle School to remove mold and asbestos, means that students could be back in the building next week.
Asbestos warning improves after scare in Coburg: THE state education department is increasing scheduled asbestos audits in Victorian schools after a breach at Newlands Primary School.
Fears of asbestos on Summer Hill Public School playground: Students at a primary school in Sydney’s inner west have been prohibited from playing on the school’s grass fields, due to fears about a possible asbestos contamination.
Peck Place Elementary School students move into new school: Students at Peck Place Elementary School in Orange moved into a new school Wednesday morning after asbestos concerns.
Ministry addresses asbestos concern at Roseau Primary School: An investigation into complaints of illness associated with asbestos inhalation at the Roseau Primary School by officials of the Environmental Health Department has concluded that asbestos may not be the cause for the symptoms.
South Tama School Board approves asbestos removal at the high school: South Tama School Board members approved an agreement with Abatement Specialties to perform asbestos removal at the South Tama High School in Tama at a cost of $20,376.
Guilty Plea Entered by Malone Landlord and Maintenance Supervisor in Asbestos Case: John Mills, a landlord, and his employee, Terrance Allen, both of Malone, NY, pled guilty in federal court for violating the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) in January, 2012. The two men were indicted in March, 2012, for illegally removing and disposing of more than 260’ of asbestos-containing pipe wrap from two locations, both of which are owned by Mills. Allen was employed as a maintenance supervisor.
Directors given suspended sentences for dumping asbestos waste: Two company directors have received suspended sentences for dumping tonnes of hazardous asbestos waste at a former factory site in south Belfast.
Sayreville businessman faces prison over illegal asbestos removal operation: A Sayreville businessman pleaded guilty Thursday to unlawfully removing asbestos from a hospital without a licensed and with workers who were not properly trained or equipped.
Piperhill fined for flouting asbestos regs: During an investigation, the Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) found that Piperhill Construction had been provided with a survey indicating the presence of AIB in the premises. The contractor then proceeded to remove the AIB despite not having the appropriate licence to carry out such work. The company was yesterday fined £8,000 at Laganside Crown Court after pleading guilty to two breaches of health and safety legislation. Three other charges were left on the books.
Google appeals defamation lawsuit by asbestos cement manufacturer: Internet giant Google has filed an appeal in a criminal defamation lawsuit alleging an asbestos-containing cement manufacturer from India was defamed through Google’s blogging service.
$1.7 million awarded in 2 railroad asbestos cases: A McLean County jury has awarded a total of $1.7 million in damages in two separate claims related to asbestos exposure by workers at a former Bloomington railroad yard.
Asbestos liability claims set at $125 million as judge sides with Garlock: Garlock officials said the estimate of $125 million is consistent with the positions the firm put forth at trial. Judge George Hodges of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of North Carolina also criticized some of the claimants’ law firms, maintaining they withheld evidence about plaintiffs’ exposure to other asbestos products during court hearings, controlling the evidence to drive up Garlock’s settlements for mesothelioma over a 10-year stretch.
Appeals court upholds 10-year prison sentence for contractor over asbestos removal: A federal appellate court has affirmed a lower court’s 10-year prison sentence for a sprinkler contractor who allegedly removed asbestos without the proper training or licensing, dumping the contaminated material in dumpsters and abandoned farmhouses.
Toledoan who dumped asbestos gets probation: A Toledo man who dumped bags of asbestos waste in various locations around Toledo was placed on probation for two years Monday by U.S. District Court Judge James Carr.
Contractor gets jail time for asbestos violation: An 83-year-old Virginia Beach contractor was sentenced Tuesday to five months in jail and fined $2,000 after admitting he illegally disposed of asbestos.
Cancer-struck widow wins £700,000 in asbestos damages: A widow who contracted lung cancer following years spent washing her husband’s asbestos-caked clothing has won more than £700,000 in damages.
Pneumo Abex Must Pay $3.3M More To Asbestos Victim’s Family: A California jury determined last week that Pneumo Abex LLC must pay $3.3 million to the family of a now-deceased man who allegedly contracted mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos in brake linings, in addition to the $9.75 million that was paid to the man and his wife while he was still alive.
Asbestos-hit Heanor Memorial Hospital could be replaced with £1.6m building: A NEW £1.6 million building could replace an asbestos-hit community hospital, hundreds of people were told at a meeting.
Hotel has significant asbestos: Concerns surrounding the amount of asbestos in the Porterville Hotel were prominent before the fire that destroyed the historical building on Dec. 26, 2013; however, the fire and demolition have actually made the situation worse.
MISC. (2)
EPA orders company to stop removing asbestos: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered Olivet Management LLC to stop all work that could disturb asbestos at its facility, The Olivet Center in Dover, New York. Buildings at the former Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center are being renovated for future use as a research institution and information technology hub by Olivet University. Olivet Management did not notify the EPA about the asbestos work and did not handle or dispose of asbestos-containing materials properly during the renovations, as required by law.
The hidden dangers of renovating older homes: Another danger that lurks in many of our homes is asbestos. Many of us are aware of asbestos and its dangers, yet there are still too many out there who are not.

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