Mold in the News: Issue 143

Mold in the News: Issue 143
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 22 stories we thought may interest you!
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Senior found in leaking apartment with black mould: An Edmonton senior is improving after she was found living in an apartment with black mould and water dripping through a collapsed kitchen ceiling. Const. Darren Smith said the condition of the woman’s two-bedroom rental apartment made for one of the most shocking files he has investigated in his 17-year policing career.
Mold remediation bill among legislation the governor let die: Someone is always bound to be disappointed when the state Legislature’s last few bills don’t get a governor’s signature — particularly advocacy groups who in the past year convinced lawmakers to restrict police drone use and enact Sandy rebuilding measures.
Oasis juice box likely contained mould, food inspector says: A food inspector with the City of Montreal says the debris found inside the juice box that four-year-old Azia Iannantuono took a sip from recently was most likely mould.
Three Indoor Air Pollution Sources You Are Probably Ignoring: Allergens are all around us. You have probably heard the saying “your indoor air quality is worse than the outside air quality”. This is due to your home being closed up which leads to air pollution becoming trapped inside. Many times I go into homes where people are sick all the year-round, especially the winter months and they want me to figure out what is making them sick. Most of the time, the answer is clear and simple. Here are three indoor air pollution sources you are probably ignoring.
How To: Get a Hold on Mold: It’s the houseguest you never want – and one of the toughest to send packing. Especially in damp climates, indoor mold is one of the most common and stubborn problems – and for people with allergies and asthma, breathing in those microscopic spores day in and day out can spell serious trouble.
Mold: What Are Its Effects on Health?: Molds are fungi that exist almost everywhere in the outdoors – and inside, they’re a common component of household dust. But mold can become a nightmare when there’s a large amount and it’s busily forming colonies in your home.
Mold, asbestos removal continues at Hinsdale Middle School: Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills School District 181 is still hoping to reopen Hinsdale Middle School Feb. 3 as workers have continued this week to remove mold, and now asbestos, from the 38-year-old school.
Mold mars 600,000 MU volumes stored at off-campus facility: University of Missouri Libraries officials face tough choices as they consider what to do with 600,000 mold-covered books at an off-campus storage facility.
Report shows significant mold problem at Globe Academy: An air quality report obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows a significant mold problem at a newly established DeKalb County charter school.
Bedbugs, Mold, and Cockroaches Prompt West Oakland Tenants to File Complaints Against Landlord: Citing problems including bedbugs, black mold, cockroaches, broken appliances and heaters, and more, residents of a West Oakland building combined to bring nine complaints against their landlord in a hearing that began Monday before the Oakland Rent Adjustment Board. The tenants said this was the largest such hearing in the board’s history.
Mold Issues Linger at Horizon House Apartments: Black mold problems appear to be getting worse after one Horizon House resident remans hospitalized tonight with respiratory problems.
Pepperell moving forward with first steps of mold-removal plan: Selectmen heard updates from Town Administrator John Moak on the status of mold in the town’s public-safety complex in a brief meeting Monday.
Rust and mould shut down Caledon pool: The Town of Caledon is taking a precautionary move to close the facility based on the discovery of mould and on the recommendations of the Environmental Inspection company contracted by the Town.
Mother fears for her daughter’s health after ongoing mould issue: A WORRIED mother has claimed mould lingering in her council-owned property is making her daughter ill.
Family driven to despair by damp: THE walls are black with damp and there’s mould growing in the corners of every room – these are the shocking conditions that a young Southampton family have to endure on a daily basis.
Apartment Mold Problem Still Not Fixed: After mold was found in their apartments, five Gainesville families have been living in hotels. Now, their stay has been extended.
Tests confirm mold in leaky Fulton County offices: Air quality tests confirm that mold was found inside a Fulton County office that repeatedly flooded.
St. Croix Elections Board to hold meeting on mold: The St. Croix District Board of Elections will meet in an emergency session Wednesday to discuss mold in the Sunny Isle Annex office.
Student suing UCSC for moldy housing finds more mold: Matthew Richert and Lori George, UC Santa Cruz family student housing residents, have once again found mold in their apartment. The couple, who believe that mold found in their previous campus apartment caused their daughter Libby’s severe asthma, filed a lawsuit against UCSC in May, seeking in excess of $25,000.
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That may be mold growing in your home: Some people think of mold as something that only occurs in highly humid, warm areas. Some also have the mistaken impression that cold winter snows kill mold, which keeps their Midwestern homes safe from harm. Neither could be farther from the truth.
Culture shock for driver, as mould takes over: A MOTORIST returned to her car after a work trip to find her car had grown so much mould that her insurance company is considering writing it off.
Mould found on half-eaten Hungry Jack’s burger: A woman was left gagging after finding mould on the bottom of her half-eaten Hungry Jack’s burger at Brisbane Airport this week.