Mold in the News: Issue 144

Mold in the News: Issue 144
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 24 stories we thought may interest you!
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Mold forces Duluth family out of apartment, causes illness: Fighting mold in Georgia is not an easy battle. It has caused one metro Atlanta family to get sick in their own home and they said their landlord has done very little to address the issue.

Employees at federal building say mold is causing serious illness: About a half dozen federal employees at the historic U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building downtown blame mold there for asthma and other life-threatening health problems they have suffered for nearly three years. While federal ICE officials denied there are serious environmental problems with the building, some employees said they have faced retribution for filing illness claims.

Residents living in Kidderminster ‘mouldy home hell’: A KIDDERMINSTER father says he, his daughter and their neighbours are being forced to live “in hell”, with their houses plagued by “mould” caused by damp conditions.
Health Check: is it safe to cut mould off food?: The short answer is that it’s a lot safer than not cutting it off. Some moulds make and release poisons, called mycotoxins, into the food that could, over time, make you very sick. Why they do it is not especially well understood but that doesn’t make it any safer.
Mould has Christchurch school on the move: A Christchurch school has had to relocate after a large amount of black mould affected its buildings.
New plan for students at mold-plagued Montco school: The Cheltenham Township school board has dropped its plan to relocate two-thirds of its middle school students to Gratz College and will move them instead to sites in Cheltenham and Springfield Townships.
Hinsdale Middle School reopens following mold cleanup: Hinsdale Middle School reopened Tuesday, two weeks after it was closed for water damage and mold remediation.
Mold spores detected after Okee Schoolhouse clean-up: The Okee Schoolhouse could get another scrub down after an independent consultant found harmful mold spores less than two weeks after a mold remediation project was completed.
Charlton selectmen question Housing Authority: Selectmen asked Charlton Housing Authority officials to their meeting Tuesday for more information about a tenant’s allegations of mismanaged mold contamination, but what they heard was it’s none of your business.
Mold adds to concerns over sheriff’s building: New mold problems discovered at the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department add to concerns being dealt with while options are studied for replacing the building.
Mold problems cause financial headaches for Ridgeway EMTs: Members of the Ridgeway Rescue Squad have had their hands full lately. In addition to responding to emergency calls, volunteers have also had to deal with mold problems.
Damp flat is “tearing family apart”: “I have had enough – it is tearing my family apart.” These are the words of a Southampton mum-of-three, who is at the end of her tether because of mould in her two-bedroom flat.
Bonaire flood victims fear they’re living with mold inside walls: Signs of the water than swamped Gloria Ahlman’s apartment are everywhere. A foot-high water line greets you at the front door.
Witham mum’s concern over mouldy bedroom: A Witham mum is concerned for the health of her baby amid claims a housing association has failed to sort out on a damp problem in her flat.
Mold Found In Catoosa Co. Fire Station, Building Condemned: Winter weather caused many schools, businesses, and government buildings to shut their doors. However, one important Catoosa County building closed for an entirely different, and more dangerous, reason. We confirmed Thursday with multiple Catoosa County officials that Fire Station 3 has closed its doors for mold contamination.
Main Street library closes area due to mold: Moisture is the enemy of librarians in humid climes and Newport News is no exception. The latest victims are non-fiction and reference collections housed on the second floor of the Main Street Library, where mold was found growing on the books.
Councilmen ‘disgusted’ by condition of Spartanburg County Courthouse: Tales of flooding, mold and vermin infestations shocked and disgusted two county councilmen when they visited the Spartanburg County Courthouse this week.
Irvine mum-of-two worries for her children’s health after house becomes infested with toxic mould: A terrified mum fears for her children’s health after living with toxic mould for the past 16 months.
‘I’m worried the whole block of flats is splitting apart’: A single mother is terrified her flat might collapse around her after huge cracks began appearing in its walls. Samantha Randall, 27, who lives in Phillimore Place in Radlett, has been plagued by the cracks and by mould since she moved into the property five years ago, and believes the two might be linked.
Lawsuit: Mold in county-owned home spurred family’s illness: A Santa Fe woman is seeking damages from Santa Fe County, claiming she and her children became ill while living in a subsidized housing unit contaminated with mold.
California Home Seller Fails To Disclose Big Toxic Mold Problems To Texas Buyers: “The couple told me that they will never return to the mold-contaminated home and that they have hired an attorney to sue the home seller, realtor, home inspector, and mortgage lender for the rescission of the home’s $500,000 purchase price, as well as for medical damages, loss of mold-contaminated furniture and possessions, and other compensatory and punitive damages.
West Oakland tenants band together to stand up to slumlord: Tiffany Tate and her boyfriend, James Jones, have lived at the Booker Emery Apartments near West Oakland BART for more than three years. At a hearing before the Oakland Rent Adjustment Board on January 27, Tate complained of black mold in her apartment that made her so sick she missed work and lost wages. “[Mold] got so bad it’s making a hole in my ceiling,” she said. When she complained to the landlord, Ramdas Darke, he sent a handyman to paint over it rather than fixing the underlying problem.
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A New Day for NYCHA: But, after years of misery for NYCHA residents, there is hope. As a result of a recent settlement, NYCHA must address systemic failures such as protracted repair response time and inadequate repairs resulting in a proliferation of toxic mold. NYCHA is also required to address the root cause of the mold problem: water.
Genesee County veterans’ military records dating to WWII damaged by mold: Thousands pages of damaged military papers belonging to Genesee County veterans are boxed and bound for Livonia, where document recovery specialists will try to salvage them from water, mildew and mold damage.