Mold in the News: Issue 145

Mold in the News: Issue 145
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 25 stories we thought may interest you!
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Study finds household mould link to severe asthma in adults: A study of Tasmanian adults has linked the increasing severity of asthma with common household mould.
Indoor air quality and asthma: How to fix those winter coughs and that drippy condensation: It’s hard to talk about indoor air quality without scaring people, but I’m going to try anyway. This is especially important for Canadians at this time of year. For 40 years, we’ve been making our houses more weather-tight and energy efficient, and that’s a good thing. Nobody likes to spend more money than necessary to keep warm in winter. Trouble is, that’s only part of the equation. We also need to figure out how to keep indoor air fresh enough to be healthy. I was reminded of all this before Christmas, when I visited a friend and just happened to notice mould stains on the attic access hatch in her entrance hallway.
Mold & rotten food found in Florida Chuck E Cheese play area: Shocking video just released from inside a Pensacola Chuck E Cheese Restaurant. A mom and nursing student shot this video of mold and rotten food left in the play tubes that kids crawl through. Because of this video Chuck-E-Cheese now says it’s reinforcing cleanliness standards at all of its locations.
Health Check: Is It Safe to Cut Mold Off Food?: The short answer is that it’s a lot safer than not cutting it off. Some molds make and release poisons, called mycotoxins, into the food that could, over time, make you very sick. Why they do it is not especially well understood but that doesn’t make it any safer.
Pensioner hopeful of getting mould issue off his chest: A RETIRED council caretaker has been battling chest infections for months because of mould that has steadily spread throughout his home.
CSIRO identifies foods that are safe to eat when mould is cut off: The CSIRO states that a good rule of thumb to judge whether a food can be saved is its moisture content or firmness. Foods with high moisture content can have invisible toxins growing below the surface, producing mycotoxins.
Tips for Taming Your Winter Allergies: Dust mites, dander, cockroaches and mold can trigger cold-and flu-like symptoms, said immunologist Dr. Joan Lehach
Windham’s Golden Brook classroom closed due to roof leak, mold: A leaking roof forced school officials to evacuate a modular classroom building at Golden Brook Elementary School earlier this week. School officials said that more than 160 first-graders needed to be relocated to other parts of the school on Monday and Tuesday after evidence of mold was found in two small areas of the building.
Mold Contamination Results in Emergency Meeting in Virgin Islands: Last month, the Virgin Island Daily News published a report that the St. Croix District Board of Elections would meet in an emergency session to discuss an ongoing mold problem that was discovered in their Sunny Isle Annex office. The article states that there have been a number of complaints from employees impacted by the mold.
Group forms to seek answers on indoor air quality in schools: Since June of last year, concerned Wilton residents have questioned the quality of indoor air at the Miller-Driscoll school while school officials have consistently stated they believe all Wilton schools have safe indoor air quality.
Report cites mold at Roosevelt, more testing planned: A State Board of Education member is calling on the state to pay for the cost of mold remediation at the Roosevelt College and Career Academy following problems with heating that led to leaks and flooding.
Mold closes Meridian Township fire station: Fire officials plan to close the Central Fire Station today because of deteriorating conditions, including black mold.
Northam couple plagued by mould problems: A NORTHAM couple are concerned for the health of their children due to black mould which they say has plagued their flat for three years.
Mother fearful of daughter’s health in mould-infested home: A mother claims a housing charity has put her family’s health at risk after placing them in a home infested with mould.
Mold Makes a Dangerous Case in the Washington County Courthouse: The jury is out and the courthouse is closed, or rather condemned, in Washington County. Four months ago mold tests were conducted throughout the building. When results came back on December 9th the county had to act quickly.
Questions remain for West Lafayette City Hall: Flooding and mold issues are leading to questions about the future of the West Lafayette City Hall building. Questions also remain about what will happen to the building when offices are permanently moved out.
Chichester couple’s plea to tackle mould: A COUPLE battling damp in their home have found mould is ruining their prized possessions.
Burst Pipe Damage, Mold Plague Spring Hill, Tenn. Fire Stations: Damage created by mold and a burst pipe has left the city of Spring Hill seeking repairs to two fire stations.
‘Our flat is so damp I can barely breathe’: “I cannot live in these conditions, I can barely breathe.” Those are the words of a Hampshire woman who lives in a mouldy flat and claims it is exacerbating her health problems.
Voters approve additional $150G for mold removal: Residents voted 83-31 at a Special Town Meeting Monday to appropriate $150,000 for mold remediation for the town’s public-safety complex.
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Mold in Your Shower – Is it Normal?: Our office gets a lot of calls from people concerned about mold growing on the caulk or grout in their shower. Most people want to know if the mold could hurt their family, while some just want to know if it’s normal to have some mold in their shower.
First Nations talk housing solutions at Thunder Bay conference: Housing challenges persist in many First Nations across northern Ontario — and 200 delegates have travelled to a Thunder Bay conference to discuss solutions this week. The theme of the conference is “making houses … homes.” That’s one thing the Batchewana First Nation has been working hard to do. The community’s tenant liaison is hoping to gather information at the conference to help Batchewana tackle a chronic problem: mould.
How To Spot Mould In Your Home: Mould, by simple definition, is a type of fungus. This certainly doesn’t sound appealing, but even less so when it invades your home. Mould is not only unsightly, but also harmful when left in your home for a long period of time. It is important to understand how to easily spot mould so that your home can remain your space of cleanliness and tranquility. Please note, mould will not go away on its own. It is up to you to spot it and remove it properly. Typically, this means reducing the moisture in your home or a certain area. Here are a few warning signs to watch for.
Microscope World Blog: Mold Under the Microscope: Mold is a fungus that grows in multi-cellular (often tubular shaped) filaments resulting in discoloration and sometimes a fuzzy appearance on whatever it grows on. Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials. Mold also plays an important role in biotechnology and food science in the production of various foods, beverages, antibiotics and pharmaceutical products.
Mold destroys 600,000 library books: Recently it was discovered that 600,000 books, approximately 20 percent of MU’s entire collection, were covered in mold. The damaged books were being stored in an underground cavern north of Interstate 70. The cavern, Sub Terra, is run by an independent company.