Mold in the News: Issue 146

Mold in the News: Issue 146
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 21 stories we thought may interest you!
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Are energy efficient homes making us ILL? Toxic mould caused by poor air circulation could trigger ‘sick building syndrome’: Energy efficient buildings are an important part of tackling the world’s energy crisis. But while these structures can keep draughts out, they also have a hidden threat lurking within. Deep within their crevices and corners, green buildings are susceptible to trapping humid air in which toxic mould can spread.
Is your home harming you? Asthma, allergies and indoor mould: It is hard to escape indoor mould. It is most commonly found in the wet areas of the home, especially the bathroom and the kitchen, but it can grow anywhere. We all agree that it’s unsightly, but the bigger problem is it can harm your lungs.
Why Just Cutting The Mold Off That Leftover Pizza Probably Isn’t A Good Idea: Don’t be ashamed. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all done it. That cheese is the only thing in your refrigerator, you’re hungry and too lazy to go scavenging the mean streets for fresh food. But it’s got a wee bit of mold on it — it’s totally fine to cut that mold off and eat the rest, right? Well, maybe not so much.
Mold detected at Mary Ingles Elementary in Tad, WV: Mold has been detected inside Mary Ingles Elementary in Tad, WV and now parents want to know why something wasn’t done sooner.
State health department cites mold, air quality problems at Gary Roosevelt: An Indiana State Department of Heath inspection at Roosevelt College & Career Academy cited mold, air quality problems and standing water in the building.
Parents meet to discuss Windham school mold problem: School officials in Windham said they have uncovered a dormant patch of black mold above the ceiling of a classroom at Golden Brook School.
Princes Town school opens, but few pupils show up: FEW pupils showed up for school yesterday at Princes Town East Secondary School, although it has been declared safe from mould.
Hinsdale Middle School records reveal mold problem dates back years: The ABC7 I-Team investigated who knew what– and when– at a west suburban school that had to be shut down because of black mold. The answers revealed a mold problem years in the making at Hinsdale Middle School, prompting mounds of complaints to local officials.
Wilton School Board Considers Firm To Assess Indoor Air Quality: The Wilton Board of Education is set to review a proposal from TRC Environmental Corp. Inc. to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the indoor air quality at Miller-Driscoll School.
Mum’s fear of health of children over mould: A MOTHER of three from Ludgershall says her fiveweek- old daughter had to be rushed to hospital because of the conditions in her damp and mouldy home.
Mouldy council flat causing breathing and anxiety problems for resident: Mould growing in a flat has affected a man’s mental health and breathing problems so badly that medical professionals have written to the council.
Southampton family moved into new home after Echo highlights mould plight: A young southampton family is celebrating after housing bosses moved them from their mould-covered home into a two-bedroom flat – thanks to the Daily Echo.
Toxic mold visible in Gresham apartments: Tenants at the Jennifer Anne Apartment Complex in Gresham said they complained to management for months about toxic mold. Nothing was done, they said.
FOX59 takes action to help Indianapolis woman get help with mold in apartment: Buying a home can be pretty overwhelming, but for one local woman, it sent her to the emergency room—three times!
Richmond Public Housing Residents Say They’re Plagued With Filth, Vermin, Mold and Raw Sewage: Geneva Eaton has learned to deal with life in Hacienda: the stench of mold from the stairwell in front of her door, the winter she spent huddled at her stove for heat, the broken security gate that allows drug dealers and squatters to walk past the paid security guards and urinate on her doorstep. But the mice were too much.
Commissioners close 4-H building: The Leavenworth County Commission voted Monday to immediately close the county-owned 4-H building in Lansing because of potential health dangers from mold.
Gillingham mother Janine Davidson angered as six-year-old daughter tries to get well in mould-ridden flat: The mother of an injured six-year-old girl is embroiled in a battle about the mould-ridden condition of her home.
Mold issue in Gulfport apartment: Anna Pollard and her boyfriend Justin Ram were living in the Hartford View Apartments on 8th Avenue in Gulfport. Ram said he suffered an asthma attack one night, his first asthma attack since he was a child.
Mold, Flooding Close Fire Station: It’s not much of an exaggeration to say the Meridian Township’s Central Fire Station looks like a war zone, so perhaps it’s no wonder firefighters finally surrendered Thursday.
Elderly Kidlington couple worried about health after 11-month wait on leak repair: AN ELDERLY couple say their health has been affected as they have had to suffer a leak at their housing association home for almost a year. The leak in John and Shirley Pearce’s upstairs bedroom of their home in Wise Avenue, Kidlington, has left the wall damp and mouldy.
Petition demands action over ‘mouldy homes’: A Lincolnshire mother-of-two was so disgusted over photos of “mouldy” Calico homes in Burnley she has launched a petition urging the Government to take action.