Mold in the News: Issue 147

Mold in the News: Issue 147
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 26 stories we thought may interest you!
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Bugs, vermin, mould force Ahuntsic-Cartierville tenants out: Two Ahuntsic-Cartierville apartment buildings with hundreds of violations are in such advanced states of disrepair and uncleanliness that about 20 tenants living in 12 units had to be removed last month for public safety reasons. Bedbugs, cockroaches, vermin, mould, leaking water, lack of heating, holes in ceilings and walls — the tenants of 11750 and 11760 Ranger Street have had a lot to contend with.
Boulder firm pushing frontier in mold detection capability: Boulder’s Droplet Measurement Technologies has developed a new instrument that can detect and identify mold in real time, which excites its creators so much they have launched a new company without yet picking a name for its signature device.
400 kids removed from New York shelters due to decrepit conditions: New York City has begun transferring more than 400 children and their families out of two homeless shelters, citing deplorable conditions, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday.
Baxter recalls a dialysis product due to mold: Baxter International ($BAX), which has had ongoing contamination issues with some of its intravenous products, is now recalling one lot of a peritoneal product used on dialysis patients. It says the lot is contaminated with mold. The announcement, also sent out by the FDA, says there have been adverse reactions reported.
Mouldy flats ‘harm children’s health’: Matthew Benney and his partner Jessica Best say their flat at Polgrean Place, where they moved a year ago, has become riddled with black mould which is affecting the health of 21-month-old Kian, who has asthma.
Winter stifles pollen, but other pests can make allergies worse now: You’re sniffling and sneezing again. You’re feeling tired and headachy again.
Principal: Mold Found at Mary Ingles Elementary School: Mold has reportedly been found at an elementary school in Kanawha County.
Inspectors Find Mold In Gary, Ind. School: Mold – it’s a growing problem in a Gary, Ind. school that already has problems with heating and frozen pipes.
Poor conditions at school lead some to call for removal of students: Some New Orleanians want students removed from John McDonogh High School sooner rather than later, because of what they call unhealthy conditions inside the building.
Albertsons cleans warehouse after Portland tv station uncovers mold: Albertsons is now cleaning its Portland distribution center after the On Your Side Investigators uncovered mold growing on shelves where food is stored and later supplied to 104 stores.
Father’s anger at council response to problems with mould in family home: A father with a severely disabled daughter and pregnant wife was told he would have to wait almost a month for the council to inspect the mould in his home.
Clearview Library repair costs skyrocket: Mould was discovered in the crawlspace as well as other parts of the building and this has driven up the cost of the repair project.
Condo residents frustrated over mold, exposed wires, high electric bills: An Orange County family says it’s being forced to live with recurring mold and exposed wiring in their condo.
After courthouse is condemned for mold, temporary digs pose logistical problems: An inspection turned up rotten wood, water damage and mold—at least 12 different strains of it, the Panama City News Herald reports. Five strains were deemed immediate health risks, and the courthouse was condemned in December. Many official records were coated with mold.
BOCC addresses more mold issues: The building, which is used by to host a variety of local events, has developed mold after sustaining damage during last summer’s flooding – and is at risk for more damage if something isn’t done.
Not just flooding… weather’s to blame for a rise in mould: People living in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas have complained to housing associations after damp has caused black mould to grow on their ceilings.
Fate of mould-ridden St. Pius X Church rests in bishop’s hands: The future of a Sudbury church remains uncertain a year after it was closed because of mould.
Mould halts construction at Verdun Hospital: Construction of the new pharmacy at the Verdun Hospital has been suspended after air quality tests detected the presence of mould in the walls.
Mold forces courthouse to relocate: Fairfield County Council recently held a committee meeting for a project that will temporarily relocate the Fairfield County Courthouse for issues stemming from mold buildup.
Concerned Bandon woman seeks council house transfer: MOULD on the windows, draughts and an inadequate heating system are just some of the reasons why an unemployed mother-of-three claims Cork County Council needs to find her a new home.
Mold fears lead to courthouse square protest: Romine was addressing Greater Dayton Premier Management, the Dayton region’s housing authority and the building’s landlord, which residents say have ignored complaints about mold in the building.
Washing Machine Mold | How To Prevent Moldy Washers: The case of the smelly washing machines spun forward this week when the U.S. Supreme Court allowed class-action lawsuits against Whirlpool, Sears, and Bosch to continue. At issue is the buildup of mold and musty odors in front-loading washing machines. We’ll spare you the legalese but basically the court refused to hear appeals from the companies and let consumers have their day in court.
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What Every Homeowner Needs to Know about Mold and Windows: What’s growing on your windows? If you have wood windows, or even dirty window sills, the answer could be mold.
Two arrested in connection with Calgary grow op: “Based on the presence of mould in the home, it would appear this grow-op has been in operation for some time,” said Sgt. Len Dalton in a release. “People underestimate the damage grow-ops can do to a home.
Mold challenges some Halloween flood survivors in Austin: An Austin family is worried danger may be growing next door — in the form of mold.
Common Myths About Mold And How To Get Rid Of Mold: Mold. We heard about it, read about it, and if we were unlucky, had to deal with it. There is so much misleading information out there concerning mold and its cleaning procedures that people nowadays get alarmed for no reason at all or take things into their own hands when handling mold, and in doing so, end up causing more harm than good. To help you separate truth from myths, we bring you some common misconceptions about mold you should know about.