Mold in the News: Issue 148

Mold in the News: Issue 148
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 28 stories we thought may interest you!
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NYCHA Needs to Gear Up for the Next Sandy: Jose Maldonado wasn’t introduced to mold after Superstorm Sandy. But he was invaded by it.
NDP raises alarm on problems at Misericordia Hospital: Alberta’s NDP is raising the alarm on “shocking” problems plaguing the aging Misericordia Hospital, including asbestos, mould and unreliable elevators.
Roofers warn of leaks, mold after latest round of winter weather: If you drive by any neighborhood, chances are you’ll see roofs still covered with ice and snow.
Allergies on the rise with spring weather: Doctors are reminding people both pollen and mold can trigger allergies, and even aggravate asthma this time of year.
Bugs and mould blight home and affect health of daughter of young mum: A DESPERATE Portland mum says her mould and bug-ridden home is affecting her baby’s health.
Mould Found In HiPP Baby Food: A mother has lodged a complaint after apparently opening a jar of baby food and finding mould growing on the top.
Mold can be a spring time scourge: As part of any spring cleaning routine a homeowner should pay attention for signs of mold. Mold is a fungus that usually forms in areas where moisture becomes trapped.
‘Mould is affecting our babies’ health’ say St Blazey residents: FAMILIES living in a block of flats in St Blazey say their children’s health is being put at risk due to the “horrendous” state of the building.
Central Alberta school reopens after air quality concerns over mould: An elementary school in west-central Alberta has reopened one day after it was shut down due to air quality concerns.
Parents Want Answers About Mold at Valley Head High School: Several parents contacted us in the past day, asking us to look into a situation at Valley Head High School concerning mold.
Costs mount for cleaning Hinsdale Middle School: The bills for replacing drywall at Hinsdale Middle School are starting to roll in, totaling about $2.4 million so far, officials said. The costs are likely to continue to climb because the 38-year-old school still has leaks, officials said.
Mold found in Delaware Valley Elementary School in February: Mold growth was discovered last month in a Delaware Valley Elementary School kindergarten classroom.
Stroudsburg Intermediate Elementary to be tested for mold after rumor talk: Stroudsburg Area School District will order additional indoor air quality testing for the Intermediate Elementary School to quell recent concerns about the building, said Superintendent John Toleno.
State inspectors: Albertsons cleans up mold in distribution center: Albertsons has finished cleaning its Portland distribution center after the On Your Side Investigators uncovered mold growing on shelves where food is stored and later supplied to 104 stores.
Moldy mess in Moiliili health food store: An Oahu health food store is dealing with the return of a moldy mess. The unsightly growth is covering part of the air conditioning system inside Down to Earth in Moiliili.
Delta mayor wants answers on Sungod rot and mold: Delta municipal staff insist that swimmers and gym users at North Delta’s Sungod Recreation Centre are not in any danger from black mold and rot in a wall on the building’s roof.
Mold problem costs West Lafayette $40K, and that’s just the start: The mold problem at West Lafayette City Hall is now digging into taxpayers’ pockets.
Mold concerns at Huntington, WV Fire Department: Over the years, a leaky roof and leaks from an old boiler system have created potential health hazards in Huntington’s Fire Station #1 on 7th Avenue.
Council claim they are ‘Leading the country” in fight against mould: THURROCK’S housing portfolio holder says the council is leading the country in tackling damp and mould in its homes, targeting £2 million at the issue.
San Francisco firefighters forced to evacuate Treasure Island firehouse due to mold: There was an odd scene on Treasure Island as firefighters were forced to evacuate their own firehouse. The culprit in this case isn’t fire — it’s mold.
Algiers woman living with mold wants apartment complex to fix leak causing it: On the surface, one Algiers apartment complex looks well-kept and clean, but one mother says it is what is lurking inside the walls that has her concerned for her family’s health and safety.
DMV opens North Syracuse office after Syracuse office closed early due to mold concerns: The Syracuse DMV office, which is in the Western Lights Plaza at 4671 Onondaga Blvd., closed early today due to a possible issue with an office painting project that uncovered mold, said Pete Bucci, from the DMV.
Woman fears electric shock in her damp home: A WOMAN claims the damp is so bad in her own home that turning on her lights will give her an electric shock.
NJ mother to sue sons’ school, alleging mold made kids sick: A mother in Cape May County intends to sue the local school district, claiming her two sons became sick after being exposed to mold while attending classes.
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Quick action needed after leak or flood: If you find yourself dealing with a serious water leak or flood, the first challenge is stopping any more water from entering your home. Try to identify the source of the water and determine whether you need to call a professional to repair the problem. Once you have the water stopped, you can assess whether the damage is limited enough to tackle yourself or if you’ll need a professional. If you decide to do the clean-up yourself, remember to wear rubber gloves, safety glasses, rubber boots, respirator, and other protection to prevent injury or infection. Also, check for any risk of electrical shock or gas leakage before you start.
White mold still No. 1 disease problem in Southeast peanuts: White mold doesn’t appear to be moving anytime soon from its position as the No. 1 disease threat of Southeastern peanuts, but new options for controlling it continue to become available, says Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia Extension plant pathologist.
Renters ‘too scared’ to complain: More than 200,000 rental sector tenants across England are estimated to have faced a “revenge eviction” in the last year after asking for a problem with their home to be put right, according to research for charity Shelter.
Family return to mould and green carpets: A family evacuated from their flood-threatened home on the Somerset Levels have spoken of their heartbreak at returning to find the house ruined.