Top 20 Mold and Asbestos Articles in February

Top 20 Mold and Asbestos Articles in February
Awareness is our goal and to date, we have nearly 212,000 views to our website. This year alone we have nearly 30,000 views from visitors all over the world. Many thanks to all of our followers and avid readers for sharing and reading our content! Below are the top 20 articles based on viewership in February. Enjoy!
1. Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Raffaella Tassone
2. 20 Interesting Facts About Mold!
3. BUYER BEWARE: Evaluating the Claims of Mold Remediation Products
4. Got Mold? on Dragon’s Den
5. What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?
6. What Should I Do If I Have Mold In My Apartment?
7. Why Restoration Professionals Should Avoid Using Bleach
8. What Diseases Can Asbestos Exposure Cause? [Infographic]
9. Why Do Ice Dams Cause Mold Problems?
10. Rashes Caused By Mold
11. Interview With a Toxic Mold Survivor: Gina Lopez
12. Thinking of Buying A Home, Look For These Moldy Clues
13. Don’t Spray Mold!
14. Best Construction Blog: Your Vote Counts!
15. Does Mold Cause Multiple Sclerosis?
16. Sewer Backups Part 1: Causes and Prevention
17. Mold Will Eat Almost Anything But a Happy Meal!
18. Mold and Miscarriage, Is There a Link?
19. 10 Interesting Facts About Asbestos in the USA [Infographic]
20. Why Should I have an Indoor Air Quality Test?