Mold in the News: Issue 149

Mold in the News: Issue 149
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 36 stories we thought may interest you!
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Leaks, mold result in $12.4 million award for apartment owners: A Polk County jury this week awarded $12.4 million to the owners of a West Des Moines apartment complex who had sued the apartments’ builders over leaks and mold the owners said took years to correct.
Removing mold may reduce adult asthma risk: Mold exposure in the home raises the risk of asthma symptoms in middle age, according to a new study from Australia.
Chetrit Sold $1.6M Condo Full of Mold and Mice, Resident Claims: A woman who paid top dollar for a new luxury apartment says she wound up getting a moldy, mouse-infested mess — and now she’s locked in a yearslong court battle with one of the city’s most powerful real estate families.
Cold leads to mold? Experts say, yes: This year’s long blast of snow and frigid temperatures has delivered one rough winter, and it may have brought on something else that homeowners would never even expect this time of year: mold in the attic.
Mould, overcrowding exposed in Inuit housing needs study: The survey showed 45 per cent of all dwellings in Nunatsiavut have mould, while three quarters of those homes are in need of major or minor repairs.
Student houses: mouldy, rat-infested and expensive: Woodlice in the bathroom and mould on the walls – for many students this is what decorates their home. A new report by the National Union of Students (NUS) reveals that over three quarters of students have problems with their privately rented accommodation. Over half have condensation, almost half have mould and a quarter have vermin – from slugs to mice. Despite these problems, three quarters of students go into debt to cover the upfront costs of securing a student home, from deposits to letting agency fees.
Experts Warn Allergy Season Could Be Worse This Year: Spring is in the air, and so is pollen! Springfield-Greene County Health Department workers say so far pollen counts are what they would expect for this time of the year. However, some allergy experts say this season could become worse.
‘Mouldy flat making husband’s lung condition worse’: Those are the words of a Hampshire woman whose flat is so badly plagued by disgusting mould that she believes it is making her husband’s chronic lung disease life-threatening.
MOLD PROBLEM: Family Say It’s Making Them Sick: Joel Higgins says it took time for his family to figure out why they felt sick all winter. “We started getting into stuff. We couldn`t get anyone in here so we just started chiseling into stuff you know we found the mold in the kitchen,” said Higgins.
‘Mouldy flat is making us ill’ says West Reading mum: A 24-year-old mum says mould in her West Reading flat is making her baby sick.
Mold Causes Caldwell Ele. Students to Evacuate: It’s been a very busy few weeks for administrators and staff at Caldwell Elementary School, after mold was discovered in two classrooms.
Mold forces Alfred U. administrators, staff out of offices: Alfred University administrators and office employees were forced to evacuate the Carnegie Administration Building after test results received Thursday confirmed there is a mold issue in a section of the building.
The hidden dangers in student accommodation: No student accommodation comes entirely free of issues, but these can be dangerous as well as irritating – and some are relatively difficult to detect. Here’s a quick look at a few of hazards you may want to look out for – and ways to beat common problems.
$475,000 upgrade planned for Jackson school hit by mold: After mold growth was found in September, the Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School could be receiving a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system this summer.
Mold cleanup at DeKalb Co. school delayed: Work to remove mold from a DeKalb County School was delayed.
Stafford removing elementary school’s mold: While most Stafford County schools will be inactive during spring break, Anne E. Moncure Elementary School will be a beehive of activity as crews deal with recently discovered mold, mildew and asbestos issues.
School Mold Removal Pushed to Summer: Mold removal at Valley Head High School is delayed once again.
Students, parents want Elwood High School in Deer Lake repaired: “We’re worried now about mould,” said Anstey. “They tested for mould a little while ago and it’s mold-free but I’m worried about those wet tiles.”
Starke Elementary reopens after mold problems: Authorities said microbiological growth was found on isolated surfaces in carpeting in each of the school’s buildings in late August. The school was closed for further investigation, remediation and renovation.
Alberta school shut down over mould: An elementary school in west-central Alberta has reopened after it was shut down due to air quality concerns.
Palmetto Police: Due to mold and roof leaks, they need new HQ: Built in 1964, the Palmetto Police Station has seen better days.
Test allays fears over air quality at Sungod: A company hired by Delta to do an air quality test at Sungod Recreation Centre has found “no issue observed that affected the indoor air quality of the subject building.” Sterling IAQ Consultants Ltd. was hired by Delta to do an “airborne mould spore assessment” March 14 following news reports that revealed a wall on the roof above the older section of the swimming pool was rotting and laden with black mold.
Employees and patients concerned over mold at Montefiore Family Health Center: There’s concern from both employees and patients of a medical facility in the Bronx. It’s over mold found, ironically, in a facility that was supposed to help people heal.
Mother “At the end of her tether” over mould: A SOUTH OCKENDON mother has told YT that she is closing to breaking over problems with mould in her council flat.
Education Staff Relocates Due To Mold Infestation: Employees working on the ground floor of the Education building on Church Street will be operating from a new location. According to information received by this media house the staff had complained for some time about a mold problem at the Education Unit.
Delta orders air quality testing after mold discovery: Global News aired video footage last week that showed a rather gross mold problem on the outside wall of a mechanical room some thirty feet above the pool. A building inspector interviewed by the television news crew advised that the centre should be shut down so at least a preliminary test can be done.
Mold infestation in Region 8 rental home: A Region 8 woman claims she got sick from her mold-infested rental home, and says her landlord has done nothing about it.
Mold, field mice driving administrators out of district office?: It also is dealing with mold and field mice. The board had a special meeting to discuss how to best address these issues with the maintenance crew, which resulted with a potential decision that could move the district office to a different location.
Woman says mold-covered apartment crawling with slugs: Andricka Phillips has a hard time walking without wheezing. “I am so sick of being sick. My asthma has never been this bad.” She blames it on what’s lurking in her bathroom. There’s mold all over the walls and around the tub.
Stevenage mother ‘helpless’ over sick children in damp flat: A mother-of-three says she feels “helpless” watching her three children constantly fighting illness due to living in a cramped, damp flat infested with insects.
Sea Bright police to relocate after black mold is found: Sea Bright police headquarters will be evacuated for 30 to 60 days while remediation of black mold is underway in the building located at 1099 Ocean Ave.
Worst Public Housing Complex in Richmond to Be Emptied: The residents of Richmond’s worst public housing complex likely won’t have to endure cockroach infestations, mold and broken elevators much longer.
Mold Can Impact Real Estate Loans and Other Factors for Buildings: According to a report from Phillips Nizer LLP, a law firm based in New York: “Financial lenders also have been sensitized to the mold issue and may require property-owning borrowers to make some or all of following representations and warranties.
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Warmer weather allows lawn to recover from snow mold: The snowy winter has brought more than cool temperatures and flooding. It has also brought snow mold.
Air pollution linked to 7 million deaths in 2012, WHO says: Air pollution killed about 7 million people in 2012, making it the world’s single biggest environmental health risk, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Tuesday.
Is That Mold?: What’s growing on your windows? If you have wood windows, or even dirty window sills, the answer could be mold.