Mold in the News: Issue 151

Mold in the News: Issue 151
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 21 stories we thought may interest you!
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Proposed bill would force home inspectors to inform buyers of mold: Under current law, home inspectors are not required to mention mold even if they think the house may have it. But some lawmakers think that should change. Sen. Fred Mills authored Senate Bill 66. If it passes, it would be mandatory for home inspectors to tell you about mold if they think your future house has it.
There may be mold in your munchies: Fighting mycotoxins in Canada: Mycotoxins, toxins created by mold, can be found in everything from grains to nuts to fruit. Some directly damage the liver, the kidneys or the nervous system and others have been labelled as carcinogens.
DIY flooding cleanup could lead to mold problems: Restoration experts say it’s not cleaning up what you can see; it’s getting to what you can’t see that may present challenges. They say it could set you up for major problems with mold.
Allergy sufferers should start treatments before mould and pollen hits: The time to start fighting pollen allergies is now, according to a city allergy expert.
Couple fear for sick son’s health in mouldy flat: “I AM worried my disabled son will end up in hospital because of this.” These are the words of a Southampton dad who is at the end of his tether because his two-bedroom flat is riddled with mould.
Our mouldy, damp house is making me and my children ill: Hayley Edwards with her children Crystal, eight and Connor, seven, in the damp bedroom. The children have been suffering from health complaints since moving to Malmesbury.
Additional Stillman College students complain of poor living conditions: Stillman College is responding after more students have come forward to complain of mold and other poor living conditions on campus.
Edmonton Catholic School district moves up moving day for students because of mould concerns: Students at a west-end elementary school where mould has been discovered will be moved out of the school sooner than planned because of parents’ concerns, said a spokesperson for the school district.
Dublin High School gym tested for mold, off limits to students: A gym at Dublin High School is off-limits to students and staff because of possible mold contamination. A test to confirm mold was conducted Thursday morning, and until results are known, some classes will have to be relocated.
Washington Heights parents complain about condition of school trailers: Parents of kids who attend a school in Washington Heights are outraged over the conditions students are being subjected to, saying trailers being used as school buildings contain mold, mildew and vermin.
Caldwell Elementary to Remain Closed: Caldwell Elementary Students will *not* return to campus for the rest of the school year. It will take longer than the 8 weeks left to clean up the mold that forced the district to evacuate the campus.
Mold, mildew chasing out Umatilla police: Umatilla police will have to vacate their headquarters on Central Avenue because of mold and mildew problems, according to City Manager Glenn Irby.
Shreveport Memorial Library plagued by mold again: It was a long-standing problem many thought was fixed. But it wasn’t. And now mold threatens to damage volumes of rare historical books, texts and microfilm housed on the third floor of Shreve Memorial Library.
Mold, plumbing problems plague Fort Campbell couple on post: The couple lives in a home in Werner Park on Fort Campbell, where Brandy Stevenson said she has experienced persistent maintenance problems, including an ongoing mold issue in two bathrooms.
Kalamazoo woman looks for answers to black mold in apartment: A Kalamazoo woman battling a black mold problem in her apartment turned to Newschannel 3 for help, saying she can’t get answers anywhere else.
Mold Found In Downtown Little Rock Hotel: The Marriott Hotel in Downtown Little Rock confirmed to KATV that part of their renovation is to remove mold from three of the floors.
Mold, old plumbing to be removed from sheriff’s building: Cleaner air is on order for the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department building. A contract for up to $13,000 in cleaning and disinfecting to remove mold from several rooms in the former jail portion of the building was approved Monday by Lenawee County commissioners. The physical resources committee also recommended a $53,365 contract for removing unused toilets and plumbing from the former jail to eliminate water leaks that contributed to mold problems.
Mould closes Stittsville arena: Mould has forced the city to close the Johnny Leroux Arena and hall in Stittsville.
Resident brought to tears over housing complaints: “My daughter is allergic to mould and we’ve had a constant fight about it. There is mould growing all around the house and every time housing sent someone to inspect it, they say there is nothing there,” she said.
‘Despair’ over mould for Chichester family: A FAMILY is at the point of ‘despair’ as their Hyde Martlet home is covered in mould.
Bill from Staten Island’s Matteo calls for mold-resistant materials in certain areas of homes: After mold became a major issue following Hurricane Sandy, City Councilman Steven Matteo is hoping to make houses more resistant to the unpleasant spores in the future.
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Capri-Sun tackles mould complaints with new packaging and ad campaign: According to a report in Advertising Age, children’s beverage brand Capri-Sun is introducing a marketing campaign and a clear-bottomed package that allows consumers to see the contents of its drinks.