Mold in the News: Issue 152

Mold in the News: Issue 152
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 22 stories we thought may interest you!
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Experts say deal with mold before health issues arise: Health experts say any apparent mold growth or dampness needs to be taken care of swiftly or it could lead to asthma or other respiratory problems.
Eliminating mould and dust in household can help improve air quality and health: The decor of homes may vary, but the one thing the interiors have in common is the air — yet most homeowners don’t consider the quality of what they’re breathing.
Mould concern shuts down school: A school in west Edmonton has been shut down due to mould found in its walls, and though a parent brought it up to the Catholic School Board a couple years ago, it’s just now being addressed. This is an excellent video in which the parent of one of the children explains why she suspected mold was causing her child’s sickness.
Mike Holmes: Built to last and lighten landfills: First, what is sustainable construction? It means building clean and responsibly — doing what we can to use fewer non-renewable resources. It also means building for the long-term and using materials that resist mould, moisture and rot, so they last longer and don’t end up in landfills.
What Happens When Mold Spores Enter the Body?: Is it really a problem if you are exposed to black mold spores?The answer to that is definitely yes! Mold not only grows on surfaces inside and outside of your home, but if it is inhaled, it can continue its growth inside your body.
Allergy Season Warning: With tree pollination emerging, and after a winter of above-average snowfall, pollen and mold spores will trigger more allergies this spring.
Florida college looking for way to make wine healthier: We hear the good news about red wine all the time. Studies tout the fact that in moderation it can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and prevent diabetes. Now there is groundbreaking research going on in Florida to make wine and beer a little healthier. The problem starts where ochratoxin is secreted by a vineyard mold. It’s a mold that grows in a warm and humid environment, and when the grapes are crushed, the ochratoxin is emitted and gets into the wine. Ochratoxin is regulated in Europe, but not in bottles of wine from the United States.
Elementary students to finish school year at different schools, over black mold concerns: Hundreds of students at a west Edmonton school were moved to new schools to finish out the year Tuesday, to make way for crews to clear up black mold brought on by water leaks in the building.
Mould found in walls at Yukon College: Yukon College is set for some clean-up work this spring to remove mould from several areas of the college.
Grandfather forced to sleep in lounge after ‘rancid’ mould appears in bedroom: A grandfather who woke up to find his bedroom flooded has been forced to sleep on the floor in his living room after “rancid” mould began eating away at the walls.
Cedar Falls discusses mold cleanup at historic post office: Questions about the city’s mold removal policy have dampened restoration efforts at the old city post office at 217 Washington St.
Subsidized housing residents trapped despite mold problems: They’re not alone. The complex’s mold problem has driven residents to sleep in their living rooms and throw out hundreds of dollars in belongings.
Mum and baby forced from mouldy flat in Great Leighs after toys ‘become infested’: A YOUNG mother had to be put up in a hotel and throw out six bin-bags full of her daughter’s toys after her housing association flat became infested with mould.
Treasure Island mold worries: A growing number of residents and workers on Treasure Island are complaining about mold in aging buildings on the former Navy base in San Francisco Bay.
Work starts on roof of mould-infested public house: THE roofing has arrived for Peter Bourke’s mould-infested house. The 59-year-old has lived in public housing in Gladstone for four years and has been fighting the Department of Housing to have a serious mould problem fixed.
More mold woes found in West Lafayette City Hall: The mold problem has turned out to be even worse expected at West Lafayette’s vacated City Hall.
‘We can’t live in mouldy council home any longer’: Those are the words of a Southampton grandfather who is sick and tired of mould in his four-bedroom home.
Concern after flooding in Pawtucket City Hall: In Pawtucket’s City Hall there are buckets set up to catch dripping water, and ceiling tiles that are completely rotted through… creating quite an eyesore on the top floor. Leaking and flooding have been issues under the building’s tower for years, but now there’s an even bigger concern. “Sinus problems, breathing issues, and headaches and so forth and so on,” said City Councilor Albert Vitali as he described the symptoms more than 10 city hall employees told him they have been experiencing. He says they believe the health issues stem from mold.
Burst pipe forces family out of home in controversial block: A family said it is is facing up to a year living in temporary accommodation after mould and damp problems in a block of flats which has been deemed not fit for purpose by residents.
Apartment building owners sued over alleged mold exposure: Tenants at a local apartment building are suing after they experienced health problems due to long-term mold exposure.
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Places to Look for Mold in Your Home for Professional Removal: Mold is one of the critical growing internal threats, which risks the health of all your family members. The good news is that it is easy to spot this threat at some places such as walls, basement, and driveways. However, at times, it becomes difficult to spot and wipe them as they grow in unforeseen areas. The key to find such hidden mold is to look for the moist places in and around your home. Here are the most common and uncommon damp places to look for mold in your home.
Spring thaw means flood problems for some homeowners: Many people welcomed warmer temperatures and the snow-melting rain at the beginning of this week, but for some homeowners it was a sudden and costly reminder that water will penetrate even the smallest of a house’s vulnerabilities.