Mold in the News: Issue 153

Mold in the News: Issue 153
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Damp conditions lead to mould issues for residents: After enduring a frigid winter with temperatures that plunged into extreme negative territory, Saskatoon residents have spent the last week in conditions reminiscent to what Londoners are typically accustomed to. The accumulation of cold and moist has led to a number of issues for homeowners, including seepage and mould.
Minister: We need more cash to fix mouldy schools: The government did not put aside enough money to repair mouldy schools in its most recent budget, Education Minister Krista Kiuru has admitted.
Mould-related calls from homeowners on the rise in Winnipeg after bitter winter: A long, cold winter continues to create problems for Winnipeggers. River City Home Inspection said the number of calls related to mould is higher this year. Inspector Jed Cox said the winter caused more condensation in homes, which can lead to the growth of mould.
The danger of invisible mould spores: Allergy left teacher unable to breathe: When she moved into a shared house on the Sussex coast, Bryony Lang was looking forward to starting a new life. But within two months of unpacking she was on the move again after becoming allergic to her new home.
Mold found in juice boxes; local mother now shares her story: Eyewitness News talked with a mother from Hamden, who made a disturbing discovery, when she found mold popping up in a popular brand of juice boxes.
Indoor air quality — an invisible threat: The decor of homes may vary, but the one thing all interiors have in common is the air — yet most homeowners don’t consider the quality of what they’re breathing. Very few people are aware of all the nooks and crannies where mould, one of the most common indoor air pollutants, can build, says Norm Hoessmann, licensed home inspector with Victoria’s Aardvark Inspections.
Going down the health and safety checklist on National Rebuilding Day: The coughing made him call. Henry — an Alexandria homeowner who lives in a row house with his wife and two young children — noticed his children getting sick more frequently and often having lingering coughs. He suspected that the mold he found in his kitchen might be the culprit. But since his income was just covering the mortgage and basic living expenses, hiring a contractor remained beyond his ability.
Five Places Mold Could Be Hiding In Your Home: Even the most aesthetically pleasing homes can have mold issues. A type of fungus that thrives on moisture, mold can trigger symptoms such as itching eyes, asthma attacks and bouts of sneezing or coughing.
How to breathe easier at home: The Environmental Protection Agency has published data saying that pollution in our buildings is two to five times greater than outdoors.
Union raises mould concerns at SFU: The Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) at Simon Fraser University is raising the alarm about toxic mould found in the Education Building on the Burnaby campus.
Park Hills students evacuate room after mold is discovered: Park Hills Elementary students were evacuated, when mold was discovered during a scheduled plumbing repair.
NY School Closed Following Air Quality Concerns: Mooers Elementary School will be back open Tuesday following air quality concerns. School was cancelled on Monday as a precaution.
Will Washington County Receive Courthouse Funds?: For nearly six months mold has taken over the Washington County Courthouse and in that time commissioners have lobbied the state for funding to rebuild a healthy government facility.
Mold, moisture causes patient move from UM Shore Medical Center at Easton: Moisture and mold had patients on the move at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton.
Concerns over mould at a daycare in a city-owned building: Almost two dozen Montreal public health workers have had to be moved out of their offices due to mould, while a daycare in the same building is remaining open.
Water damage, mold forces Brevard medical practice to relocate: After common mold was discovered growing in the walls of the largest medical practice in Transylvania County two weeks ago, the group practice of the Medical Associates of Transylvania has temporarily relocated.
Employees won’t return to West Lafayette city hall: For the first time, Mayor John Dennis said employees are not returning to city hall, which was abandoned in February after pervasive mold growth was found in the basement.
Orange Beach addressing water, mold problem at Fire Station One: Related to recent identification of moisture and mold remediation work at Fire Station One, renovation and remediation has begun as critical measure to stop water intrusion and long term impacts.
VicPD employees, volunteers forced out by mould: Victoria will hire a consultant to determine how moisture is getting into the 18-year-old Victoria Police Department’s headquarters after the discovery of mould in some parts of the main floor.
Hospital details mold removal project: OSF St. Elizabeth Medical Center is planning mold removal in 12 phases, expecting to finish by February.
Section of Dighton police station demolished: A section of the police station was demolished by authorities earlier this week after it was discovered that a section of the building was infested with mold.
City to Spend $130,000 on City Hall Mold Removal: City council approved a resolution Tuesday evening to accept a bid from Environmental Protection Associates in the amount of $129,986 for mold removal and related work at Monticello City Hall. A GIF grant will fund $15,000 of the project.
‘Ongoing damp hell making my life a misery’: Beverley Forrester described her living conditions as ‘Dickensian’ and said repeated requests to landlords Amicushorizon to deal with the damp have fallen on deaf ears. She said: “No-one should have to live like this. There is black mould and damp on my furniture and possessions.
Rally planned to protest living conditions at Bluffton apartment complex: Moss, a former resident of Vista View, won a lawsuit in February against the complex’s management company over living conditions at the apartments on Haigler Boulevard. In the nearly two years Moss lived at there, mold grew along her closet walls, kitchen counters took months to be replaced, and water rained from leaky pipes in the ceiling, Moss and her attorney said.
Homeowners Insurance And Mold: What Is Covered?: Mold is nasty wherever it is. That said, mold of some type can crop up in any home anywhere. It is typically not dangerous; however, that does little to diminish its perceived toxicity and associated expensive repair procedures.
Some tenants threaten suit over mold: About seven months ago, Anjelyca Dunkinson began noticing mold in the bedroom and bathroom of her two-bedroom apartment in the Kennedy Homes public housing complex. The 20-year-old mother said her 1-year-old daughter has now been diagnosed with asthma due to the mold conditions.
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Tips for Checking for Mold Following a Wet Winter: Following this incredibly wet winter, it is a good idea to check to make sure that mold growth is not beginning inside or on your home. You may have noticed that the media has been talking about this on news programs of late.
Mike Holmes: Put precaution in your tool kit: Fixing leaks prevent mould. Changing your furnace filter improves indoor air quality. Checking for radon protects your health and calling in the right pros when you need them, protects your home.
Mold Removal Myths: The average consumer is an individual who is concerned about the safety, knows that mold can cause health problems and a downward slide in the standard of your home health. However, they chose not to go about the proper ways of removing the mold, which is through a registered IICRC firm. What we will be explained to you is that certain techniques that the average homeowner uses to remove the mold can actually do more harm than good. The first idea of the use of bleach and water for mold removal.
Nic Cage’s Ex-GF Christina Fulton — Yeah, I Stiffed My Landlord … The House Was Crawling With Mold: Nic Cage’s ex claims her rental house is infested with toxic black mold that makes her sick — and tells TMZ that’s why she stopped paying rent … and got slapped with an eviction notice.