Mold in the News: Issue 154

Mold in the News: Issue 154
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 18 stories we thought may interest you!
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Staten Island elected officials want city to remove mold from abandoned homes: With blighted, mold-infested homes still dotting the neighborhoods hit by Hurricane Sandy, Staten Island elected officials are looking again to pass a law allowing the city to enter abandoned homes and remove mold there.
Snow mould attacks allergy sufferers in Winnipeg: It’s going to be a difficult spring in Winnipeg for those living with asthma or allergies. That’s because snow mould — the fungus left beneath the ground after the snow melts — is back. And there is plenty of it out there.
Mold expensive to remove, dangerous if left untreated: The sun was shining Friday on Romana Street, but from within the flooded confines of a street-level garage sporting a stormwater ring about 3 feet off the floor, invisible mold spores were lurking.
Tests again suggest rice mold causes Vietnam’s fatal skin disease: Authorities have again blamed moldy rice for causing a mysterious skin disease that has returned to a central mountain district after a year’s reprieve, killing one girl and infecting at least four others.
Arsenal officials close mold-stricken daycare center: Officials with Redstone Arsenal have closed a daycare facility over mold concerns.
Mould Still Present At Basseterre High: A preliminary report on the Basseterre High School from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) supports the earlier findings of the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) that the campus should not be reoccupied until a number of health and environmental risks are addressed.
School mold not harmful: Two types found at MVES campus after employee complains of health issue: Two types of “non-harmful” mold were found on the Mohave Valley Elementary School campus during a recent inspection, a school official says.
Tenants Fight Mold and Monongalia County Landlord: A Monongalia County couple tried to rent a home outside of Morgantown, but say they found it too hazardous to move in. Now, they’re fighting to keep everyone else safe from what they call it’s dangers and “negligent” landlord.
Bugs, mould, threats and more in Calgary’s social housing: Infested carpets, stinking water, mould, belching sinks, stains, substandard heating, bed bugs, windows wedged shut, property that mysteriously goes missing, and that might be blood splattered on the ceiling. These are some of the conditions tenants in two social housing projects in Calgary say they are accustomed to. They stay because there is nowhere else to go, and the threat of losing their homes constantly dogs them.
Courthouse with black mold to get deep clean: Workers at a New Mexico courthouse are no longer being allowed inside because a serious health risk hasn’t gotten any better.
Employees of the Roosevelt County Courthouse have been evacuated: Mold has been discovered in the Roosevelt County Courthouse in Portales.
Mold, moisture causes patient move at Easton hospital: Moisture and mold had patients on the moveat University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton.
Fire Station mold repairs could top $200K: Fixing the mold and water intrusion problem at Fire Station 5 will likely cost the city about $120,000 to $200,000 more than initially approved, according to a report by Public Works Director Ruben Martinez.
Long wait for action on mould: Sickness beneficiary Karen Barnett is hoping for a warm, dry future after having lived in a damp Tainui house for nine years. Dan Hutchinson looks at what has been lurking under her state house all that time.
‘Home’ isn’t always ‘sweet home’ — mold stymies tenants in the valley: But having mold isn’t a defense for withholding rent, Berchtold said, unless a tenant has given written notice to a landlord, raising mold as an issue. While most tenants might argue that mold is a health issue, the assumption that mold is dangerous can be fuzzy, unless backed by documents, such as a doctor’s note and/or a report from a mold expert who has visited the home. The landlord then has 14 days to fix the issue or make a good faith effort.
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‘Team Polk’ tackles mold, brown water issues: When a viral video hit Facebook Dec. 5, 2013, showing what appeared to be mold and brown water in a Fort Polk Soldier’s barracks room, the installation’s leadership vowed to get to the root of the problem and remedy the situation.
Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa butchery closed for 24 hours after mould is found on meat: Jamie Oliver today hit back over reports his upmarket City butchery was closed after mould was found on meat, saying: “mould is natural”.
How to prevent mold growing in home, from water damage: If you had water in your home, then you need to take steps to prevent mold from growing.