Mold in the News: Issue 156

Mold in the News: Issue 156
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 19 stories we thought may interest you!
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Managing Indoor Mold Growth During Summer Months: While you can’t control the mold spore count outside, you most certainly can do things to prevent having elevated conditions within an indoor environment. There are normal amounts of mold growth in every home or business, so when water intrusion brings excess moisture into a building the potential for mold growth is most certainly there. Mold needs high humidity, moisture and organic nutrients (drywall, wood, etc.) to grow and colonize.
Humidity and mold: Dr. Kelly Arnold, a family physician at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, has been referring many of her patients lately to allergy specialists. There’s not just pollen floating around but dangerous mold, too. She says it’s typical this time of year.
The Mold War: Things kept getting worse from there. That October, Hurricane Sandy hit. D.C. was mostly spared, but the walls of Kelley’s apartment on Crescent Place NW in Adams Morgan were damaged, so she told her property manager, who, she says, “kind of brushed it off.” “I started getting sicker and sicker,” she says, “and I didn’t know why.”
Montreal to crack down on delinquent landlords: Mayor Denis Coderre vowed Wednesday to get tough with landlords who fail to repair substandard housing.
Dust and mold patrol: Learn how to reduce the allergens in your home: Mold and dust can cause headaches for allergy sufferers, but there are a few things that you can do to make life in your home a little more comfortable.
Highest mold count recorded for the 2014 allergy season: The official allergy count for the Midwest today documented the highest count for mold in the 2014 allergy recording season. “The mold count is around 30,000, which is high but not at air quality alert status, which is 50,000,” said Joseph Leija, MD, who founded the Gottlieb Allergy Count at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, located outside Chicago. “The daily rains coupled with the warm, humid weather have created the perfect environment for mold.”
Mold Concerns Force Partial Closure of Saint Lucia School: Late last month, the St. Lucia News Online published a report that a mold and termite infestation at Corinth Secondary School has resulted in a section of the school being closed. According to the article, the decision was made after numerous complaints from students and faculty about various health concerns.
YMCA Bosses Address Black Mold Concerns: Black mold at a pre-school! The thought of it immediately gets the attention of parents. The discovery of black mold prompted the YMCA to immediately close a center in northwest Huntsville last year. Parents are wondering what’s taking so long.
IU 29 moves classes, suspects mold problem: Administrators at the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29 Maple Avenue Campus on Thursday moved students out of classrooms after hearing reports of suspected mold in certain parts of the building, according to Al Bobinas, an IU 29 special education teacher.
Coraopolis borough building plagued by mold, bacteria: Mold and bacteria in some places of the Coraopolis Municipal Building is 18 times higher than what is deemed to be safe to breathe, according to tests performed recently by Bactronix Corp. of Moon.
The Real ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Jail Is a Health Hazard Filled With Mold and Human Feces: The series was partially filmed at Suffolk County jail in Riverhead, a men’s facility in Long Island. But when viewers stream Orange over the weekend, they likely won’t see—and certainly won’t smell—the overflow of feces Riverhead’s actual prisoners are exposed to every day.
Mold Complaint Prompts Changes at Driver’s License Office: An apparent mold problem at the local Department of Public Safety’s Driver’s License Office has prompted some big changes there. The problem was discovered after 3News received an anonymous viewer complaint that mold in the building was making workers sick.
Firefighters fighting mold and asbestos in aging station: Firefighters face danger on every call but Donalsonville firefighters face danger in their station. Mold and asbestos were found in several parts of the aging station.
Mold keeps firehouse quiet: Mt. Pleasant firefighters will likely spend six more months in a temporary location while city leaders seek options for funding an estimated $100,000 mold remediation project at the town’s fire hall.
$6 million settlement approved in case against Horry Electric: The Horry Electric Cooperative’s Good Cents program allowed homeowners to save money on their electric bill by installing cost-cutting utilities in certain homes. One of the requirements of the program was the use of a vapor barrier in heated areas. However, the suit claimed that requiring a vapor barrier for the interior side of the exterior walls was a defective design that promoted mold growth.
River Strand residents suing Conditioned Air after Lennar condos show mold: Two families with homes in the River Strand community filed a lawsuit in Manatee County court Friday accusing Naples-based Conditioned Air of installing oversized air conditioning systems they claim caused severe mold outbreaks in their units.
Wash. Court Reinstates Mold Exposure Claims, Allows Toxicologist to Testify on Medical Causation: A Washington appellate court has reinstated mold exposure claims, finding that a toxicologist and immunotoxicologist plaintiff expert could be used to support medical causation.
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In Your Corner: OK senior can’t rebuild because of mold: She says she sent Bank of America the results of those tests, but so far BOA hasn’t remediated the mold in either unit and instead had their own contractor do repairs to cover up the mold.
Mitigation service professionals offer tips on preventing mold in a water damaged basement: “Speed and getting the house dried out as quickly as you can is very important,” said Greg Cook, Owner of ServPro Damage Restoration.