Asbestos in the News: Issue 119

Asbestos in the News: Issue 119
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 46 stories we thought may interest you!
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Pipes with asbestos still used in new buildings: Pipes containing asbestos are being installed in new condominiums, hospitals and high-rises in Canada, despite widespread health concerns that have led many countries to ban its use.
Fatal injuries in construction decrease but asbestos exposure claiming more lives: New figures from the HSE show the number of people killed at work in the construction industry fell last year but deaths from mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, continue to rise.
Court awards $16M to widows of victims who died from asbestos exposure: The record-breaking awards will be given to the widows of Dave Konstantin and Ronald Dummitt for the pain and suffering their husbands experienced from mesothelioma cancer. Each widow will receive $8 million.
Asbestos Lawsuit Results in $90 Million Award: An asbestos lawsuit filed by 11 families from New Jersey has resulted in a $90 million award to the families. The plaintiffs alleged their loved ones died from mesothelioma linked to their exposure to asbestos. Defendants in the asbestos claims will pay damages to plaintiffs, with awards to the families ranging from $4 million to $15 million.
Urgent call for research into mesothelioma after rise in number of deaths: The number of cancer deaths caused by asbestos exposure in the UK continues to rise, leading to a renewed call by scientists for the insurance industry to urgently pump more money into research.
New Mesothelioma Treatment Boosts Chemotherapy Response: An important new study from one of the country’s top mesothelioma research labs has found a way to significantly boost the impact of chemotherapy on mesothelioma patients who are not eligible for surgery.
Fluid Drainage With Chemotherapy May Be Unneeded: Mesothelioma patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment with pemetrexed (Alimta) may be able to avoid one of the more uncomfortable parts of the procedure thanks to information gained from a new Danish study.
Report Shows Deaths from Rare Cancers like Mesothelioma Up in UK: A new report from a British organization that represents rare cancer charities says cancers like mesothelioma now account for 54% of cancer deaths in the UK – a new high for the country.
Funding Restored for National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank: The mesothelioma community – researchers, doctors, patients, families and advocates – received a much-needed boost this week when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reversed an earlier decision and reinstated funding for the National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank (NMVB).
Poor Sleep Could Lead to Increased Mesothelioma Cancer Cell Growth: When being treated for mesothelioma, patients are often faced with a myriad of side effects that come along with the benefits of the cancer-fighting medicines. Many times insomnia is one of them. Whether sleep disruption is from the medicines or from stress or pain, researchers now report that poor-quality sleep could speed cancer growth.
Red Wine Chemical Combined with Blood Cancer Drug Boosts Chemotherapy: Researchers in South Korea have uncovered an unusual synergy between a chemical found in red wine and a drug used to treat childhood leukemia that has translated into a potential future treatment options for malignant mesothelioma.
Overall Survival “Significantly Higher” After Second-Line Chemotherapy: Researchers in a country especially prone to mesothelioma say second-line chemotherapy with a drug called gemcitabine can significantly improve survival.
Industrial Chemical Found to Raise Mesothelioma Risk in Rats: There is new evidence that a chemical used to produce flexible films like Saran Wrap may increase the risk of developing malignant mesothelioma by damaging the immune system and increasing inflammation.
Mesothelioma Cells Could be Permanently Put To Sleep with Duke University Research Breakthrough: Mesothelioma is a very challenging cancer to treat. While standard treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation often lead to improved survival for patients, a cure for malignant pleural mesothelioma remains elusive. However, researchers at Duke University may have the breakthrough that could someday mean the difference between life and death for many cancer patients.
Low-Dose CT Shows Promise For Asbestos Lung Screening: A new algorithm greatly reduces radiation exposure from chest CT scans, making it a good choice for screening people who have been exposed to asbestos … except for a possible problem with what researchers called the “unusual appearance” of the images.
Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Showing Promise in Stopping Mesothelioma Recurrence: Even after the best multimodal treatment approach – a combination of two or more therapies (chemotherapy, surgery and radiation) – the probability of mesothelioma cancer recurrence remains high because of the diffuse nature of the disease.
Middle school asbestos abatement project approved: The Hudson Board of Education voted unanimously June 9 to approve a contact with HEPA Environmental Services, not to exceed $24,240, for the Hudson Middle School Asbestos Abatement Project.
Asbestos removal scheduled at two Westfield schools: The city will use $63,180 in surplus funds to finance asbestos removal at Westfield Vocational-Technical High School and Franklin Avenue Elementary School.
Plan to rid schools of asbestos: A GWENT council is to begin a two-year programme to rid its schools of asbestos. Caerphilly County Borough Council aims to remove asbestos-containing materials from 37 of its schools. The £800,000 project – laid before the council cabinet’s meeting last Wednesday – will see amosite asbestos products removed from occupied areas of school buildings around the county.
Asbestos scare at university refurb site: A site at Warwick University has been evacuated after workers discovered asbestos.
Two Bradford schools given improvement notices to comply with asbestos regulations: TWO Bradford schools were given improvement notices by the Health and Safety executive for failing to comply with asbestos regulations.
Asbestos fears close Goodstart childcare centre in Aranda: The Goodstart Early Learning childcare centre in Aranda has been closed for a week after an asbestos risk was identified.
Improved asbestos management highlighted by latest report: The results of the Health and Safety Executive’s asbestos in schools inspection initiative for 2013/14 have been published.
Northcote MP Fiona Richardson concerned by handling of Wales St Primary School asbestos investigation: NORTHCOTE state Labor MP Fiona Richardson says she has an undertaking from Education Minister Martin Dixon to endeavour to resolve all issues around the Wales St Primary School asbestos scare by term three.
Asbestos abatement, new flooring planned for Bowie: Trustees for Sulphur Springs Independent School District during a special meeting Wednesday approved spending $163,000 to abate asbestos and replace carpet at Bowie Primary School, and designated up to $241,244 for replacement of district heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.
Twenty schools given HSE improvement notices because of their inadequate control of asbestos: Asbestos problems have been found at 20 independent schools by the Health & Safety Executive resulting in the issue of improvement notices from the HSE because of inadequate control of asbestos hazards.
Garlock responds to fraud claims by asbestos claimants committee: The debtors in the Garlock Sealing Technologies bankruptcy proceeding have filed a heavily redacted opposition to reopening the sealed record of 2013’s estimation hearing that led to only $125 million being placed in a trust for asbestos claimants.
Man sues numerous corporations after contracting mesothelioma: A man who suffers from mesothelioma has filed suit against numerous corporations for their alleged concealment of the health hazards inherent in asbestos products, which he claims led to his contraction of the terminal illness.
Demolition contractor who dumped asbestos in Colorado fined $1M: Two companies accused of charging customers thousands of dollars for removal of asbestos-contaminated materials from their homes and buildings and then illegally dumping or abandoning the waste in Arapahoe and Weld counties have pleaded guilty to felony charges and agreed to pay $1 million in fines.
French asbestos scandal: Indictment of Socialist Party’s Martine Aubry quashed: The Paris Appeals Court has quashed the indictment on charges of homicide and involuntary injury of former Socialist Party (PS) national secretary and current mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, brought in November 2012 in relation to a scandal over deaths due to asbestos.
Suspecting Fraud Insurers Sue Asbestos Trust for Records: Six insurance companies are suing an asbestos personal injury trust set up by a U.S. unit of Philips that the insurers suspect has been making millions of dollars in fraudulent payments to parties that cannot prove they were harmed by the company’s asbestos products.
McLean County jury returns defense verdict in lung cancer asbestos case: A McLean County jury recently entered a verdict in favor of an insulation distributor, seller and installer in a pipefitter’s asbestos lawsuit.
ACT to call on 23-year-old deal with Commonwealth to fund asbestos crisis: The ACT government will call on a 23-year-old deal with the Commonwealth to pay for the unfolding crisis over the 1049 houses which may contain remnants of dangerous Mr Fluffy loose asbestos.
N.Y. Court Affirms $12 Million Asbestos Judgments; Enforces Liability on Defendant for Replacement Parts: A New York appellate court has affirmed two asbestos judgments totaling more than $12 million, in part ruling that a defendant in one of the cases could be held liable for third-party replacement parts since it had a “substantial interest in having asbestos become the standard insulation in the components to be placed in its valves.”
Stevenston family win landmark asbestos case: The family of a Stevenston man who died from as asbestos-related disease have won a landmark four-year court battle that could prove vital for other families seeking justice.
Case Proves Bankruptcy Does Not Trump Asbestosis Compensation: With the extended incubation period of asbestosis, together with the prevalence of asbestos as a major component of the industrial and manufacturing industry before society finally identified its carcinogenic properties, many an asbestosis lawsuit has been filed in spite of a defendant declaring bankruptcy under the weight of litigation.
M&S admits exposing employee to asbestos: Marks & Spencer has admitted negligently exposing to asbestos a woman who worked in two of its stores.
Widow handed payout after Barking’s Cape Asbestos factory caused husband’s death: The widow of a man who lost his life to asbestos-related cancer has been handed a six-figure settlement as compensation.
Navy asbestos case remanded for insufficient evidence on warning specifications: A Chicago federal judge has remanded an asbestos case brought by a former Navy serviceman on the grounds that a valve manufacturer failed to provided sufficient evidence showing the Navy made specific requirements regarding warnings.
Residents return to Motherwell asbestos scare tower block: A tower block in Motherwell evacuated last week after workers disturbed asbestos has been reopened.
Asbestos found in European commission building: Asbestos has been discovered in the Jean Monnet building in Kirchberg . According to newspaper Le Quotidien, two people have already fallen ill caused by the hazardous material.
West Herts Hospitals Trust guilty of asbestos risks: The health trust in charge of St Albans Hospital has pleaded guilty to five health and safety offences in relation to the management of asbestos during a decade.
MISC. (4)
Mr Fluffy: More people affected by asbestos coming forward, support group says: A group representing owners of asbestos-contaminated homes says new people are coming forward to share their concerns.
Asbestos screening for seamen: The Naval Service has said the vast majority of 116 people who may have come in contact with potentially lethal asbestos have been medically screened and it will shortly award a contract to experts to carry out a fleet-wide survey for the substance.
Family live in fear of asbestos exposure: A Christchurch family are distressed and fear for their health after their earthquake repairs may have exposed them to asbestos.
ACT government releases asbestos guidelines for real estate agents: The ACT government has released new asbestos guidelines for the real estate sector clarifying what needs to be disclosed when homes containing residual Mr Fluffy loose-fill insulation are sold or leased.

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