Mold in the News: Issue 158

Mold in the News: Issue 158
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 32 stories we thought may interest you!
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New $50 million claim hits BOE over mold-related illness: A new claim has been brought against the California Board of Equalization on behalf of employees who say they’ve had skin rashes, respiratory problems and other illness related to mold at the BOE headquarters.
Separating Sales Hype from Science for New Mold Remediation Technologies: Claims agents and adjusters are bombarded with information every day regarding new tools and techniques promoted as improvements to the industry. But knowing which ones are going to improve the process compared to those that will just add cost is critical for the adjuster trying to manage claims in a fair and cost-effective manner. The difficulty in making appropriate decisions is heightened when the claim involves unsettled areas of damage restoration.
Workers walk out, warn of black mold at Muskegon hotel: They were disgusted, fed up, and they took to the streets. A half a dozen workers walked out of a Muskegon hotel to warn the public about black mold and other health hazards, that they say are in several rooms.
Mould-riddled Vancouver tower takes BC Housing 2 years to repair, say tenants: Tenants of a publicly owned building in Vancouver’ s West End say they have been living in a mould-infested apartment tower for two years, with few repairs.
Student says mysterious illnesses caused by school’s air quality: A Penn High School student says he is being poisoned by the air in his school. He believes the chemicals and mold in the air are making it difficult for him to breathe. His family is getting the Indiana Department of Health involved.
Antibiotic use, mold exposure in infancy increased adolescents’ risk for allergic rhinitis: Adolescents exposed to antibiotic use and mold exposure during infancy had an increased risk for developing allergic rhinitis, according to recent study results.
Midwest Battles Highest Mold Count For 2014 Season: At 45,000, the Gottlieb Allergy Count for mold spores is very close to the 50,000 threshold signaling a dangerous air quality alert. “The extreme humidity coupled with the hot temperatures and rain have created a soupy environment that is causing serious distress for those with mold allergies and asthma,” says Joseph Leija, MD, who performs the Gottlieb Allergy Count, the official count of the Midwest. “It’s like having a hot, wet towel over your face all the time for many with sensitive systems. Difficulty breathing, itchy throat, coughing and fatigue will be what Chicagoans feel today and possible for the rest of the week.”
Plano woman improving after toxic black mold exposure: When Lisa Peters moved into a Plano townhouse in 2012 after getting divorced, she was ready for a fresh start. But instead of relaxation, the insurance agent felt increasingly sicker the more time she spent at home, puzzling doctors and ultimately affecting her central nervous system.
Mold Toxicity Can Mimic Exposure to Gluten: Many people with gluten sensitivity have damaged GI tracts, chronic inflammation, muscle atrophy, and a compromised immune system. This conglomeration of dysfunction can set the stage for mold toxicity. Mold exposure in the chronically sick can stifle recovery and prevent health restoration.
CDC: Black mold can cause respiratory problems: One of the major concerns about black mold is how it affects your health.
Mold-infested home with no clear owner a ‘serious’ health threat to neighbors: On any sunny, summer afternoon on Hawthorne Avenue in Ypsilanti Township, the unmistakable stench of mold and mildew wafts down the street.
Mycotoxins Infest Corn Silage: Conditions in North America have now put the 2013 stored crop, once considered at low to moderate risk for mycotoxins, at increased mold and mycotoxin growth potential, according to Alltech’s recent storage analysis.
Mum sick of her family’s mould woes: A DEVONPORT mother claims she was told by Housing Tasmania that her children’s breathing was the cause of extensive mould problems in her home.
Former SFU resident blames decline in health on mould: A former SFU graduate student is still searching for answers after finding the presence of potentially toxic mould spores in his suite in Hamilton Hall in 2007. George Kaufmann, who was recovering from lung cancer surgery when attending SFU, told The Peak that his health sharply declined over the course of his residency, during which he developed a “weeping body rash” and “difficulties in breathing,” according to a document he later filed under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in 2009.
Toxic mold removed from ceiling at Madison Elementary School: Black mold was found at Madison Elementary School this month, but the district has already had the toxic fungi removed from the campus.
Union says mould found in 3 classrooms at aging Calgary Board of Education school: Union officials say they’re monitoring the situation closely at an aging Calgary public school after being informed that mould was found in three classrooms.
Coderre supports plan to demolish schools infested by mould: Mayor Denis Coderre has given his support for the Commission scolaire de Montréal and two city boroughs to go ahead with a plan to demolish two schools contaminated with mould.
State office building racks up millions in repairs: During her final years working for the state tax board, Peggy Robinson went to work afraid of the building mold that she says left her with constant coughing, headaches and skin rashes.
District Court to undergo thorough inspection for mold: There could be mold growing at Honolulu District Court. A worker contacted KHON2 via “Report It” because, the worker said, mold was growing in and outside of the building and not enough was being done to get rid of it.
Alaska OSHA Inspectors Scrutinize Worker Exposure to Mold at Anchorage Hilton: The Hilton Anchorage Hotel was the site of an inspection by the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Department (AKOSH) to investigate a complaint by Hilton workers who allege that they have been exposed to mold at the Hotel without adequate training and protective equipment.
Efforts Underway to Correct MPD Mold Problems: Meridian police have a tough job out on the streets, but working inside the department has its own struggles. Mold and water damage are steadily becoming more of a problem, and the city’s administration says it’s ready to put an end to it.
Workers exposed to mold at Social Security Administration’s west Augusta office, agency says: Not long after the Social Security Administration moved into a west Augusta office building in 2011, employees began to notice a troubling pattern of water seeping into the facility, producing an often muggy and musty work environment.
Ridge House Museum closed due to mould: Repairs and maintenance connected with mould abatement at The Ridge House Museum have caused the museum to be closed until further notice.
Mold to close Colonial Beach town hall: Colonial Beach’s town hall will soon become another unoccupied building in the town because health risks associated with mold have made the building unsafe.
Channel 11 gets action for couple dealing with mold in apartment: A couple dealing with a potential health hazard inside their apartment contacted Channel 11 News asking for help. The couple told Channel 11 News that mold has been discovered in their home time and time again.
Mold shuts down Waxhaw Town Hall: A mold problem shut down Waxhaw Town Hall, and employees have been relocated out of potential health concerns.
Bill would require mold contractors be certified: As the legislative session came to a close, both houses of the Legislature passed a bill that would require contractors to obtain a certification in order to assess and remove mold in homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy.
Proposed Regulation Promises to Improve Florida Mold Assessment: The Florida mold industry had gone unregulated for years. As a result, unqualified environmental firms were practicing in and performing mold assessments and remediation.
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3 things to prevent ugly mold from creeping into your home: They are busier than ever, and they blame the weather. Mold inspectors! They say their business is growing because of the rain and snow we’ve seen over the last year.
Moisture problems at home: I plugged in the dehumidifier this week for the first time in months. It’s almost like a late-spring right of passage around here. It’s a sure sign that the temperature is changing. We have a finished basement that — knock on wood — hasn’t had any water leakage or moisture issues to date. Even still, around this time of year, when the cool basement air is competing with warmer outdoor temperatures, our lower level feels damp and musty.
Winchester family says enough is enough after mould takes over family home: Mum-of-three Kirsty Petch has lived in Peninsula Road, Winchester, for four-and- a-half years. But just six months after they arrived, black mould started appearing around the house.
Flooded Basements: What You Need to Know for Keeping Water Out, Cleaning Up: If you get water inside your house, watch for mold.