Asbestos in the News: Issue 121

Asbestos in the News: Issue 121
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 63 stories we thought may interest you!
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If asbestos is detected in home, consult a professional about having it removed: Renovations can be stressful for a homeowner, especially when dealing with an older home where asbestos may be hiding under old flooring or around heating ducts.
Medical Team Supporting 9/11 Ground Zero First Responders Seeing Growing Number of Cancer Cases: Rescue workers who rushed to aid victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks now face the growing risk of developing mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. About 400 tons of asbestos were used in the twin towers, and upon their collapse, asbestos and other toxic substances were released into the air and inhaled by the workers.
Italian towns ask Yale to revoke honorary degree over asbestos deaths: Mayors of 35 Italian towns with up to 3,000 residents who died from asbestos-related mesothelioma have written to Yale President Peter Salovey, asking that the Swiss billionaire they hold responsible for the fatalities be stripped of his honorary degree.
Asbestos contamination could force thousands to demolish their homes: It’s being likened to a natural disaster, families forced from their homes and facing financial ruin. Potentially deadly asbestos insulation is still a ticking time bomb for households across the ACT and parts of New South Wales, despite a massive clean-up effort more than 20 years ago.
Gov’t will tidy up asbestos registry, Morgan says: The labour minister is pledging to tidy up Saskatchewan’s dishevelled asbestos registry. The province will require public building owners to submit information about the cancer-causing material in a standard format, and store the data in a searchable database, says Don Morgan, minister of labour relations and workplace safety.
Vietnam ignores scientists’ warnings about asbestos use: Despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO) strong warnings against the use of asbestos (chrysotile) and the ban of asbestos in many countries, Vietnam continues to use it because of its cheap costs.
Australian Team Says Gold Standard Biomarker Still Best for Mesothelioma Diagnosis: Scientists in Australia have just released the results of an important report comparing the relative values of the protein biomarkers mesothelin and fibulin-3 in the management of malignant pleural mesothelioma. Surviving Mesothelioma has just posted a new article on the study.
New Findings Suggest Mesothelioma Biopsy May Be Too Dependent on CT Results: Scientists at two tertiary referral centers are suggesting that CT scans may not be accurate enough as a means of deciding whether to perform a surgical biopsy in patients with a suspected pleural cancer like mesothelioma.
Exercise hope for asbestos sufferers: Carolyn McIntyre will investigate if exercise can improve the lives of people living with the deadly lung cancer mesothelioma after securing a Cancer Council of WA Fellowship worth $225,000.
Mesothelioma Management: Different Biomarkers Serve Different Functions: Australian researchers have attempted to settle the debate about the value of the newly proposed mesothelioma biomarker fibulin-3 compared with the gold standard biomarker mesothelin. According to their new report in the journal Thorax, mesothelin is still the best marker for diagnosing mesothelioma but fibulin-3 is better at predicting mesothelioma outcomes.
New Study Links Enzyme with Poor Mesothelioma Outcomes: Scientists studying a call surface protein called CD157 say it can impact multiple aspects of mesothelioma – from how fast it grows to how easily it spreads – and may even affect chemotherapy response. Surviving Mesothelioma has just posted an article on the new research.
Health effects of Mr Fluffy asbestos exposure to be studied: Authorities are looking to study the health impacts of living in a house contaminated with Mr Fluffy asbestos insulation.
Small Cell Lung Cancer Research May Prove Helpful to Halting Mesothelioma Growth: Researchers report a breakthrough in the quest to halt the growth of small cell lung cancer, a quick-spreading cancer. The team is focused on finding a novel therapy that stops tumor growth by interfering with the cancer cells energy production.
Study Finds Common Blood Protein May Predict Mesothelioma Survival: Chinese researchers say a protein that makes up about 60% of protein mass in blood plasma can be used as a prognostic indicator in people on chemotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Asbestos Revisited: A New Autoimmune Disease?: In the small town of Libby in northwestern Montana, prospectors in 1916 discovered an unusual mineral known as vermiculite that appeared to be resistant to fire after initial exposure to high heat.
Solicitor’s asbestos warning after death of pensioner: A SOLICITOR has warned that asbestos disease does not have a ‘sell-by date’ after an inquest heard how an 86-year-old York man had become its latest victim.
New figures reveal extent of asbestos-related cancer in Merseyside: Nearly 1,200 people in the region have died from mesothelioma since 1981. Charity leaders are calling for more money to be ploughed into medical research after figures showed a steep rise in asbestos-related cancer deaths in Merseyside.
Test Results Look Promising for New Mesothelioma Blood Test: Scientists in Japan have completed initial tests of what they say is an improved blood test for the asbestos cancer mesothelioma.
Preventing the next asbestos-type health conundrum: Chemistry professor Jerry Harris has a book in his office at Northwest Nazarene University called, “Asbestos: Silk of the Mineral Kingdom,” published in 1946. He pulls it out when he needs a prime example of why his research on nanoparticles toxicity is important.
Gene Increases Predisposition to Asbestos-Linked Cancer: New research in mice adds to the growing body of evidence that an inherited mutation can increase the risk of developing cancer after exposure to asbestos – but simply having a genetic predisposition does not appear to be enough to induce the disease.
New Research Finds Pretreatment of Mesothelioma Cells with These Two Compounds Boosts Chemotherapy Response: Researchers in Turkey say a compound called EF24, which is chemically similar to the yellow pigment in the spice turmeric, and an immunosuppressor called RAD001 helped scientists destroy mesothelioma cells in the lab.
Asbestos Removed from Opelousas School: Just days away from the start of the school year, asbestos has been found inside a St. Landry Parish elementary school.
Asbestos discovery prompts Newcastle school closure: Asbestos has been discovered at a Newcastle school, forcing its closure.
Old high school demolition blows asbestos dust around neighbourhood: There is no more asbestos in the rubble of the old Alberni District Secondary School, says the demolition site supervisor.
Kingston school that will house UCCC classes has asbestos, drainage problems: Ulster County lawmakers are being asked to approve the issuance of $83,720 in bonds for asbestos removal and the planning and design of the “green infrastructure” at the former Sophie Finn Elementary School.
Asbestos risk rife in schools: AN audit has rated several northern suburbs public schools as having high-risk material containing asbestos.
Telltale signs warn students, parents of asbestos in McKinnon Secondary College buildings: A SOUTHEAST school has moved to allay parents’ worries about asbestos used its ageing classrooms after the Department of Education erected warning signs.
Asbestos fear confirmed: Fears that residue found in classrooms at WA’s biggest high school was asbestos dust have been confirmed.
Department downplays asbestos risk at Mandurah school: JOHN Tonkin College’s Tindale street campus has been named among 121 Western Australian Schools containing asbestos in a report released last week.
District evacuates Fishtown school over asbestos: STUDENTS HAVE BEEN removed from a Fishtown school amid concerns over asbestos removal, a district spokesman confirmed yesterday.
Asbestos report sparks action in Donnybrook: A REPORT highlighting 120 WA schools containing asbestos has sparked action to ensure the safety of schools and students at Donnybrook District High School.
Asbestos found in Prospect school: An asbestos problem has closed an area middle school for the summer.
DEQ issues two fines for asbestos violations: The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued two fines for asbestos violations in the area.
Texas Supreme Court applied unique approach to ‘every exposure’ theory in asbestos cases: While several states across the country have rejected the “every exposure” theory in asbestos cases, the recent Texas Supreme Court Bostic decision stands out due to its “Lohrmann Plus Standard.”
Baxketh Ltd fined for failing to protect workers from asbestos: Metal recycling business Baxketh Ltd has been fined £12,00 and ordered to pay £3,804.20 in costs for failing to protect workers from asbestos exposure.
Hearing date set for council asbestos case: A court date has been set in the prosecution Waltham Forest Council following an investigation of asbestos at the Town Hall.
Second Circuit affirms $500M Travelers Insurance settlement over coverage of Johns Manville: The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has reinstated a $500 million settlement agreement against the former insurance company for Johns Manville in an asbestos case that has been tossed back and forth between three New York courts several times.
Woman claims mesothelioma after childhood exposure in West Bank: A woman is suing companies she claims were engaged in the mining, manufacturing, selling, supplying, shipping, and distribution of asbestos and asbestos-containing products which allegedly resulted in her development of malignant mesothelioma.
Cessnock man Steven Dunning receives record payout: On Thursday, the 54-year-old made national headlines after winning a landmark battle against his former employer BHP Billiton Limited and receiving $2.2 million in damages.
Court Blasts Attempt by Brake Maker to Weasel Out of $2M Asbestos Verdict: A California appeals court rejected a dubious effort by Pneumo Abex LLC, a maker of auto brake parts containing asbestos, to weasel out of a $2 million verdict against it that was supported by expert testimony.
Wis. company ordered to pay $47K over asbestos removal: Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced a judgment on Friday against a Menasha business that allegedly failed to safely remove asbestos from a facility it purchased to renovate.
Recycling bosses fined after exposing Hartlepool workers to asbestos risk: BOSSES from a Hartlepool recycling firm have been fined after a court heard how workers were put at risk of being exposed to asbestos.
Ky. Court Affirms $875,000 Judgment Against Garlock in Lung Cancer Asbestos Case: A Kentucky appellate court has affirmed a judgment of $875,000 entered against Garlock Sealing Technologies in a lung cancer asbestos exposure suit, finding that the evidence supported the jury’s finding.
Punitive damages allowed in asbestos MDL maritime docket: Judge Eduardo C. Robreno, who oversees an asbestos multidistrict litigation in Philadelphia federal court, has decided that punitive damages awards are permitted in the maritime docket as a matter of law to seamen bringing unseaworthiness asbestos claims against shipowners.
Developer fined in asbestos case: A Menasha company has been fined more than $47,000 for violating Wisconsin asbestos laws.
Veterans groups on board with bill to repeal asbestos law passed by Gov. Walker: Four months after telling veterans to “stand down” on opposing a bill meant to curtail asbestos lawsuits, veterans advocate Jason Johns joined Democrats in introducing a bill that would repeal the measure Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed into law.
RPM reaches $797.5 million deal to resolve Bondex asbestos claims: Rust-Oleum paint maker RPM International Inc on Monday announced a $797.5 million deal to resolve asbestos claims against its Bondex International Inc unit, which filed for protection from creditors in 2010 after mounting personal injury lawsuits.
Nottingham miner’s widow in High Court battle for cash: THE widow of a miner who died of asbestos poisoning has taken her fight for compensation from the Government to the High Court.
‘Every exposure’ theory rejected in La. asbestos case: A Louisiana federal judge has rejected the “every exposure” theory in an asbestos lawsuit and granted summary judgment to four defendants, concluding that the plaintiffs’ expert’s testimony is “internally inconsistent.”
£95k pay-out for rail worker: A SWINDON family has received £95,000 in compensation from British Rail following the death of a former labourer who was exposed to asbestos more than 50 years ago.
Ex-Firm Build exec gets prison for exposing Merced County teenagers to asbestos: A former contractor who exposed dozens of Merced County teenagers to asbestos fibers in 2005 and 2006 received a prison sentence Thursday of three years, eight months.
Asbestos Ruling Boosts Transparency—and Threatens Plaintiffs’ Attorneys: The story of an obscure gasket manufacturer, Garlock Sealing Technologies, continues to illuminate the through-the-looking-glass nature of the asbestos-litigation wars. The latest development—a blow for openness in court—offers rare reason for cheer in an otherwise grim realm.
Malta failed to protect ship-yard workers from exposure to asbestos: Human rights judges today declared that Malta failed to protect ship-yard workers from exposure to asbestos.
Dangerous asbestos exposure claims probed in Crediton: Building work at Devon flats may have exposed residents to asbestos, it is feared.
Library’s asbestos removal costs mount: The cost of removing asbestos from the old Parmly Library before demolishing it keeps growing, and Library Director Bill Cochran hopes the price tag doesn’t reach — as it could — seven figures.
Asbestos Scare Closes Down Section of U.S. Capitol Building: The House of Representatives’ side of the U.S. Capitol Building was temporarily shut down in July after asbestos fell from a ceiling in an area where an asbestos abatement project was in progress.
Loose-fill asbestos found in federal government building: former public servant: A former public servant says loose-fill asbestos was found in a federal government department building.
Town hall riddled with asbestos: However, a report to council last week showed that any remediation project would be no simple matter. The report, prepared by director of protective services Ross Potter, indicated asbestos is present throughout the building and would complicate any attempts to access the ventilation system, where the mould was found.
Call to make deadly asbestos buildings in WA public: State buildings containing the deadly asbestos fibres should be listed and made available to the public, West Australian Upper House member and long-time campaigner Kate Doust says.
MISC. (4)
NSW has called on local governments to update their asbestos policies in light of the Mr Fluffy crisis in Canberra: WorkCover NSW has written to local councils asking them to update their asbestos records to include information on loose-fill asbestos insulation in light of Canberra’s Mr Fluffy crisis.
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Declares Briefing with Senate Staff Members a Success: The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) held a briefing with staff members representing senators from 28 states to educate them on the dangers of asbestos and the need for reform.
State and local council to replace asbestos roofs in the line of fire from Gaza: Boasting a front-yard garden of potted plants and palm fronds, an otherwise pastoral cottage in the heart of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha threatens the lungs of those who enter – following the collapse of its asbestos roof under rocket fire.
Silent killer: Asbestos-related deaths are currently rising in Europe and North America as a result of historical Asbestos exposure. Unless preventative actions are immediately taken by people living and working in the Middle East, this region will face the same grave future.

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