Does Mold Remediation Really Improve Health?

Does Mold Remediation Really Improve Health?
He is SHOCKED at the improvement in health after 13 years of meds which could only provide him up to 90% capacity. SOMETHING else improved his respiratory capacity 26% and he is convinced it is the mold removal.
Unfortunately, despite growing research that shows the harmful effects of mold on one’s health, there are still mold minimizers that dispute this. One of the problems with the health debate surrounding mold, it creates confusion amongst consumers who are trying to decide whether or not it is financially worth it to pay a professional to remove the mold, particularly if the removal will be costly.
Aside from the structural and economic reasons to deal with your mold issue, there is research that supports the argument that getting rid of the mold will improve health. This is particularly important if any of the occupants suffer from asthma and other respiratory illnesses.
A study published in the scientific journal Thorax concluded that mold remediation – the removal of visible mold – improved respiratory illnesses.
Asthma and rhinitis symptoms and the use of medications to treat them were reduced in patients who took part in a randomized controlled trial to see if removing visible household mold would relieve their symptoms.
After a year the intervention group (those whose mold was removed) reduced their use of medications by 22 percent while the controls reduced their medications by 16 percent.
The intervention group also reported about 24 percent net improvement in rhinitis and rhino conjunctivitis symptoms than the control group.
The intervention group also showed an improvement in wheezing that affected their activities like sleeping and speaking (31 percent vs. 7 percent improvement reported by the control group).
Perhaps, most gratifying for our company is the fact that we have first hand accounts that mold remediation work we have done has impacted our customer’s health. In the words of one of our customers, Cherylee Highway of Saskatoon:
My son has had respiratory problems in the past. We have fought a big battle in order to restore his health. This past spring, his oxygen capacity was measured and the specialists told me that he was at 90% capacity and would likely never improve further but we are thankful for the 90% (as he was once at 63%). Well, today, we returned for our regular appt. and his lung capacity today measured at 116% — that’s right 116%!!!! Better than us!!
The Specialist asked me to check off a list of lifestyle and activity changes that we have undergone during the last 6 months. After looking over the form, I couldn’t really check anything off. But, it dawned on me that “Mold Remediation” was not on the list. I spoke to the Specialist about this and he was ABSOLUTELY FLABERGASTED!!!!! He then proceeded to quiz me about the process, amount of remediation required, the company that did the job, etc. He is completely convinced that the remediation process has increased the lung capacity of my son by 26%!
This improvement of quality of life is extraordinary, in this Specialist’s opinion and literally could remove Spencer from his case load at this time after 13 years of absolutely fighting for his respiratory life!! Throughout our conversation, he decided to keep Spencer on his caseload to follow through his progress since the remediation and forward. He finds this case extremely interesting.
He is SHOCKED at the improvement in health after 13 years of meds which could only provide him up to 90% capacity. SOMETHING else improved his respiratory capacity 26% and he is convinced it is the mold removal.
I thank you and your team so much!! I have also noticed an improvement in my health as I used to sneeze and sneeze — but NO longer. I have many new building materials in my home but they haven’t created any type of allergy, sneezing or breathing problems.
Thank you seems to be so trivial but I know no other words of gratuity to say for such a wonderful improvement in our lives.
Does mold remediation improve health? YES, it certainly does!
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