Mold in the News: Issue 161

Mold in the News: Issue 161
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 26 stories we thought may interest you!
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Second punch from metro Detroit’s floods: Mold: As if four feet of water in her basement wasn’t bad enough, a second wave of misery from this week’s metro Detroit floods hit Ferndale resident Elma Riley’s home days into her cleanup: mold.
Woman’s apartment overtaken with mold: A woman contacted Channel 11 News asking for help getting help with her apartment she said was overtaken by mold.
Safety advocate group NYCOSH warns of mold in Sandy-struck homes: Long Islanders whose homes were flooded during Sandy could be dealing with a silent after-effect: mold.
After the rain, you need to beware of mold: The record-setting rains resulted in flooded streets, leaky roofs and flooded basements. More importantly, the aftermath of the water damage can have longer lasting impact on you and your family’s health. First, you’re involved with removing the water. Then there is the cleanup along with the inconvenience and initial loss of property. The next concern you need to address is that there can be long-term health consequences from mold contamination.
Many NZ homes making us sick: Many New Zealand homes are in such bad shape they cause health problems and increase their occupants’ stress levels, a nationwide survey has found. The survey, commissioned by HRV, found levels of mould and condensation in New Zealand were widespread. Both are triggers of respiratory diseases, asthma and hospital visits.
Extremely high mold count triggers dangerous air quality alert: A dangerous air quality alert was called today due to the extremely high count for mold detected.
Consensus reached on plan for St-Gérard school: St-Gérard school in Villeray is one step closer to being rebuilt and reopened, as school board officials have agreed to preserve parts of the façade as long as the rest can be demolished. Closed for more than two and a half years after toxic mould was detected inside the walls of the elementary school, parents in the neighbourhood have been lobbying for a new building ever since.
Mold removed at lower elementary: Assistant superintendent Jerry Rutledge said mold remediation had been completed in five classrooms in the lower elementary. He said teachers noticed mildew on exterior walls behind some plastic items that had been hanging on the walls.
Mold Concerns at North Dorchester High School: School isn’t back in session for a few more weeks, but the halls of North Dorchester High are already packed with cleaners trying to get the building ready for when that first bell rings. “Mold” and “school” are two words people don’t often like to see in the same sentence together. Hurlock mayor Joyce Spratt has hear that a lot though in the past few weeks, after mold was found in the 60 year old local high school, North Dorchester.
How tenants can deal with household mold: Owners of rental properties in Washington are required to provide a disclosure form to their tenants with information about molds and their risks, how a tenant can prevent mold, and what to do if mold occurs in a rental property.
Bradenton apartment infested with mold, mice: Residents of a Bradenton apartment complex say they have problems with mold and rodents, but feel they have no where to turn, as the county says they cannot help.
DeKalb residents say they’re fed up with moldy units: Residents living in a DeKalb County apartment complex asked Channel 2 Action News to help with a mold problem.
Mold causes emergency workers to relocate in Ottawa: The Franklin County Health Department has shut down one of Ottawa’s ambulance stations after finding mold. The building houses firefighters and EMTs.
Woman says she quit job at YMCA because of mold problem: A fungus in one local gym facility has a Jacksonville woman on edge. Shellie Trimm is a former employee with the Yates Family YMCA on Riverside Avenue. She says she was forced to quit her job as a front desk receptionist due to the mold growing in the facility.
Concern over mould in sheltered homes: RESIDENTS in a sheltered housing complex claim their health is being put at risk. People living in Creasy Court, in The Nazeing, Vange, have been complaining about poor living conditions for the past five years, but still find themselves surrounded by mould and severe damp.
Analysis reveals mold in courthouse: The analysis by Turn-Key Environmental Consultants of Troy revealed moderate levels of both Aspergillus and Cladosporum fungi, as well as light amounts of Stachybotrys mold.
Woman encouraged to leave apartment after complaining about mold: A Kansas City, Kan., mother says she just can’t deal with the mold in her apartment any longer. Rhonda Sutton said she has called three to four times a week for the past five months, trying to get the mold cleaned out of her bathroom.
Hartford woman battles mold, bed bugs in apartment: A single mother in Hartford said she is trapped in a horrible apartment and that it is impacting her son’s health. Mold and moisture have taken over her Garden Hill apartment on Sigourney Street after a pipe burst in the ceiling.
Hephzibah home mold infestation 60 times over acceptable levels: After the paint on her walls and ceilings started turning black, Martin said she tried to reach the property’s owner. She said he never returned her calls. At the advice of the county code enforcement office, Martin had the home tested.
Colne family’s mould misery: Helen Davidson is said to have been left miserable after the house she lives in with her husband Gary and his teenage son Jordan began to become damp and covered in mould.
Attorney rips Freddie Mac over leaving neighbors to maintain vacant, mold-infested home: The derelict and once unsecured home’s grass is mowed by neighbors and the odor from a severe mold infestation is identifiable from the sidewalk.
Ky. Court Affirms Board’s Decision Denying Enhanced Benefits in Mold Workplace Exposure Claim: A Kentucky appellate court has affirmed a Workers’ Compensation Board’s finding that a former nurse was not entitled to enhanced benefits for her pulmonary symptoms allegedly caused by exposure to mold allergens at her workplace.
Jacksonville Apt. Management Responds to Mold Allegations, Child Deaths: Royal American Management oversees Willow Bend apartments in Jacksonville. Tenants raised concerns regarding mold and other living conditions after two children died at the complex in a matter of days.
MISC. (3)
Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. recalls batch of White Widow due to mould: A B.C.-based medical marijuana producer is recalling a batch of pot after finding that it was contaminated with mould.
Nigeria’s Cocoa Prices Fall as Mold Reduces Bean Quality: Cocoa prices received by farmers in Africa’s largest economy declined as mold induced by heavy rains reduced the quality of the chocolate ingredient, said Socodevi, an organization working on improving crops in Nigeria.
Combating mold and mildew in summer: Steamy summer days create a welcoming environment for mold and mildew. Any place where moisture collects is a prime growth area for mold and mildew. Thus, the bathroom is always a major target for these unwelcome intruders because of its moisture level, especially during the hot summer months when people may be taking more showers.

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