Asbestos in the News: Issue 123

Asbestos in the News: Issue 123
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 38 stories we thought may interest you!
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Tampa jury awards nearly $37 million in asbestos case: A Tampa jury this week awarded nearly $37 million to asbestos plaintiffs in a brake-lining-exposure lawsuit, finding Pneumo Abex LLC 75 percent liable. The jury in the Florida 13th Judicial Circuit Court for Hills­borough County reached the verdict Wednesday. Chief Judge Manuel Menendez Jr. presided over the 21/2-week trial, which ended after two hours of deliberations.
Brief, Indirect Exposure Leads to Mesothelioma in Young Woman: A new report contains some disturbing news about just how little asbestos exposure it may take to cause malignant mesothelioma. Radiologists in New Delhi, India have published details of a case of mesothelioma in a young woman who experienced only very limited asbestos exposure as a child.
Asbestos Around the World… And What That Means for Us at Home: Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) say that asbestos should be banned.
Protein Could be “Critical Biomarker” for Mesothelioma in Asbestos-Exposed Workers: An Italian research team says they have identified a protein that may help quantify risk and detect early mesothelioma in people who have been exposed to asbestos.
Deadly Mr. Fluffy Asbestos Products Are Still Affecting Australians: Despite a national cleanup effort two decades ago to eliminate the notorious Mr. Fluffy-brand asbestos products from homes in Australia, new evidence shows more than a thousand of those homes still are toxic.
New Clinical Trial: Using the Listeria Virus to Fight Mesothelioma: the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Meso Foundation) will interview Stephen Isaacs, the chairperson, president and CEO of Aduro BioTech, during a new installment of the Foundation’s Meet the Mesothelioma Experts live broadcast. The interview will be led by the Meso Foundation’s executive director and mesothelioma expert nurse practitioner, Mary Hesdorffer, APRN.
Asbestos-related deaths ‘will peak in next five years’: ASBESTOS deaths are set to reach a record high in Oxfordshire in the next six years, it has been warned.
UK Research Targeting FAK in Blood Vessels Could Lead to Increased Effectiveness of Mesothelioma Treatments: Last week we reported on how the discovery of the key to blood vessel formation may lead researchers to develop a new treatment to slow mesothelioma growth. Now, researchers report that by targeting a specific molecule in blood vessels they may be able to increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments. This finding could also lead to a breakthrough in mesothelioma therapy.
Scientists Say Blood Sodium Could Predict Mesothelioma Outcomes: A new study at an Italian university finds that patients who develop a condition called hyponatraemia, or low blood sodium levels, during chemotherapy are less likely to respond to the treatment. Surviving Mesothelioma has just posted a comprehensive article on the new research.
Can a Popular Mesothelioma Chemotherapy Treatment Cause Kidney Damage?: For mesothelioma patients, a number of factors come into play when trying to determine what treatment options will be most effective. For patients who choose to undergo chemotherapy treatments, the commonly used combination of pemetrexed and cisplatin is shown to have potentially harmful effects on a patient’s kidneys.
Study Finds Bacteria Compound Shrinks Mesothelioma Tumors: Australian scientists say a commercially available compound made of proteins produced by Staph bacteria has been used to successfully fight mesothelioma in lab mice.
CD157 important in malignant pleural mesothelioma: CD157 plays a pivotal role in the progression of malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) and may be useful in the stratification of patients into different prognostic groups, Italian research suggests.
IMRT for Mesothelioma: Experience Impacts Outcomes: A medical center’s level of experience with intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) can have a significant impact on the outcomes of mesothelioma patients who undergo the treatment. That conclusion comes from a new study conducted by cancer experts at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.
Discovery of Key to Blood Vessel Formation Could Lead to Treatment That Slows Growth of Mesothelioma: Mesothelioma is a signature cancer of asbestos, affecting the lining of the lung or abdomen. The cancer is extremely aggressive, and the cancer cells continue to grow and multiply as additional blood vessels develop bringing more food and oxygen to them. Now, researchers believe they have found the key to blood vessel formation opening the door to developing a new cancer treatment.
Mold, asbestos found in Española school: State inspectors have “red-tagged” a school building in Española. According to the Albuquerque Journal, inspections found shocking violations including exposed wires, asbestos, inadequate ventilation and mold.
Charity blasts university over asbestos in rooms: TRINITY St David University, which has campuses in Carmarthen and Lampeter, is among three Welsh universities to confirm they have rooms containing asbestos.
Asbestos leak mitigated at Ridgefield High: Ridgefield School District officials have contained an asbestos fiber release in the high school’s locker rooms.
Waterloo Schools seeks state OK to spend for asbestos removal: Waterloo Community Schools will seek increased budget authority to cover the cost of asbestos removal and English language learner instruction during the past year.
Leaky roof, mold, asbestos found at Concept Schools’ Chatham site: Floor tiles made of asbestos. Those were just some of the problems Concept Schools had to contend with before getting a school building near Chatham ready for kids next month after scrambling to find a new location this summer, according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.
Asbestos scare sends school staff home: A wing of Cherryville High School was evacuated after workers drilled into asbestos.
Company given £15,000 fine for asbestos work: A COMPANY has been fined £15,000 after flouting asbestos regulations.
Douglass Colony Group Inc. Cited for Exposing Workers to Asbestos: According to a news release from OSHA, Commercial roofer Douglass Colony Group Inc. was cited for four repeat and seven serious violations for failing to protect workers from exposure to asbestos at a Denver work site. The Proposed penalties total $81,000.
Hove firm prosecuted after flouting asbestos laws: A Hove-based firm has been fined after it flouted asbestos regulations and removed some of the dangerous material just three weeks after being refused a licence to carry out such work.
Deckhand at various Louisiana drill sites files suit after contracting mesothelioma: A man working as a deckhand at various drill sites in Louisiana has filed suit after contracting mesothelioma and lung cancer, which he claims directly relates to his time working with asbestos-containing products.
Court case is a timely reminder about deadly asbestos: In 1994, Stephen Wickham bought a house. Like most home buyers, he carried out a number of renovations, including the demolition of an old corrugated fibro shed and the replacement of a section of fence made from the same material.
Second Circuit finds reinsurer can refuse to pay in asbestos cases with late filings: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has affirmed a lower court’s ruling that Illinois law allows a reinsurer to refuse to pay claims in asbestos cases when notices are filed several years late.
Merseyside biscuit factory facing legal action over claims mother died from asbestos contact: A Merseyside biscuit factory is facing legal action over claims a mum- of-seven died from contact with asbestos there.
Historic victory after dad’s death in asbestos-link cancer tragedy: A judge awarded each of John McCarn’s five children £35,000 after accepting the family was robbed of at least another 18 years with their dad.
Man Gets 5 Year Prison Term for Illegal Asbestos Work: A New Jersey man who performed unsafe asbestos removal work at several schools and homes has been sentenced to five years in prison.
City inspectors sentenced to a year probation in Kensington Heights asbestos case: Two city inspectors were supposed to be the last line of defense to make sure cancer-causing asbestos material did not escape from the demolition of a long-vacant public housing project.
Anderson man sentenced for releasing asbestos while demolishing mill: An Anderson man was sentenced to more than three years in prison after prosecutors say he continued to demolish an old mill despite knowing the building contained hazardous levels of asbestos.
Garlock Creditors Oppose Bankruptcy Asbestos Plan Proposal: The official committee representing creditors with asbestos claims against Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC will urge its constituents to vote against the company’s reorganization plan, even though Garlock said it pays claimants in full.
Brothers jailed for putting lives at risk after exposing workers to asbestos at Burslem building: BROTHERS Akram and Inam Hussain have been jailed after admitting putting at least seven people in danger by exposing them to asbestos.
Samples of asbestos found at UHG: Samples of asbestos have been found by contractors working on a new car park at University Hospital Galway.
Asbestos Violations at Waterbury State Office Complex: Several asbestos related violations at the Waterbury State Office Complex were made public. Records from the Environmental Protection Agency show oversights in storing and transporting asbestos from the under construction state office complex.
MISC. (3)
Asbestos found on board third naval vessel: An asbestos clean-up has begun on a third Naval Service vessel after the potentially lethal substance was found on board.
Asbestos is not just a historical problem: Yet, that history brought with it a terrible legacy of industrial disease that has persisted long after the shipyards, coal mines and steel works have gone. Thousands of young workers were exposed to asbestos in shipyards and on building sites. At the time little was known of the dangers and the material was used freely, often without protection, in a whole host of heavy industries. Former workers even tell stories about having snowball fights with the stuff. But this isn’t a story from Scotland’s past. This is very much a story unfolding across Scotland today. The effects of that exposure are here with us in Scotland today and have an appalling impact on those who are affected. This is because asbestos-related disease often doesn’t appear until decades, after exposure to the dust.
What To Do if You Suspect Asbestos: Despite asbestos being widely known for it’s toxicity, it isn’t actually banned in the US. It is still being used and over 2 million pounds are imported annually. Most other countries have smartly made the use of asbestos illegal. However, a ban attempting to crack down on asbestos was struck down in the 1980s here in America.

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