Mold in the News: Issue 163

Mold in the News: Issue 163
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 39 stories we thought may interest you!
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Family Told to Stay Out of Home After Possible Mold Poisoning: A family of four called 911 Wednesday morning after experiencing symptoms of black mold poisoning for about a week.
Mold Issues Worry Military Family: Military families tell WOWT 6 News there’s a growing problem inside base homes. One family worries it could cause health issues. Charles and Sara Rosemeyer are a military family living in base housing. But after moving in they started noticing something growing– mold.
The Truth About Toxic Mold Illness: Toxic mold illness (mycotoxicosis) is often times misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia, Lyme’s Disease, Lupus, MS, CFS, Colds, Flu, even Cancer. Toxic mold illness can happen when you live in or spend time in an environment, which is contaminated with mold. It happens in buildings where water damage has occurred and has not dried properly.
Grab those tissues: Ragweed blamed for allergies but mold may be real culprit: Those sneezes you’ve been blaming on ragweed in recent weeks might be caused by mold spores, boosted by rainy weather.
Don’t trap bad air, smoke and mold inside your home: As temperatures cool, many of us are inclined to close up our houses to stay warm and save on heating. But keeping all that heat inside can also mean trapping pollutants and mold-promoting moisture that result from our daily lives. These accumulated pollutants are unhealthy to breathe, and mold can be expensive to clean up. The quality of the air indoors, where we spend most of our time, is usually worse than the air outside. Here are some things you need to know to protect yourself and your family by keeping indoor air clean and safe to breathe.
Indoor mold may pose a significant health risk people with asthma, according to a recent study. Indoor Mold May Pose a Significant Threat to Asthma Sufferers: Researchers from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom found that the presence of several types of mold can lead to breathing problems in asthma sufferers, as well as increasing the likelihood of developing the condition.
High dew point triggers air quality alert for dangerous levels of mold in the Midwest: The heavy rains, hot temperatures and high dew point have triggered an air quality alert for dangerous levels of mold in the Midwest. “The interior mold exposure for homes experiencing flooding or water seepage will be even more toxic,” warns Joseph Leija, MD, allergist who performs the Gottlieb Allergy Count, the official daily allergy count for the Midwest.
Mold Clean Up is a Pricey Surprise: The revelation came to light during Wednesday’s Board of Finance meeting, with the discussion concentrating on an internal auditor’s report showing more than 4.5 million dollars being spent on mold clean up at the Kings Highway Elementary School.
Mold remediated in John Jay High basement: The Katonah-Lewisboro school district has completed a mold remediation at John Jay High School after officials investigated an anonymous complaint filed with the state Department of Labor and discovered it in the basement of the building.
District: no mold remediation necessary in school buildings: Following complaints by the teacher’s union last month, the Katonah-Lewisboro School District is reporting that tests indicate no remediation will be necessary for allegations of mold in its buildings.
Plainfield Academy to be closed again Friday: Plainfield Academy will be closed again Friday after another small amount of mold was found Thursday in a classroom.
You Asked, We Answered: Southeast Elementary’s mold problem: Marshall Public Schools sent out a text alert warning of suspected mold in Southeast Elementary School Monday night, Sept. 1. The suspected area was closed off and classes were held in other parts of the building.
Mould infested school to be demolished: Borough authorities have okayed the demolition of a building on Berri that was long home to the Ecole Saint Gerard until it closed in 2012 one year after serious mould issues were detected.
Tri-City Preschool Resumes After Mold Found In Classrooms: After a delay, Tri City School District preschool students had their first day of classes.
West-end Edmonton school reopens after summer overhaul to remove mould: About 300 K-6 students have moved back into Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School after mould forced them out last April.
Papillion Junior High finds evidence of mold; students removed from four classrooms: Water leaks and evidence of mold, discovered at Papillion Junior High, led officials to call in a remediation company and move students out of four classrooms as a precaution.
Mold found at Westby Elementary School: The mold was reported to administration by staff members at Westby Elementary School after they reported to their classroom in preparation for the start of classes. Spots of white mold were found on the carpeting in three of the four rooms in the child development wing. As a proactive measure the school district is replacing the carpeting in all four classrooms.
Faculty suspects air quality issues, mold in KLSD: Last week the Katonah-Lewisboro School district released a statement acknowledging that it has been notified by the state Department of Labor that an anonymous complaint was made for indoor air quality and the possible presence of mold in five of the district’s six buildings.
More mold costly for Tri-City School District: Tri-City School District officials said Wednesday that they believe various mold problems that have plagued the district since last fall are finally behind them.
Mold, asbestos found in Española school: According to the Albuquerque Journal, inspections found shocking violations including exposed wires, asbestos, inadequate ventilation and mold.
LCPS clears mold from two schools: Crews removed mold from Doña Ana and Alameda elementary schools this summer, Las Cruces Public Schools spokeswoman Jo Galván said.
Small patches of mold found in Hartsville Adult Education class: This week school district personnel discovered what appeared to be small patches of mold in previously unused classrooms of the Hartsville Adult Education site. Director Chuck Miller was preparing the classrooms for his program’s expanding enrollment when he found the questionable spots. A firm specializing in environmental testing and treatment conducted air quality and other tests in the identified classrooms, as well as throughout the building this week. They determined only a very limited area was impacted and have begun the cleanup.
Mold Concerns Force San Jose State University to Close Journalism Building: It’s a rocky start to the new semester at San Jose State University: Water damage has closed one of the campus buildings, forcing students in several classes to be relocated.
Mold discovered in Martin County building: Since discovering mold in a Martin County building, six county employees have submitted illness or injury complaints.
Elevated spore count detected in Lincoln town office basement: The company testing to determine whether the basement under the town office has a mold problem detected an elevated mold spore count.
Mold takes over St. Pete condo, creeps into neighbors’ homes: Josephine Ramos is literally sick about the toxic black mold growing in the St. Petersburg condominium beside hers.
Mom-to-be ordered out of moldy home: A doctor has ordered a mother-to-be out of her South Fargo apartment because of health complications. The problem: a strange smell and mold. The concerned woman is blowing the whistle because she feels the apartment management is dragging their feet and keeping her in the dark.
Mold in apartment cost woman $2,000; landlord blames tenant: This is everything from my apartment with the exception of most of my clothes and couch. Because it was so mold covered, it had to be thrown away.
VA surgeries to resume after testing for mold: Surgeries will resume Thursday morning for veterans at the Denver VA Medical Center after testing for mold was completed earlier in the week.
New Paltz Town Hall has black mold: Black mold has been discovered in the Town Hall, and consultants are being sought to determine the extent of the problem and whether it can be eliminated, according to the town supervisor.
Claims Of Mold & More At New Grand Forks Apartment Complex: Some renters at a brand new, multi-million dollar apartment complex designed for college students in Grand Forks are crying foul. Some renters say there are mold problems and many other issues at “The Grove” apartment complex.
Meredith Centre mould closes Chelsea, Que. arena: Mould is closing the arena at the Meredith Centre in Chelsea, Que., the second time in the facility’s two-year history the rink has been closed.
Mold takes over woman’s Pittsburgh apartment: Linda Upsher showed Channel 11’s Pamela Osborne around her Pittsburgh apartment, and there was mold in every room. We’ve chosen to not identify the apartment until we hear back from the management company.
What Every Adjuster Should Know About Fungi/Bacteria Exclusions: In response to an explosion of “toxic mold” claims at the turn of the century, universal exclusions for mold, fungi and bacteria related losses were introduced faster and on a wider scale than any exclusion in the history of the insurance business. The exclusions for fungi and bacteria are by far the most onerous total pollution exclusions ever conceived.
Board director has no right to conceal condo’s mold problem: Does a board director of Homeowner Association “One” have the right to tell a condo owner in a completely different Homeowner Association “Two” not to let a neighbor into the unit because that neighbor is going to tell all of the other owners that there is mold in a condo?
District 303 to pay thousands over mold: St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 officials agreed to pay more than $660,000 to a former insurance carrier earlier this month with the hopes of ending a decade-long lawsuit stemming from the 2001 discovery of mold at St. Charles East High School.
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Mold in your home may require a certified mold remediation company: Moisture combined with poor air circulation is a leading cause to mold buildup in your home. There are many types and different colors of mold but what should you do if you encounter black mold?
Don’t Catch What Ails Your House: In 1982, my husband and I bought a vacation home in the foothills of the Catskills. The inspector who checked out the property failed to note three critical facts: The house had three flat roofs (in snow country), no drainage from the muddy crawl space and no insulation under the floors. In a few years, ours had become a “sick” house, with mini-lakes on sagging roofs, wet insulation underneath and a small pond in the crawl space. All of it contributed to rampant mold inside the house.
Experts offer tips on guarding against mould damage after last week’s one-in-100-year storm: Normally, shelves used to dry homes from water damage is full of equipment at MX Group, a Winnipeg home restoration company. Thanks to the significant rain fall last week, most of it is out and in homes doing what renovation experts say we should all do after water seeps into a house.