Mold in the News: Issue 164

Mold in the News: Issue 164
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 19 stories we thought may interest you!
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Mold can imperil your home and your health: Among the consequences of this summer’s frequent rains and intense humidity, besides thriving yards and weeds, is the increased chance of mold growth, threatening residents’ homes and health.
Canada Science and Technology Museum closes indefinitely due to airborne mould: One of Ottawa’s major museums is closing for an indefinite period due to unacceptable levels of airborne mould.
Black mold invasion poisons Matamoras family’s home: Black mold is invading the Matamoras home of Michael and Rachel Aschoff, making their two daughters, ages 11 and 14, sick. The family is seeking free emergency housing to escape the mold before winter, when it is at its worst.
Central Florida mom finds mold in son’s Capri Sun: The next time you give your kids a healthy drink from a pouch, you’ll probably think about this! A Lakeland mom says she found something gross at the bottom of one pouch: mold. And as WFLA found out, it’s a problem other parents have complained about.
The Grove cleans up mold in student room: After a week of waiting, The Grove removed the mold from sophomore bioengineering major Sarah NeCamp’s dorm.
Staff at Dallas ISD school concerned about possible mold: A Dallas elementary school teacher frustrated with a slow response to a problem at school contacted FOX 4 because she’s concerned children and staff members are being exposed to mold or mildew.
Mold removal to cost school district $6,300: Removal of mold from the building purchased by the Madison County School Board this summer to be renovated as its new central office is expected to cost less than $7,000, said Dustin Brumbaugh, the district’s human resources director.
Marion kindergartners missing school due to possible mold: Head Start kindergarten students were sent home Tuesday for one week after a mobile classroom at Britton’s Neck Elementary was found to contain possible mold, according to Marion County School District Superintendent Dr. Dan Strickland.
No mold so far as upgrades proceed: No mold has been spotted in Halifax County High School so far this year, as one out of five suggestions of intermediate recommendations to improve air control in the high school has been completed.
Mold In Powell Co. Schools: Parents trust their children will be safe at school, but some say what’s hiding in the ceiling at one Powell County middle school is actually making their kids sick.
Renters left out in the cold: The financial costs of living in a mouldy, damp home are significant.
Woman finds mold in Chandler apartment, alleges cover-up: But for a Chandler woman, a leaky roof revealed an even bigger problem, one she said put her family’s health in danger.
Monroe supervisor to close Town Hall because of mold: Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles announced Thursday that he’ll close Town Hall on Friday after getting a report that showed “highly elevated” mold levels in the building’s air.
New Paltz employees will work fewer hours in mold-infested Town Hall, then relocate to modular units: Town Hall employees will work in staggered four-hour shifts until new offices can be established to replace the current mold-infested municipal building.
(More) mold found in Miami-Dade civil courthouse: After a courthouse employee complained, a contractor found this week that two floors of the building at 73 W. Flagler St. have mold. The elevator lobby on one of the floors has what could be so-called “black” mold (scientific name: Stachybotrys), which some workers worry could cause respiratory problems.
Police union raise mould fears: The police union is demanding independent air quality testing at Karratha and South Hedland Police complexes amid fresh health concerns linked to alleged ongoing mould infestations.
KCK apartment property management co. says they will fix mold: City officials posted 15-day notices on Thursday afternoon on each apartment door at the Rosedale Ridge Apartments located at Federal Avenue and South Mill Street.
Mold temporarily closes main Roswell fire station, firefighters work out of hotel: Firefighters in Roswell spent the weekend working out of a hotel after the city’s main fire station was temporarily closed Friday because of a mold problem.
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Home-damage specialist: Flooded Valley houses at risk for mold: Monday’s record-breaking storm could have left a ticking time bomb in some Valley homes. It could only be a matter of time before mold starts to grow in those that were damaged by flooding.