Mold in the News: Issue 165

Mold in the News: Issue 165
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 28 stories we thought may interest you!
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Science museum mould problem will keep it closed until 2015: The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa will remain closed for at least the rest of the year due to an infestation of mould.
Mouldy damp Brentwood flat ’causes one-year-old boy to develop asthma’: A YOUNG family living in a damp flat for the past two years say their child has developed health problems as a result. And 24-year-old Melanie Latham wants to be put in alternative accommodation so her young son Addison can recover from the asthma she says the mould and damp has caused.
Rooms With Water Damage May Be Linked To Skin Problem In Children: Water damage in living rooms or children’s bedrooms, as confirmed by infrared cameras, could be associated with worse eczema in children, says a new study.
Health experts are warning homeowners about mold: After all the rain we saw this summer, public health experts in our area are reminding folks to be checking their homes for mold.
New season brings new allergies: As the leaves on trees start to change colors, you might notice a change in your health. “In the fall you typically see a whole lot more weeds, ragweed is a common one and that happens in the late summer and early fall,” said Dr. Chris Spinelli, a pediatrician at Ozarks Community Hospital.
Mold forces relocation of two Cottonwood Elementary classrooms: Two classrooms at Cottonwood Elementary School are out of commission until they get new carpet after school officials found mold there in late August.
Mold at Mattawan High School requires cleaning: Complaints of “musty” smells lead to the discovery of mold in a portion of Mattawan High School at the beginning of the school year.
Students return to Peoria elementary school despite mold: Students are Terramar Elementary School are returning to campus after being relocated for several days because of concerns about mold in the classrooms.
Mold detected in DePauw Univeristy dorm: Freshman living in DePauw University’s Hogate Hall say they are living amongst mold. The students say this mold is causing them to get sick.
Return of the Mold: Students still dealing with mold in residence halls: With the humid Maryland summer persisting, students are once again having problems with mold in their residence halls.
East Melnitz Building closed while mold removal in progress: UCLA officials closed the East Melnitz Building this week because of nontoxic mold growth, causing numerous faculty and staff to relocate for safety reasons.
Dayton elementary school making students sick, parents say: Six-year-old Cody started having problems last year in kindergarten. Now a first grader, his mom said he is dealing with the same things all over again.
Caldwell Elementary School Reopens After Mold Removal and Renovations: Caldwell Elementary School students are finally back in their regular classrooms after mold was discovered in March.
School district moves Terramar kids to church while they look for mold: After nearly 200 students stayed home from school Monday, the Deer Valley Unified School District moved classes at Terramar Elementary School across the street so the school can be checked for mold.
Langenburg High School reopens after air quality scare: Students at Langenburg High School returned to class Monday after the building was closed due to air quality concerns.
Meadowbrook Lane tenants fed up with mould, leaks and crime: Residents living in a run-down apartment complex in the city’s east end say they’ve had enough with constant mould issues, incessant leaky roofs and persistent crime.
Ypsilanti Township alerted to mold-infested home flooded with 88,000 gallons of water: Ypsilanti Township will ask a Washtenaw County Circuit Court judge for help in cleaning up a home officials say they discovered had been logged with at least 88,000 gallons of water over a two-month period.
Yet another Treasure Island renter wrestles the mold monster: When Andrea McHenry confronted Treasure Island’s market rate housing property manager about possible toxic mold in her unit or pressed the Navy and Treasure Island Development Initiative (TIDA) officials with uneasy questions about radiation and chemical dangers, this island resident employed meticulously respectful restraint.
Cleaning up moldy St. Pete condo is dangerous job: Crews spent Friday gutting the inside of a moldy, vacant condo in St. Petersburg. The black mold was so bad that it was spreading to neighboring units.
Woman forced out of apartment because of mold: Sherry Summers noticed something about a month after she moved into the new Park at Sutton Oaks apartments. There was a persistent, thin, white dust forming on her belongings. She just thought it was dust, wiped it off and continued about her days. But soon, Summers began to feel ill.
Action 9 gets answers for family after toxic mold destroys possessions in storage: A Port Orange couple claims their belongings were destroyed by mold, and they’re blaming a local storage company.
Monroe Moves Town Hall to Senior Center Amid Concerns Over Toxic Mold: That’s mold and lots of it covering the basement walls of the Monroe Town Hall.
Aliquippa man upset about mold problem in home he rents: An Aliquippa man called Channel 11 with concerns about a mold problem in a home he rents.
Laboratory confirms black mold in Chandler apartment: The drywall has a colored backing on the back of it, and that is what the discolored spots are,” said a manager with P.B. Bell, the company that owns Laguna Village. “It’s actually not mold, and there’s no mold that’s been seen.
Judge denies bid to force D303 to pay in mold settlement: A motion seeking an additional $374,000 from District 303 in a decade-long lawsuit stemming from the 2001 discovery of mold at St. Charles East High School was denied by a Cook County judge.
MISC. (3)
Michigan crop update: White mold infestations have been reported: White mold infestations have been reported in most regions of the state. Wet weather also hindered drying and cutting of hay as well as corn for silage, while cool temperatures slowed down maturity of corn and soybean crop.
Take proactive steps to control mold in corn bin: Many areas of the northern Corn Belt have experienced a wetter than normal growing season and fall, and that could lead to mold problems in corn.
Help, I Think My Client is Buying or Selling a Home with Mold: What should real estate agents do when they think mold might be growing in a home on your client’s radar?