Santa isn’t the only surprise that can visit your home in the winter.

Santa isn’t the only surprise that can visit your home in the winter.
Saskatchewan is known for its irrational weather changes and humidy. Especially within the last couple of years with the record breaking snowfalls and the flooding in Calgary & Regina areas. Water is something the prairie provinces have learned to deal with. Thankfully there are local experts like Got Mold around to aid and assist in extreme water damage cases that residents encountered due to flooding, ice build up, water lines freezing and eventually breaking, appliances malfunctioning, damaged eastrouphes leaking into the house causing structural damage and the biggest one is basement foundations having cracks causing seepage. With this problem you will not know until it is to late because it starts from behind your walls and seeps in through the insulation and drywall. If you notice any leakage on the bases of the flooring or carpeting of exterior walls call your local experts at Got Mold immediately.
If you are one of the unlucky ones that had pipes break due to the weather change and ice in the lines, then you may know how important it is to make sure all the moisture and water that leaked out is cleaned up and dried promptly. Although, with snow removal and all the extra fun that winter has in store for everyone most people don’t think about checking the lines for breaks or leaks that can cause flooding and water damage because the myth of the fall and winter is that it is “dried up” but like the old saying goes “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there” Mold can form behind the walls and inside storage boxes that are left on the floor much like most basements. During the winter time the heat from your furnace is usually at an all time high and with a well insulated basement that is meant to keep the cold out also keeps the moisture in. This will cause the mold to grow and create a health hazard if not properly contained. So unlinke santa, the present isn’t under a tree for you to wake up to and expect it is behind your walls and in the air that you breath… and it probably isn’t a nice shiney bicycle that you’ve wanted all year long either, infact this presant is more likely to cost you money and your health!
If you do find mold in your basement leaking from your water lines in the winter, call your local experts of water damage restoration and mold removal at Got Mold? They are trusted professionals that can give you the professional service you need when you need it. Drying the built environment is a science and Mold isn’t a problem that will just go away on its own. You need to act fast on the issue before damage is done to the property. If left for too long there can be many health risks that you may encounter and the longer you leave it the more the clean up and restoration costs will become.
Rental tenants aren’t commonly accustom to the know hows of home renovation, in such a case contact your landlord immediately and have them assess the situation if someone to fix the problem hasn’t already done so. A lot of people are known to just leave a mess because they have the attitude that “they don’t own the property anyways” Leaving water damage to seep into the walls even from windows having ice build up around them can cause mold. Once the issue is out of hand it is to late to just clean up the water, you now have to tear down a wall to get to the problem. This is where you can have mold and not even know about it. If a window or basement isn’t properly insulated you could have mold in your walls or floor and not even know about it until you have to rip the wall down or worse, the wall starts to deteriorate due to rotting.
Another common dangerous occurrence when pipes are breaking in the winter is finding asbestos that is commonly surrounding the pipes. It can also be inside the drywall or drywall compound itself. Unfortunately that is the reality of most homes built before the 1990’s.
Leaving the removal of your mold and or asbestos to a general contractor can put both you and them at risk. Our process ensures that strict attention is given to the project, and that the wellbeing of all individuals is overseen throughout the process.
Because we are licensed to carry and dispose of hazardous waste, there won’t be anymore surprises for having your asbestos discarded against environmental regulations. All of our projects are completed within our designated time line and done to Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environmental Industry Standards. Got Mold provides excellent service the whole time. Our staff are curtious, trust worthy individuals that take great pride in their jobs and want one thing… to make sure your home is cleaned up proplerly, mold and asbestos free and make sure that you, our future customer are satisfied with the level of service we pride ourselves in giving are fully met the entire process of your experience with Got Mold?

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