Did you know asbestos is the leading cause of workplace deaths?

Asbestos Testing

Trust your contractor & make sure they are qualified for the job

If you think that you have found asbestos in your home, don’t touch it. Asbestos is a risk in the home when it is disturbed in a way that produces dust that contains asbestos fibres. In many cases the presence of asbestos-containing materials in the home is no cause for alarm if the material has not been damaged. If the material is not damaged and shows no signs of wear and tear it can often be left in place. For example, internal asbestos cement sheet walls or ceilings that are in good condition and coated with paint do not pose a risk to health, while they are not showing signs of degradation or damage.
If materials containing asbestos are in your home and are in good condition (i.e. undamaged, undisturbed), the safest option is to leave them alone.
Visually inspect the materials from time to time for deterioration and damage.
If you are thinking about working with or removing a material that contains asbestos, please consider the following:
  • If it is in good condition (e.g. undamaged), can you leave it alone?
  • Do you know the alternatives to removing the material containing asbestos (e.g. painting or sealing, covering with a non-asbestos product)?
  • Can you comply with the laws and safety procedures for working with asbestos?
  • Should you use a licensed asbestos abatement contractor?
    If you have to handle or work with asbestos it is important to remember:
  • Do Not use power tools
  • Do Not use abrasive cutting or sanding discs
  • Do Not use compressed air
  • Do Not use high-pressure hoses
  • Do Not walk on corrugated asbestos cement roofs as you may run the risk of falling through the roof
  • Do Not leave asbestos products around the garden where they may be broken or crushed
  • Do get the material tested by a NATA-accredited laboratory if you are unsure if it contains asbestos (We can assist)
  • It is recommended that loosely-bound asbestos only be removed by a licensed professional, as health risks associated with handling this type of material are far greater than for firmly-bound asbestos.
A householder may legally remove asbestos from their property, however as asbestos poses a health risk during removal, packaging, transport and disposal, it is important that it is handled safely during these operations.
What if I accidentally break asbestos?
 If you accidentally break a material containing asbestos, the safest way to manage any health risks is to wipe up any dust with a damp cloth or paper towel, put the cloth/towel into two plastic bags, tie them up individually and put them in your rubbish bin.
Do not use a normal vacuum cleaner as it cannot filter out all particles and can release more asbestos fibres into the air. If the material containing asbestos is cracked, you should seal the crack with a product like PVA glue or paint. If there is more significant damage, the entire sheet should be replaced and the old sheet disposed of correctly.
Who do I call?
 got mold? staff is trained experienced and certified to perform removal of asbestos in a clean and professional manner. We pride ourselves in being able to assist in this potential health risk and keep our customers with a peace of mind. We don’t recommend that you take on the project yourself. Did you know asbestos is the leading cause of workplace deaths? Asbestos exposure is very dangerous and it isn’t just a myth.Make sure you trust the contractor that you hire! The last thing you want to do is price check and go for the cheapest new kid on the block that says he can do it for half the price that the professionals can do it for, this will not only cause you more head ache in the long run but chances are they are not certified to do the removal, or have no experience. Even some other known professionals have a reputation to leave asbestos dust laying on the floors for the customer to clean up, asbestos left out in the open in areas that children are playing in, and charging for removal and not actually removing it! We just want you to be prepared when shopping for a contractor, always look at the reviews they have from the BBB, Trusted pro’s and even google has an awesome review system for real customers with real opinions.
The most important questions you should ask your contractor are:
Do you carry asbestos abatement or other hazardous materials removal insurance and can we have a copy of it?
How will you be protecting us from potential health threat and how will you be protecting your employees or contractors?
Will you be filling out a manifest and disposing of the asbestos containing materials in an appropriate manner at an approved disposal facility?
Do you have a written abatement plan including all safety procedures and has it been approved by your OH&S committee?
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